Santa Claus is bringing cannabis for everyone

As soon as I was old enough to grow my first beard, I was getting asked to play Santa Claus around the holidays. I am a big and bulky guy, with a belly like a bowl full of jelly. With a full beard plus mustache, I’m a natural choice for the role! I have played Santa Claus at shopping malls, private parties, and outdoor art festivals. It’s such a good job, plus I wish I could do it the whole year round, and last year I got to take part in something honestly special, a Christmas party unlike any I had ever attended. I was contacted by the owner of a local medical cannabis dispensary for what he said was a “toy giveaway.” Much to my surprise, I was asked to deliver a sack full of completely smokeless medical cannabis products to a local retirement building. These were very old and sick senior citizens, many of whom could not afford to pay for medical cannabis. The owner of the medical cannabis shop wanted to surprise them with products to help their mental status plus physical health. I admit it was unusual at first, however seeing how exciting plus happy these old folks got when they acquired medical cannabis products got me into the Christmas spirit. I put on a killer performance, plus made everyone happy. When my sack was empty plus it was time to leave for the night, the owner of the cannabis dispensary pulled me aside. He was impressed with my level of enthusiasm, plus and paying me in money, he also gave me a $200 gift card for his medical cannabis dispensary.



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Medical cannabis helps me write

As any writer will say, writing is not a simple task.

  • There are some afternoons I wish I got to do manual work instead of using my brain.

Manual tasks allow you to turn off your brain for a while plus concentrate on the task at hand. When I write I use all of my brain power so it needs to remain focused. I can’t ever get distracted by a motion picture, or the teenagers playing, I need to stay focused on the writing project. For this purpose, I find cannabis sativa to be my top ally. I call this kind of medical cannabis “the writer’s little helper” because I find it so much easier to finish my writing assignments when I am stoned. There is an old tune by the Rolling Stones about how a mother uses pills to get through the work day, plus I am in a similar situation with medical marijuana. I have so many loud distractions in my life, especially since I work from my loft office, plus medical cannabis is 1 of the only things that helps me focus on my work. Without my writing assignments I would have almost zero income, which is why I consider medical cannabis to be a business expense. The federal government doesn’t see it that way, they feel I use medical cannabis solely for recreational purposes. This is not accurate at all. Medical cannabis is one of the driving factors in me being able to concentrate on my writing assignments! When I am ready to call it an evening plus get a little rest, I will switch over to using an indica strain of medical marijuana.


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My Uncle was nervous about the cannabis dispensary

Uncle Ed was always a wild plus silly guy, and he was always quick with a joke, plus the first to laugh at anyone else’s jokes.

Ed has slowed down a bit in his older years, however is still as sharp-witted as ever.

Recently Uncle Ed asked me to come over plus have some beers with him. Ed and I put a football game on the TV, however Ed and I were more interested in talking than watching it. After a little while, Ed asked me if I could get some cannabis for him. I laughed plus asked what he meant. “Find cannabis? Ed, you can find cannabis all over the site, there are six dispensaries in town.” It turns out that Ed was anxious about the idea of going into a medical cannabis dispensary, plus wanted me to handle it for him. This made me laugh because I always thought Ed was fearless, but he was so anxious about going inside a cannabis dispensary! In an attempt to demystify the situation, I used my ipad to show Ed the online menu for the local cannabis dispensary. I explained to him all the weird items, including the cannabis candy products plus vape products… Ed said he wasn’t interested in any of the unusual new cannabis products, he wanted some “good, old-fashioned weed” as he put it. I showed him how the cannabis dispensary carried 40 weird premium plus vintage strains, with some of the original flavors he remembered from the 70s. Now Uncle Ed is psyched about going to see the cannabis dispensary, but he wants me to go with him to serve as moral support.



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Cannabis is medicine, plain and simple

I feel like indica might have saved my life, for the last few years I have had a lot of trouble with sleep in the evenings.

  • Falling asleep was one problem, however staying asleep was a second problem.

I could never seem to get enough sleep. One of my friends named Sam told me to get stoned before going to bed, plus that it would help. I didn’t feel Sam at first because Sam is not a healthcare expert, he’s just a stoner. I was so desperate for some quality sleep that I purchased a few grams from Sam, plus then right before going to bed I smoked a fat joint of cannabis. I have to say that after inhaling the medical cannabis indica strain, I experienced the best evening of sleep that I can ever remember. The next afternoon I went to the local cannabis dispensary to set up my own account. The way this cannabis dispensary works is that every client has to be in their online database. Setting up an account means giving personal plus contact information, plus putting a credit card or debit card on file for payment. This means that when the account is set up, all I need to do is go to the cannabis dispensary plus tell them my name, plus what I want… Everything is already entered into the cannabis client database, plus the card on file gets charged. I don’t plan on going to see the cannabis dispensary any more than absolutely necessary, however it’s so nice to know I can use medical cannabis to treat my sleep troubles. I’m trading sleepless evenings for happier afternoons, thanks to medical cannabis.

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Talking to my Aunt Edna about medical cannabis

I got a curious iphone call from my sweet Aunt Edna the other evening.

I say it was curious, because Ed sounded anxious plus strange, plus said Ed wanted to talk to me about something important.

Ed asked me to come over during the weekend, because he was too anxious to discuss it on the phone line, of course my mind raced at what this could be about. I thought Ed might be terminally ill, or have a cancer diagnosis, or some other horrible malady. It turns out that Ed wanted to experiment with medical cannabis, plus didn’t know who else to turn to. It was such a sizable relief! Instead of having terrible news, this was good news because I have long suspected that Aunt Ed could benefit from using medical cannabis. Although he was anxious about using medical cannabis for the first time, the main problem was about the smoke. Aunt Ed has always been undoubtedly sensitive to smoke particles in the air, plus he was afraid medical cannabis would make him sick. I explained that the cannabis dispensary had dozens of weird forms of smokeless weed that could supply Ed the same results without hurting his lungs. I opened my ipad to bring up the website for the local medical cannabis shop, plus started showing Ed some of his options, but cannabis gummies looked plus tasted like candy, however were all infused with numerous grams worth of THC or CBD. There are also cannabis drinks, which taste just like fruit punch or lemonade, however also carry a heck of a strong THC punch!
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Medical cannabis in the afternoons

A pretty usual afternoon in my life starts before 7am, if not a little before, then i have three children, plus they are all weird ages so they go to weird schools, plus start at various times.

I drive each of them to their respective school or daycare, after which I usually run errands.

While I am driving about town I like to get everything done, so that I don’t have to make a separate trip. This often means going to the grocery store, picking up the dry cleaning, or making a quick stop by the medical cannabis dispensary. Then I go loft plus hole up the loft office to work on writing blogs until I need to get the boys from school. My writing work depends heavily on having medical cannabis at hand, usually of the sativa variety, to keep my mind limber. I have to juggle a lot of tasks on any given afternoon, plus medical cannabis helps me stay calm, composed, & chill while I get everything done… After four to five hours of medical cannabis plus writing, I have to take a split plus go option up the teenagers from school. Then I make pretzels for everyone, get them doing their homework or watching TV, plus I will partake in a little more medical cannabis plus hopefully do some more blog writing. At that point the medical marijuana may get the better of me, plus I just plop down on the couch plus watch cartoons with the teenagers. Medical cannabis helps me write for work, however once I hit that particular tipping point I just want to relax.


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Products available at dispensary

My local cannabis dispensary offers a wide assortment of recreational options.

Their collection of dried flower includes incredible THC potency, rich terpenes and amazing texture.

The buds are dense, mature and free of unwanted sticks and seeds. They carry an impressive selection of pre-rolled joints, blunts and cannagars that are super convenient. They are ready to light up and smoke and perfect every time. I can buy a single joint to try something new or choose a pack of favorites for greater affordability. There are varieties infused with kief for higher potency. I enjoy browsing the latest options for refillable and disposable vapes. They offer similar effects to traditional smoking but without the odors, ash and mess. Vapes are far easier, portable and discreet. All I need to do is push a button and inhale. Because the concentrated oil is only heated to the point of vaporization rather than combustion, the terpenes are preserved for exceptional flavor. My local dispensary sells some high quality vapes that allow customization of temperature and dosage. Their menu of edibles is absolutely incredible. I can never decide between the brownies, cookies, gummies, chocolates and peanut butter cups. The cannabis-infused beverages are an ideal substitute for alcohol. I can bring them along on a hike, picnic or to a party and enjoy very mild effects and precise dosing. Tinctures are another option that includes all sorts of unique benefits. The compact package fits right into a pocket. The handy dropper makes dosing simple. Tinctures provide quick onset of effects, a long shelf-life and the opportunity to add cannabis to foods and drinks. I am just beginning to explore the topicals, extracts, concentrates and gear sold at the dispensary.

Sativa strains

Getting into cannabis concentrates

As I’ve shopped at the cannabis dispensary, I’ve gotten more and more interested in concentrates.

They are quite different from smokable flower and yet wonderfully versatile.

The local dispensary offers concentrates in a diversity of textures, including wax, shatter, kief, sauce, budder, badder, live resin and crumble. They are made by separating the desirable cannabinoids and terpenes from the rest of the plant matter. The extraction process creates an especially potent product. Concentrates can be added into edibles, used in vapes and dabbed. They offer a stronger, purer flavor and especially quit onset of effects. While particularly potent dried flower offers up to 25% THC potency, concentrates provide THC levels up to 95%. Because of this, very little of the product goes a long way. I was a little intimidated by concentrates and unsure about dabbing on my own. I am very fortunate that my nearby dispensary includes a dab bar. I was able to rent a dab rig, which looks a lot like a bong, as well as the necessary enail. With the assistance of a knowledgeable budtender, the process wasn’t as difficult as I expected. I spread a bit of concentrate onto the surface of the nail, let it heat up and vaporize, and then I inhale. Due to the intensity of effects, I restrict myself to the minimum recommended dosage. I really enjoy the experience of dabbing concentrates. They offer the opportunity to totally clear my mind, inspire creativity, get energized and shed needless stress. After a dabbing session, I feel completely rejuvenated and have a more positive outlook.


Cannabis is part of an active lifestyle

I take good care of myself, hoping to maintain good health and an active lifestyle.

I workout every morning for approximately an hour.

My exercise sessions often incorporate weight lifting, cycling, swimming, running and jumping rope. In my free time, I enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking and playing tennis. Every year, I run a half marathon and strive to beat my previous time. While there are days when I’m tired, busy, sore or just not in the mood to exercise, I always set aside time for a workout. I’ve found that a little bit of cannabis, right before beginning an activity, is a helpful motivator. The right strain is beneficial for clearing my mind and inspiring me to push myself. I am fortunate that I have easy access to a recreational cannabis dispensary. My home is a ten minute drive from a really wonderful weed shop. They carry a wide variety of local growers as well as out-of-state producers. I can always find the most popular brands and innovative strains. They offer every imaginable consumption method, including smokable flower, pre-rolled joints, high-THC concentrates, tinctures, vapes, all kinds of edibles and a huge selection of topicals. I’ve had good luck with disposable vape pens. I can easily regulate dosage to my preference. The onset of effects is quick, and there’s no ash or smoke to worry about. I don’t need to have a lighter or any extra gear. Plus, the dispensary carries an abundance of flavors and potency. I can choose from indicas, sativas and hybrids. I sometimes purchase a cannabis tincture because of how easily I can fit the bottle into a pocket. All it takes is a few drops under my tongue, and the effects take hold within minutes.


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Impressed with the quality of flower from dispensary

Because the cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, as well as the terpenes are contained in the crystal-like trichomes coating the surface, I am delighted that the cannabis has been carefully handled to preserve them

I appreciate the quality of cannabis flower sold at the local dispensary. The weed is grown without pesticides, verified by third-party testing and properly labeled. I know exactly how much THC and CBD percentage is included and have a list of the terpenes. I have an understanding of accurate dosing. The classification gives me a good idea of the effects. While each person has a unique experience with every strain of cannabis, being informed helps make smart choices. I am aware of whether the bud is going to provide energizing and uplifting effects or sedative and relaxing sensations. I am prepared for the intensity of the high. Plus, the dispensary offers a wide array of options. I can purchase sun-grown flower or greenhouse grown varieties. They showcase locally owned producers as well as strains from overseas. The color of the buds is fantastic. They are typically a vivid green and often include flecks of blue or purple. The hair-like pistils are always the bright orange of a maturely harvested plant. I don’t need to worry about old weed, spider mites, mold or buying a bunch of seeds and twigs. I’m always impressed with the texture of the dried flower I get from the dispensary. The buds are nice and dense and right in-between sticky and dry. Because the cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD, as well as the terpenes are contained in the crystal-like trichomes coating the surface, I am delighted that the cannabis has been carefully handled to preserve them. All I need to do is take a sniff, and I can be sure of the freshness and flavor.
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