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Isn’t medical marijuana a totally natural plant?

I was listening to the television the other day and there were several nurses debating the use of medical marijuana. A certain nurse was actually speaking about all the benefits of respected marijuana use. He said the only setback was when people used it only for enjoyable times. There can be an over-indulgence, and you […]

It was impossible to sleep before medical marijuana

Before my partner discovered medical marijuana, I didn’t sleep well at all. He would kick so hard that my shins were consistently sore. The nurse told him he had restless leg syndrome, and he suggested unusual muscle relaxers for him. He has a task sensitive position which means he can’t use marijuana or alcoholic products […]

Security consultant for the cannabis dispensary

With my wisdom, I could help the company better protect their cannabis dispensaries from theft, shoplifting, and armed robbery. Don’t judge me because of my past. I admit that I had a few brushes with the law when I was younger, but that’s all behind me now. In fact, I daresay that without my troubled […]