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Life has improved a lot for me while using sativa

I’m basically so grateful that there are such caring, compassionate people to help myself and others at our local pot shop A year ago, I actually reached the point with my social anxiety that I would have tried essentially anything. And to be completely honest, I just about had tried it all. Yet again, the […]

Sativa products have helped me so much in life

Approximately a year ago, I was at the point with my social anxiety that I would have tried just about anything. And really, I just about had tried everything. Yet again, the efficacy of the medicine cocktail that I was on was completely waning. This has happened with every pharmaceutical I’ve taken over the years […]

Not always the best strategy

I had a cannabis dispensary, a nice crew of budtenders, a good location in addition to a website, so what more did I need? I couldn’t seem to get people hearing about my store. Any business I got would be people who just happened to see the front of it. Where were my online sales? […]

Finally getting SEO for myself

After having a nice website, the SEO analyst helped it rank on google when you looked for cannabis stores in the area When I decided to open up a cannabis dispensary, I did not get how much effort went into it; I needed to handle the business side of forming an LLC, getting the paperwork […]

When your pet has anxiety

My pet is now a marijuana customer. We live in a honestly odd world where that apparently isn’t weird. I rescued a stray pet off the streets. He is a very nervous boy because of residing in hardship for so long. Ripping aluminum foil, cooking spray, the Heating as well as Air Conditioning turning on, […]

The CBD store near me

When I rented from a giant apartment complex, I got a deal on our space. The building was in the middle of nowhere with a lot of buildings around it. I know there would be stuff if I was just patient. I have waited over a year as well as now businesses are cropping up. […]

My skin is much better due to hemp

My cannabis dispensary has a whole bunch of stuff always on sale. I have tried just about every product there is. I have tried cannabis flower, oil, creams, joints as well as topicals. I recently got into the world of full as well as broad spectrum CBD products. It is nice not getting that high […]

Life reset comes with help from cannabis products

I don’t mind telling anyone that I’m just lucky to be here. And that is truly the God’s honest truth about my situation. Some of my former colleagues look at me with pity or disdain. Like I just couldn’t cut it and I am just another industry reject. I can live with that. Thanks to […]