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The problem with medical cannabis

This country has a health care problem, and I mean that in the conceptual way. I mean that the way we think about health care is messed up, and the entire system is falling apart because of it. Let’s take a look at the word “medicinal” for a moment, and analyze what it means in […]

I love cannabis, but hate Big Pharma

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s Big Pharma. The way that our healthcare system has evolved has given all the power of public health to a handful of powerful and unscrupulous companies. They own patents to medicines that millions of people need, and they charge stunningly high prices for these meds. It […]

I still can’t get any medical cannabis

To see these cannabis dispensaries opening up, knowing that they are fully stocked with hundreds of pounds of tasty weed, and I can’t shop there is a little maddening. We have long been warned by the staunch, ugly nay-sayers of the world that pot use would put society on a “slippery slope” to pandemonium. I […]

She had an expert eye for cannabis

Thankfully the stigma around pot smoking is decreasing, because dating used to be really hard for me. This was 20ish years ago, so there weren’t even the dating apps we all use so often today. The dating scene was rough, and what made it even more difficult for me was trying to find a woman […]

The cleanest high is the best high

With a holistic approach to health, you look at the sum and total of a person’s existence. The health of the body is directly tied to psychological, emotional, and spiritual health, you see, and you can’t treat just one of those things. I personally believe that we still have not scratched the surface of what […]

My date really liked my medical cannabis

I am new to this whole online dating thing. That may sound silly to you, but I am in my 40s, and have been married for the last ten years or so. That marriage ended up falling apart during COVID, for reasons I won’t get into here. Trapped inside, feeling lonely, I had little recourse […]

My parents were pot farmers

I was shocked at first, but it was just business as usual for a marijuana farm, so I grew to accept it. My family is not like other families, and I am deeply grateful for that. When I was growing up, I knew from a young age that we weren’t like the other families. There […]