The directory helped us find the doctor

I told my mom that I thought medical marijuana was a really good idea for her.

She protested the idea for a year and finally gave in about 6 months ago.

I told them that we had to make an appointment with the doctor so she could get a medical marijuana card. She really didn’t want to go through seeing a doctor, but I told her that it was the only way. I made an appointment with the same doctor that I saw to get my medical marijuana card. I knew that the doctor was going to be very kind and courteous and helpful. Unfortunately, the doctor moved to a different building. I didn’t know where the doctor’s office was located. When my mom and I arrived at the parking complex, we parked on the side of the building where the old office was located. There was a sign on the front door saying the office was moved to a different space. My mom and I looked for the directory to help us find the doctor. The doctor was not listed in the directory, so I finally gave up and called the office. I told the woman that we were lost and she told me that I was at the wrong address completely. The new medical office was on the other side of the street in a different building. My mom and I were both frustrated, but at least the doctor was kind and helpful and made my mom feel at ease when we finally got through the front door.

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