My neighbor got medical weed

My neighbor recently got her medical marijuana card; The woman was qualified for medical marijuana, because she suffers from ptsd! She has absolutely bad PTSD actually.

The woman watched her parents get murdered when she was five.

She will never stop thinking about those images in her head for us long as she lives, and i feel absolutely bad for the guy, because she grew up in foster care and she had to watch her parents die that way, however when Jack was qualified for medical cannabis, I was pretty excited. I thought my neighbor would have some weed that she could sell to me for a cheap price. Unfortunately, the price for medical marijuana in this state and county is certainly high. There is absolutely no room for my neighbor to buy something for me and then resell it. The prices are outrageously high, however my neighbor has to pay about $50 for an second of medical marijuana. There are locales in this country where recreational marijuana is only around $10 for an second. I told my neighbor that she said transfer to a state where recreational marijuana is legal so she can save some money, however there is no way that she is going to leave this area. My buddy and I grew up here and it’s home. Her parents are here and her bestie is a lecturer at the school. He’s going to be stuck here for the rest of her life. Her only hope is that marijuana will be legalized eventually. Until then, the woman is forced to pay deranged high prices for medical marijuana.
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