A love story with weed

I posted this on instagram recently, although I decided to collect all the pictures, posts and articles together and post it here. It is just too sweet not to share! This is a real life storybook romance in my brain, and has totally changed the way I look at love stories. I saw a couple that genuinely met at a Vietnam protest rally in the late 60s. The man was named Bobby. He was a veteran, there to bust some heads, and the girl was named Iris who was a hippie. They didn’t fight, however, they fell in love, and decided to run off and become marijuana farmers together. Iris knew all about marijuana from the other people she talked to along the way, and knew a lot about raising crops because that’s what she had studied in college. Bobby didn’t seem like the type of guy to get involved with marijuana, although he had grown up on a farm and thought that no plants should be considered not allowed. Iris handled the growing and raising of the cannabis plants, with Bobby as her assistant, and through hard work they got a very crucial operation up and running. From there the two of them hired a couple local kids to help her tend the cannabis, and Bobby took charge of security. Any marijuana farm will attract bad people, including rival pot farmers, drug addicts, and of course the law. This is where his military training was important, because he carried a gun and built traps around the outside of the cannabis field. Dealing with the law was also simple for him, because he was a country boy.


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We lived off the land

I was born and raised in a modern style home, a hundred miles from the closest stop light or mall.

My family were subsistence farmers, which means they subsisted off the land for all of their needs, and didn’t interact with people at all.

There were big gardens and fields for growing trees, which the people I was with and I lived on, and sold the excess for extra money. When we needed meat, we used our animals that we raised. We had an orchard for fruit and tons of crops for vegetables. We even could get cheese and milk. Everything we needed was right on the land. My parents were both smokers, but grew their own tobacco to smoke from hand made corn cob pipes… Later on, I discovered they also grew and smoked boatloads of cannabis from those same pipes after the adolescents had gone to bed. All the little add ons around the house that I took for granted had been given by my folks selling cannabis, which was a profitable currency crop. They weren’t marijuana dealers or pot farmers, just respected folks who grew a few dozen cannabis plants to sell to their buddies and neighbors. I would come to find out that more than 2 upstanding members of the local area, including police force, preachers, and firemen, purchased marijuana from my folks. Looking at it through that lens, my family was providing a community repair by peacefully, quietly growing and selling marijuana to the nice people who needed it. Of course I had no clue about any of this when I was growing up, I never heard about the marijuana growing until I came back home from college. After that, I never had to buy my own cannabis ever again, my parents would hook myself and others up with a pound whenever I saw them.

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Fighting to support marijuana legalization

You could say I am ahead of the times.

  • Lots of people who did what they thought was right despite what the laws said were ahead of their times too.

I believe that no matter how far you go back into human time you will find that governments are cruel & make up dumb rules. The authorities, be it a King or a president, set the laws that everyone else must live under. I believe it is the obligation of every human being, regardless of where you live, to make them listen to new ideas. When it comes to cannabis, there is nothing wrong with it, nothing immortal or harmful, & there never has been! The fact that weed was ever criminalized is itself a cruel & arbitrary law, that hurt a lot of people for no good reason. A person who goes to our school spent a few months in jail for possession of marijuana. This was a few years ago, however he wasn’t even selling it, he just had a few marijuana ounces on him for a get-together he was going to. This is a good man, & because of something as trivial as a misdemeanor amount of marijuana he lost months of his life. I am saying all of this as someone who doesn’t smoke cannabis, & outside of trying it out in college, I never have smoked it. This isn’t about me getting blazed, this is about standing for what’s right, & legalizing cannabis in every state in the nation is what’s right! No matter how you believe about marijuana, vote to support decriminalizing its use!


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Might need to stock up

I love the convenience of the cannabis store, & I love the amazing kinds of products they carry, but they don’t stock the cheap stuff

Back in the morning weed wasn’t simple to find, at least for a college gal it was. Whenever me & my boyfriend found a guy with a product to sell, we bought everything the guy had. Every one of us would get a half a pound of skunk weed just to keep smoking for another month. These afternoons everything has changed, & the supply is so big there is no reason to stock up! Do you stock up on eggs when you can go buy a new carton of eggs anytime you want? Of course not, & so I also don’t stock up on cannabis, because I can go get something fresh anytime I wish. With another possible lockdown coming up, I am realizing that buying a little cannabis at a time is too short-sighted, & I need to pile up again. Of course there is a big difference between buying half a pound of cheap skunk weed & buying bulk at a cannabis dispensary. I love the convenience of the cannabis store, & I love the amazing kinds of products they carry, but they don’t stock the cheap stuff. To buy bulk & stockpile pot would mean taking out a personal loan from the bank… which entirely isn’t a great idea. I say that now, but if the cannabis dispensary closes down & I run dry I will be singing a different tune. I believe I will do what I can to cut down on smoking a little bit, & also buy a little bit more whenever I visit the cannabis dispensary, & slowly build up a stockpile.


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Smoking weed has helped me stop dreaming

If I could eat a magic bean & never have to go to sleep ever again, I would eat it in a heartbeat.

  • I would absolutely pay good money for that magic bean, because I hate sleeping.

I have been plagued with horrific dreams for as long as I can remember! Going to sleep is like sitting in bed waiting for the world’s worst movie to start, & I loathe scary films! I spoke to many dentists about it, but the sleeping brain is a mystery to science, so they all recommended therapy of a single form or another. Finally I found a cool doctor, who recommended I start using cannabis to help me with our sleep concerns. He explained to me all the positives & negatives, & possible effects, from using cannabis, but thought it might work since our case was so dire. I must admit, the first time I smoked cannabis I coughed a lot, I felt sick, & after that I got undoubtedly exhausted. I felt no effect on our dreams that night, but was told there was a cumulative effect at play, so that night I smoked some more cannabis. A lot more weed, in fact, & this time I enjoyed it more, & the physical feelings it came with. Cannabis gave me a full-body feeling, & when I fell asleep I stayed asleep. It was blissful. Thanks to cannabis, I had our first night of pure, unadulterated sleep in years! I still only smoke cannabis right before bed, but at this point I always smoke it right before bed, & have never slept better.



Need to move quick on a cannabis cafe

I am a pretty good chef, but an excellent baker.

  • After I got fired from our last task thanks to the virus, I decided to work on our meal prep skills with our newfound free time.

I didn’t get fired for the meals, mind you, the people I was with and I all got fired because of the pandemic closing up the doors. The eating establishment was closed for so long that the owners ended up closing it down for good. That made it all the more pressing for me to focus on honing our skills, so I could pursue my dream of opening up a cannabis cafe. This town has a very hip, new age/downtown area, & I believe a cannabis cafe could do undoubtedly well there, as a sustainable business. The virus gave me a lot of time to task on a corporation plan, and to perfect our recipes for a series of custom edibles. Everyone prefers cannabis infused edibles, they taste good & get you high, what’s not to enjoy about it? I believe that to raise enough capital to rent an actual section for our cafe, I can sell the edibles directly to local cannabis dispensaries. Freshly baked edibles, baked week to week, is a good way to catch people’s attention. Once I get some relocation coming in from the cannabis dispensaries, & I start getting our brand name out there, I can transfer into a full shop. My time for all of this is sort of loose, but I think I need to move quickly before some other cannabis cafe steals our proposal & opens before I can.



So glad I can sleep when I smoke

I have always had a horrible relationship with sleep.

All humans require sleep, the body needs it to kick back & relax from the tribulations of the evening, and the brain needs it too. Science has always been a bit loose about how our dreams work, but everyone agrees a brain that doesn’t dream is not doing so well. All I have ever wanted is to sleep separate from dreaming, because for me every night is nothing but terrible dreams & nightmares. Sleepwalking, saying odd stuff while asleep, a whole litany of weird stuff happens externally, & internally I am locked in horrific nightmares. For me, weed was the life line I needed, & now I am sleeping better than I ever have before. After a few days of first trying out cannabis, just smoking a little at night, I noticed I was waking up the next morning separate from remembering our thoughts. I got high, went to sleep, & then woke up like a normal dude for the first time, & it was all because of cannabis. Believe me, I played around with it to make sure it was the marijuana that was responsible for this. I took a few afternoons off from smoking cannabis, & our nightmares came right back in full power! Cannabis has qualities that, for me at least, stop the dreams. I suppose that I am still dreaming, but it all happens being a thick blaze of marijuana smoke, & feels undoubtedly far away from me; Now I smoke cannabis each night, & I sleep as soundly as a baby every night.


We still lock people up for that?

My cousin Nick lives way up north, in the middle of a rustic country, in what turns out to be a very intolerant place.

He is currently in the county jail serving a few months because he was carrying quite a bit of cannabis.

This blows me away, that in our morning & age you can still be put behind bars for something like that! Have the people I was with and I not changed as a humanity? I’m sorry, I’m still undoubtedly angry about this, because the court of public opinion has turned on this kind of thing, & the law of the land is adjusting because of that! Just this week I was at our weed shop, placing our order on the tablets they leave lying around, & I thought about Nick. Here I was being treated like a prince in a legal cannabis dispensary, & there he was in jail for doing the exact same thing. I have always believed that there is no moral or health issue with cannabis, it is a plant that can be used medicinally or recreationally. If the cannabis industry was on it for a fraction of the death & illness caused by Big Tobacco, I might be against legalization. Compared to tobacco, weed is virtually harmless, & yet innocent people like Nick are jailed for it, it makes me furious! I don’t even believe it’s enough to decriminalize marijuana, I believe anyone who has ever been caught for it needs to be set free now, & their records wiped of the charges. In my opinion, no person should go to jail for cannabis ever again.

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Cannabis delivery driver now

I got the boot from the sci fi book store for smoking weed during my shift.

I am still pretty salty about it, because to me you sort of need weed to fully enjoy sci fi books.

In order to relax, clear our head, & lose myself in the world of the sci fi, I need to smoke out 1st. I am not mad at our boss for it, her hands were tied due to the rules of the parent chain. It’s a loss, because I undoubtedly liked that work, but now I am free to pursue a task at the cannabis dispensary instead. If any task would be more fun than a sci-fi book shop, it would be a cannabis dispensary. This state is pretty easy going, so recreational cannabis use has been legal for some time. That’s why I thought it would be cool to light up, it’s not as if I was smoking marijuana around children or anything. I applied for a task at the cannabis dispensary, & was psyched that they hired me on as a delivery driver. You can imagine how shocked I was to learn that there was no cannabis use allowed on this work, either. The cannabis dispensary had strict rules about using weed products while absolutely working, & driving while high was grounds for immediate termination. I believe smoking marijuana on any task will never be fine. On the plus side, I love our new work, the tips are sweet, & best of all I get an employee discount on all cannabis purchases! I just have to smoke it at home.



Not another lockdown!

Are you ready for another quarantine? Looks like part time is happening.

For me the COVID virus isn’t a political issue it is simply a matter of being healthy.

I respect social distance, I wear a mask in certain places, & I got the vaccinations not because someone is making me do it, but because I don’t want me or our friends to get sick. Anyone who makes this about politics is an oddball, if you ask me! I don’t want another quarantine any more than the next person, but if that’s what it takes then that’s what I will do, however my only real issue about another prolonged lockdown will be the delivery services, really just my cannabis dispensary… Last time the cannabis dispensary was caught as unaware as the rest of us, & it took them a few weeks to get it together and they didn’t have everything. They started using contract-free delivery drivers, who would set the cannabis on your doorstep or in your mailbox & then wait for you to pick it up. It was a good system, and one that they used well after the lockdown ended, although now the cannabis delivery drivers were a little more friendly in their work. The cannabis dispensary is a pharmacy, & thus should be allowed to keep going and not be shut down for the COVID resurgence… Still, if they can’t keep delivering & I have to go separate from cannabis for a few weeks it will not be a pretty sight. Maybe I should start stockpiling cannabis now, just in case the worst happens.


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