Jolly Old Saint Nick is coming to town, with cannabis for almost everyone

As soon as I got old enough to grow a real beard, I was typically asked to play Santa around the holidays.

I am a big, bulky guy, with a belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly. With a full beard and mustache, I’m a natural for the guy! I have played Saint Nick at local shopping malls, outdoor art festivals, and private parties. It’s a fantastic way to make a living, and I wish that I could do it all year around. Last Christmas I got to take part in something really special, a Christmas gala unlike any I had ever attended. I was contacted by the owner of the local medical cannabis dispensary for what he described as a “toy giveaway.” Much to my shock and surprise, I was asked to hand out a sack full of smokeless medical cannabis products to a local retirement building. These were old and mostly sick senior citizens, many of whom could not afford to pay for medical cannabis. The owner of the local medical cannabis shop wanted to surprise them with products to help their mental and physical health and happiness. I admit it was unusual at first, but seeing how excited and cheerful these old timers got when they acquired medical cannabis products put me into the Christmas spirit. I put on a fantastic performance, and made almost everyone feel cheerful. When my sack was empty and it was time to leave, the owner of the cannabis dispensary pulled me to the side. He was impressed with my enthusiasm, and as well as paying me with cash, he also provided me with a $200 gift card for his cannabis dispensary.


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Medical cannabis is my lifeline

Without my writing assignments I would have almost no income, which is why I consider medical cannabis to be a legitimate supplier expense.

As any experienced writer will tell you, writing is never easy work. There are some days I wish I got to do manual labor instead of using my brain power. Manual work allows you to turn off your brain for a while and concentrate on the tasks at hand. When I am immersed in writing all of my brain’s power needs to stay focused. I can’t get distracted by a movie, or the teenagers playing, I need to be focused 100% on the project. For this purpose, I find cannabis sativa to be my best ally. I call this kind of medical cannabis my “writer’s helper” because I find it so much easier to finish my writing blogs and assignments when I am stoned. There is an old song by the Rolling Stones about how a London mother uses pills to get through the day, and I am in a similar situation with medical marijuana. I have so many wild distractions in my life, especially since I work from my apartment office, and medical cannabis is the only thing that really helps me focus on the work. Without my writing assignments I would have almost no income, which is why I consider medical cannabis to be a legitimate supplier expense. The government doesn’t see it that way, they think I smoke medical cannabis solely for recreational purposes. This is not true at all. Medical cannabis is 1 of the major factors in me being able to concentrate on my writing! When I am ready to call it an evening and get some rest, then I will switch over to using 1 of the indica strains of medical marijuana.

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My Uncle Max and the medical cannabis dispensary

Uncle Max was a wild and ridiculous guy… Max was typically quick with a joke, and the first to laugh at anyone else’s jokes.

Max has really slowed down in his golden years, but is still as sharp-witted as ever, but recently Uncle Max asked me to come over and have a few beers with him.

Max put a pigskin game on the TV, but Max and I were more interested in talking than seeing it. After a little while, Max asked me if I could find some cannabis for him. I laughed and asked what he meant. “Find cannabis? Max, you can find cannabis all over the site, there are six dispensaries in town.” It turns out that Max felt distraught about the idea of going into a medical cannabis dispensary, and wanted me to do it for him. This cracked me up because I typically thought Max was totally fearless, but he was so distraught about going inside a cannabis dispensary! In an attempt to totally demystify the situation, I used my computer to show Max the online menu for the local cannabis dispensary. I explained all the odd items, including the cannabis candy products and all of the vape products, however Max said he wasn’t interested in any of the unusual modern cannabis products, he needed some “good, old-fashioned weed” as he put it. I showed him that the cannabis dispensary carried over 40 premium and vintage strains, some of the original flavors he remembered from back in the 70s, then now Uncle Max is psyched about visiting the cannabis dispensary, but he wants me to go with him as moral support.

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Cannabis is the most fun kind of medicine

I don’t plan on visiting the cannabis dispensary any more often than genuinely necessary, but it’s nice to know I can use medical cannabis to help treat my sleep complications

I genuinely think that indica strains saved my sanity… For the last few years I have had a lot of trouble with sleeping through the evening. Falling asleep was just one problem, but staying asleep was an even bigger problem for me. I could never seem to get enough rest. One of my friends told me to get stoned before laying down in bed, and that it would help. I didn’t think him at first because he’s not a doctor, he’s just a pothead. I was so desperate to get some quality sleep that I bought a couple grams from him, and then right before bed I smoked a fat joint of cannabis. I have to say that after slowly inhaling the medical cannabis indica strain, I had the best evening of sleep I can ever recall. The next day I went to the local cannabis dispensary to set up an account. The way this medical cannabis dispensary works is that every shopper has to be in their laptop database. Setting up a personal account means giving personal and contact information, plus putting a credit or debit card on file for instant payment. This means that when the account is set up, all I need to do is walk inside the cannabis dispensary and tell them my name, and what I want, but everything is there in the cannabis shopper database, and the card on file is charged. I don’t plan on visiting the cannabis dispensary any more often than genuinely necessary, but it’s nice to know I can use medical cannabis to help treat my sleep complications. I’m trading sleepless evenings for much happier days, thanks to medical cannabis.


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Giving my Aunt an education about medical cannabis

I opened my computer and brought up the site for the local medical cannabis shop, and started showing her some of her options

I got a most curious PC call from my sweet Aunt June the other evening. I say it was curious, because June sounded sad and distant, and said she wanted to talk to me about something important… June asked me to stop by over the weekend, because she was too distraught to discuss it on the PC! Of course my mind started racing at what this news could be about. I thought June might be terminally ill, or have a cancer diagnosis, or some other horrible malady. It turns out that June wanted to experiment with medical cannabis, and didn’t know who else to turn to. It was such a immense relief! Instead of getting bad news, this was fantastic news because I have long suspected that Aunt June could benefit from using medical cannabis. Although she was distraught about smoking medical cannabis for the first time, her main problem was about the smoke. Aunt June has typically been certainly sensitive to smoke in the air, and she was afraid medical cannabis might make her sick. I explained that the cannabis dispensary had dozens of odd forms of smokeless marijuana that would give her the same results without hurting her lungs. I opened my computer and brought up the site for the local medical cannabis shop, and started showing her some of her options. Medical cannabis gummies looked and tasted like candy, but were infused with 1 gram worth of THC or CBD. There are also cannabis drinks, which taste just like limeade or fruit punch but also carry a heck of a strong THC punch!

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I enjoy medical cannabis all through the day

Then I make some snacks for almost everyone, get them located with doing homework or enjoying some TV, and I will partake in a little more medical cannabis and hopefully do some more writing

A typical day in my life starts around 7 o’clock, if not a little earlier, because I have three young children. Since they are all ages they go to 3 different schools, which start at odd times. I drive each of the kids to their respective daycare or school, after which I usually run errands, then while I am out and about I try to get everything finished, so that I don’t have to make a separate trip, then this can entail going to the grocery shop, picking up my wife’s dry cleaning, or making a quick trip to the medical cannabis dispensary. Then I go to the apartment and hole up the apartment office to work on writing assignments until I need to get the ladies from school. My writing work depends heavily on having medical cannabis on hand, usually from the sativa variety, to keep my mind eager and limber. I have to juggle a lot on any given day, and medical cannabis helps me stay composed, calm, and orderly while I get everything done, after four to five hours of medical cannabis and writing assignments, I can take a chop and go option up the teenagers from school. Then I make some snacks for almost everyone, get them located with doing homework or enjoying some TV, and I will partake in a little more medical cannabis and hopefully do some more writing. At that point the medical marijuana might get the better of me, and I just rest down on the couch and watch classic cartoons with the teenagers. Medical cannabis helps me write, but once I hit a certain tipping point I just want to relax.

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I caught Uncle Max smoking medical cannabis

To his credit, my uncle Max never lied to me about what he was doing.

He was a quiet man, however when he spoke, Max only spoke the truth.

When I was just 10 years old I caught Max out in the backyard smoking a hog leg joint. I didn’t know what it was, just that it didn’t aroma like normal cigarettes, then Max was 100% fair with me, plus told me he was smoking marijuana. I had been told about weed at school, plus asked Max if he was cutting the law. I’ll never forget that Max said “yes, medical marijuana is illegal at the moment, however that will change. This is a plant, plus it makes me feel good. When you get a bit older, you plus I can smoke medical marijuana together, then until then, it will be our little secret.” I kept that secret, plus never mentioned to anyone else that uncle Max liked smoking medical marijuana although he didn’t have a prescription. Two years later the state law changed, plus rapidly Max could go to the cannabis dispensary like anyone else. At this point it was no longer our secret, because he was no longer cutting the law. True to his word, Max purchased three weird strains of medical cannabis plus packed up a few bowls for the pair of us to share. It was a real bonding moment between the two of us, plus although I had already smoked a ton of medical cannabis with my friends, I didn’t tell Max that. It was our first time smoking medical cannabis together, however it was not the last.

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My new neighbor works for the local cannabis dispensary

Moving into a new loft in a nicer corner of town easily changed my life, plus the lives of my whole family.

My spouse and I had scrimped plus saved for years while renting a small apartment, until my spouse and I had saved up enough for a down payment on a real house. This changed our living environment 100%, plus allowed my teenagers access to better schools. My new corner of town is undoubtedly relaxed plus chill, with lots of open space plus hundreds of trees. It’s a great site to raise a family. One sizable plus about living here is that my neighbor Eve is the director of the local medical cannabis dispensary. I never had legal access to medical cannabis before, so I love having Eve as my new buddy. In this state my friend and I legalized medical cannabis years ago, however with a great many dire restrictions. I don’t have a legit medical condition that would require a prescription for medical marujuana, and my healthcare expert won’t supply me with the paperwork. Eve has been a good friend, plus he doesn’t even split any of the state cannabis regulations. This cannabis dispensary is often shipped “testers” for new items. The testers are for the staff plus employees of the cannabis dispensary to try out, so that they can advocate them to customers in the future. Eve gets to take loft boxes of these testers, plus he can supply them to whoever he chooses! I have tried numerous sensational new cannabis products in the last few weeks, but perhaps my favorite was the cannabis drinks, because it tasted like lemonade punch, plus got me stoned to the moon plus back.

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Max had been smoking cannabis for years

Usually my mother Max was undoubtedly prim plus proper, always well mannered plus dressed to the nines.

Max presented herself as a perfect suburban mom plus house fiance, plus I feel that Max was as close to perfect as humanly possible! But in private, away from the prying eyes of neighbors plus friends, Max was a whole weird man.

Max was fun plus relaxed, plus loved a few glasses of wine after dinner. Seeing Max relaxed, happy, plus a little drunk was my favorite version of her. It wasn’t until I was at university that I realized those were the times my mother was using medical cannabis. It wasn’t just the wine that made Max giggly, it was indulging in the natural joy derived from the cannabis plant. After I was through with university plus Max saw me as an adult, he “came out of the closet” about using medical cannabis. His healthcare expert had written Max a prescription for medical cannabis years ago, although he had never told anyone else in the family. Max was embarrassed about it, although I confided in Max that I smoked medical marijuana all the time, plus it was nothing to be ashamed about. Medical cannabis is normal and legal in many states, plus recreational cannabis is following close behind it. Medical cannabis is a terrific alternative to using drugs, or drinking alcohol. I feel that Max plus I are closer than ever now. Max and I even set up a lunch date for the weekend where Max and I will visit the cannabis dispensary, plus then go to a restaurant for lunch.

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Old-school medical cannabis

My teens like to make fun of me for being so old plus out of touch, although I don’t let it bother me.

They are old enough to feel they know for the best, but are young enough to not understand that they don’t know anything yet! This is a prickly point of my personal philosophy, however in general my teens plus I get along undoubtedly well.

I have raised them in a kind, open plus understanding environment, so they would be comfortable talking to me about personal troubles. For example, I did not judge the teens when they confided in me they had started smoking medical cannabis with their middle school pals. Instead of getting mad at them, I brought out my own jar of medical cannabis plus proceeded to roll a fat joint. They asked where I had gotten so much weed, plus I said I purchased it legally at the local cannabis dispensary. Since I am an adult, I have legal access to medical cannabis, unlike this young group of teens. In a few more years they would all have access to medical cannabis just like the rest of us. They loved the joint I rolled, then brought out some newer kinds of cannabis products I had never used before. My kids and I did “dabs” of medical cannabis wax, plus ate a couple weird cannabis gummies. The oddest part of this experience is that none of these new-school products had the delicious taste of medical cannabis. Everything tasted like fruit plus sugar, when I love the simple flavor of natural cannabis. Now I can tease the teenagers about going to the cannabis dispensary while they still can’t!


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