The top shelf flowers were robust and cheap

I prefer buying top shelf marijuana flower, but the only time I can afford the luxurious packages of pot is when I have overtime at the office or there is a sale.

I do not officially get overtime at the office, but once in a while I will have the chance to toil an extra 8-hour shift.

I use the extra money from my overtime check to buy special types of marijuana flower like top shelf indica and sativa strains, on the weekend there was the most immense sale at a marijuana dispensary near me, and a lot of items were about to go into the clearance shelf and my neighbor found out about the sale a few afternoons early. My buddy Max and I were there early on Saturday morning when they put all of the clearance items out on the table. There were a lot of top shelf flower choices. In fact, some of the more luxurious marijuana possibilities were over 50% off. I found two eighths of indica marijuana flower at an extra moderate deal. Each one of the packages were fifty % off and it was like buying one and getting one for free. I also picked up some top shelf concentrates from the massive sale. I got something from a manufacturer that only sells live rosin concentrates. The products were normally around 90 dollars for each one and they were only $25 in the clearance bin. Max and I got all of the enjoyable stuff before anyone else had a chance to go through the bin. I entirely saved about $125 total on all of the unusual sales that afternoon.


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Getting my nephew a budtending job

My mom made it sound like I am the only person that will be able to give Max a chance and that drives me crazy

As soon as I landed the position working as the manager at the marijuana dispensary near me, my sister was asking me to give her son Max a task. Max was 20 years outdated and out of work . Max was living in the basement of her cabin and she wanted him to find a task. Max was having trouble with all of the interviews and she thought it would toil out well if I just provided Max a task working as a bartender at the marijuana dispensary. When I got the task, I told my sister that I would hire my nephew. But I had to wait a little bit of time. It would look easily exhausting if I started hiring my family members as soon as I took over, then unluckyly, my sister has done nothing but bug me every single afternoon, and now she has Max hounding me too. I tried to tell Max to be patient. I told him that I was going to give him a task and he just has to wait a couple more months. Max and I had dinner with my mom last weekend and she was giving me the third degree about giving Max a task. My mom made it sound like I am the only person that will be able to give Max a chance and that drives me crazy. He’s had 10 or 12 interviews this year and none of them have panned out. I easily do want to give Max a chance, however I wish that all the people around me would be able to see that it doesn’t look enjoyable for the boss to hire her family as soon as she starts.

Sativa strains

I finally tried using RSO oil

RSO oil is a special blend of cannabis oil that is named after its founder, Rick Simpson, but Mr Simpson is a person that had cancer and tried to use cannabis to help.

RSO oil uses all of the cannabinoids and terpenes of the canvas plant.

The highly concentrated oil contains immense amounts of THC and can be super helpful for folks suffering from chronic pain, cancer, and other debilitating medical conditions; When I went to see the healthcare expert last month, I told him that I was having a few problems with the pain in my lower back. He knew that I was going to ask, and he knew that I was going to see the cannabis dispensary and advocated trying a product like Rick Simpson cannabis oil. I went to the medical marijuana dispensary near me. I asked the lady behind the counter if she carried full spectrum oil like RSO and she pointed me to a counter that had all of the products that I was seeking. She showed me a couple of unusual full spectrum cannabis products and they were a lot more luxurious than I thought. I did not expect these items to be more luxurious than some other cannabis concentrates that I have had in the past. They were undoubtedly about three times as much and I couldn’t afford to get more than 1 gram of marijuana oil from the marijuana dispensary that afternoon. I want to try it for a while to see if it will toil before I invest a lot of my money in the full spectrum marijuana product.

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The finalists for the Cannabis Cup

My old friend Tom grows cannabis at his property.

Tom made an immense room for the cannabis to grow and he takes care of each one of the plants like they are tiny little babies.

Every afternoon he gets up in the morning and talks to one of the plants; Tom waters all of the cannabis plants and makes sure they have plenty of light. Tom decided to enter one of his cannabis plants in a special contest up north. Tom entered an indica plant called Granddaddy Purp. The buds on the Granddaddy Purp plant were far nicer than anything else I have ever seen. I thought that Tom’s granddaddy plant was the one to display as well. I thought my neighbor had a very enjoyable chance of winning one of the top prizes. The winner of the cannabis Cup contest won $25,000 in prize money and the yearly title of being the king or queen. Second and third stadium also won money and fourth stadium gained a lot of special grow cabin equipment for marijuana plants. The top 10 finalists were picked on Sunday night and I wasn’t surprised that Tom was chosen as one of the top 10. Tom gets an all expense paid 3-day trip to the city that never sleeps, because that is where they announce the big winners. I’m going along for moral support, and Tom wants me to be there when he wins. I easily suppose Tom has a decent chance of winning prize money this year.

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The lady at the cannabis dispensary

It had been my first time there in a while, however I remembered why I liked the place so much

I rarely buy recreational marijuana, but when I do, I buy my cannabis products from a dispensary near me. The dispensary nearest to me is on my way to the cabin from work. It’s on the right hand side of the road so it is simple to exit the highway and get back on. I entirely wouldn’t even stop at this dispensary if it was on the left hand side of the street.Then it would be much trickier to get to the entrance and then back onto the highway. I went to the dispensary near me on Saturday night when I was on my way to my cabin from work. There was a special 20% off sale that afternoon and I got edibles and marijuana flowers at a discounted price. The lady also hooked me up with a bunch of free stuff. She said that she had samples behind the counter and I could purchase one of each for only one penny apiece. I bought a new vape pen battery, a cartridge, and edible, and a few two-gram packages of marijuana and each one of the items was only a penny. The lady easily hooked me up with all of the cannabis extras that she could. It had been my first time there in a while, however I remembered why I liked the place so much. The staff at the dispensary is regularly unquestionably kind and so helpful and willing to talk with you about any product in the store. Sometimes the budtenders will even help me make a decision when I do not know what I want.

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Marijuana messed up my trip to the store

My wife Jen provided me with a list of things to buy at the grocery store, however she wanted milk, bread, vanilla ice cream, and cheddar cheese… I thought it would be easy to remember the list so I did not consider writing it down.

  • I said all of the items out loud before I departed the house, because there were only four things on the list! Jen wanted me to write things down, however I knew that I could remember four items.

The drive to the nearest grocery store takes about 20 minutes, so I lit up a marijuana cigarette as soon as I got into my car. I smoked the marijuana joint until it was completely gone. I had an easily enjoyable buzz by the time I got to the grocery store. I smoked a hybrid that was sativa dominant and I could instantly feel the strong effects. I felt unquestionably relaxed and calm however I wasn’t unquestionably clear minded. I had a lot of trouble remembering all four things on the list. The marijuana strain was undoubtedly one of the cleanest hybrids I have tried in a long time; Eventually I got everything in the cart, but it took well over 30 minutes. I kept strolling around the store. I caught myself looking at the toilet paper and the candy bars even though neither one of those items were on the list. I thought about calling Jen just to make sure that I did not forget anything on the list, however I knew Jen would be irritated that I did not write things down and did not remember.


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I caught my uncle Dan with cannabis

True to his word, Dan bought three odd strains of medical cannabis and packed up a few bowls for the two of us to share

To his credit, my great uncle Dan never lied to me about what he was doing. He was a quiet man, but when Dan spoke, he only spoke the truth. When I was 10 years old I caught Dan out in our backyard smoking a joint. I didn’t know what the joint was, just that it didn’t stink like normal cigarettes, then Dan was totally even-handed with me, and said he was smoking marijuana. I had been told about the evils of weed in school, and asked Dan if he was splitting the law. I’ll never forget that Dan said “yeah, medical marijuana is illegal at the moment, but that will change. This is a plant, and it makes me feel good. When you get a few years older, you and I can smoke medical marijuana together; Until then, it will be our secret.” I kept his secret, and never mentioned to anyone else that Dan liked smoking medical marijuana however he didn’t have a prescription. Three years later the state laws changed, and quickly Dan could go to the cannabis dispensary like anyone else. At this point it was no longer a secret, because Dan was no longer splitting the law. True to his word, Dan bought three odd strains of medical cannabis and packed up a few bowls for the two of us to share. This was a real bonding moment between the two of us, even though I had already smoked medical cannabis with my friends, I didn’t tell Dan that. It was our 1st time smoking medical cannabis together, but it genuinely would not be the last.

Medical Cannabis Certifications

The manager of the cannabis dispensary

Moving into a more modern apartment in a better neighborhood genuinely changed my entire life, and the lives for my whole family.

We scrimped and saved for years while renting a small apartment, until my associates and I had enough money for a down payment on a real house.

This changed our living environment 100%, and got my teenagers into better schools. My more modern neighborhood is certainly relaxed and chill, with lots of open space and hundreds of trees. It’s a truly fantastic place to raise a family. One immense plus about living here is that my friend Bob is the supervisor of the local medical cannabis dispensary. I never had legal access to medical cannabis before, so I prefer having Bob as my modern buddy. In this state my associate and I legalized medical cannabis years ago, but with a few severe restrictions. I don’t have a legit medical condition that would require a medical prescription for medical marujuana, so my doctor won’t give me the paperwork. Bob has been a fantastic friend, and he doesn’t even chop any of the state cannabis rules and regulations. The cannabis dispensary is often shipped “testers” for the most modern items. These testers are for the staff and employees of the cannabis dispensary to test out, so that they can recommend them to buyers in the future. Bob gets to take apartment boxes of these testers, and he can give them out to whoever he wants! I have sampled many sensational modern cannabis products in the last few weeks… Perhaps my favorite one was the cannabis drink, because it tasted like rum punch, and got me stoned to the moon and back again.


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Sam secretly smoked cannabis for years

Usually my mother Sam was certainly prim and proper, typically well mannered and dressed to the nines.

Sam presented herself as the perfect suburban mother and housewife, and I think that she was as near to perfection as possible! But in private, away from the prying eyeah of neighbors and friends, Sam was another person.

She was fun and relaxed, and enjoyed a few glasses of wine after supper. Seeing Sam relaxed, cheerful, and drunk was my favorite version of her. It wasn’t until I was in college that I realized those were all of the times that Sam was using medical cannabis. It wasn’t just the wine that made her giggly, it was indulging in the natural power of the cannabis plant. After I was done with college and my mom saw me as an adult, Sam “came out of the closet” about using medical cannabis. Her doctor had written her a legal prescription for medical cannabis years ago, however she had never told anyone else in the family. Sam was embarrassed about it, but I confided in her that I smoked medical marijuana all the time, and it was nothing for her to be ashamed about. Medical cannabis is legal in many states, and recreational cannabis is following closely behind it. Medical cannabis is a fantastic alternative to using drugs, or drinking alcohol. I feel that Sam and I are closer than ever now. We even set up a dinner date for the weekend where Sam and I will visit the cannabis dispensary, and then go to a diner for food.

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Old-school weed vs. New School medical cannabis products

My 2 teen boys like to make fun of me for being old and out of touch, but I don’t let it bother me.

The 2 are both old enough to think they know best, and young enough to not understand that they don’t know a damn thing! This is a very prickly point of personal philosophy, but in general my 2 teen boys and I get along well.

I have typically raised them in an open and understanding home environment, where they could be comfortable talking to me about personal complications. For instance, I did not judge them when they confided in me they had started smoking medical cannabis with some high school friends. Instead of getting mad at them, I took out my own jar of medical cannabis and proceeded to roll a joint. They asked where I had gotten that much weed, and I said I bought it at the local cannabis dispensary. Since I am an adult, I have full and legal access to medical cannabis, unlike this group of kids. In a few more years they would all have legal access to medical cannabis just like almost everyone else. They enjoyed the joint I rolled them, then brought out some newer kinds of cannabis products I had never used before. My boys and I did “dabs” of medical cannabis wax, and ate a couple odd cannabis gummies. The weirdest aspect of this experience is that none of these new-school products had the delicious flavor of traditional medical cannabis. Everything tasted like fruit and sugar, when I love the simple taste of natural cannabis flowers. Now I can tease the teenagers about going to the local cannabis dispensary while they can’t!


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