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Never too late to change your perspective

I lost my wife just over 5 years ago. And losing my partner was beyond challenging not to mention the grief and loss I experienced. However, my wife would not have wanted me to simply crawl up into a ball and give up. But it’s a shame that she isn’t able to share in this […]

Turning to a holistic approach for some relief

I have been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was in highschool. Honestly, I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t dealing with this affliction. And it has taken quite a toll on my life. That is until I discovered legal cannabis. Having the ability to get what I need from the cannabis […]

Medical cannabis to treat migraines

I work for myself. Most of my job can be accomplished from home. Additionally, the majority of my responsibilities revolve around a computer and online access. When I come down with a migraine, I am unable to stare at my screen, much less complete my workload. That’s really bad for my productivity and stress level. […]

Cannabis provides pain relief

It took me a while to discover a more natural and holistic approach to managing chronic pain. But I finally found my cure. For years, I have been taking the anti-inflammatory meds the doctors prescribe. I have had to lean more heavily on this pain medication. I’m now treating the pain without using prescription meds. […]

Cannabis provides pain relief

It took me a while to embrace a natural and holistic approach to alleviating my chronic pain. For quite a few years, I relied on anti-inflammatory meds that my doctors had prescribed. I found that I needed to lean more and more heavily on the pain medication. I began to worry about the long-term and […]

Medical cannabis works to fight off migraines

I am self-employed and for most of my work, I can handle everything from home. My responsibilities revolve around online connectivity. When I suffer a migraine, I am unable to concentrate on my workload. That’s really inconvenient. With the help of medical cannabis, I am able to treat my symptoms and get back to work […]

Cannabis infused topicals for inflammation

My life took a turn for the worse a couple years ago. Over the course of six months, inflammation showed up in different areas of my body. I was slowly being robbed of my normal activities. Because of cannabis infused products, I have hope of getting back to normal. Cannabis flower products have made a […]