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I love that marijuana smell

First time I went to the cannabis dispensary, it looked like nothing more than a store entrance. The only difference between the cannabis dispensary in one of the small stores was that the room didn’t have a speaker with a security camera attached. You had to show ID to prove you were 21 before getting […]

I was bored sitting in the car

I was curious about what they had inside, but I didn’t want to get anybody in trouble. I wasn’t trying to cause any issues, and I didn’t expect the people in the cannabis dispensary to get as angry as they were, and all I wanted to do was peak at what they had inside; My […]

He changed his mind about medical weed

My father was a harsh man. I know it sounds funny to say that but I have to. My father constantly told the people in our church that he was not a preacher. He was a believer. He was there to talk about their physical needs and comforts and their spiritual needs. This was fantastic […]

Finding a cannabis SEO team

I paid a dealer to set me up with a cannabis dispensary website. I am actually quite happy with the web build. The site looks professional, up-to-date and is easy to navigate. I have a homepage, products page, contact page and one for cannabis delivery. The issue I was facing for a while was the […]

I needed a website solution

When I opened up a cannabis dispensary I knew I needed to have a good site on google. I did our website all within wix. I figured that was decent enough. I made it blue, wrote the content for the site and put images on it. There, finished! Well I started to see that I […]

I think this guy ripped off my marijuana

He got an undoubtedly weird look on his face, although he said no. My roommate Gigi plus I had another guy staying with us for 10 months plus then he skipped out on rent plus took off without saying anything to either of us. Both of us had to find someone to abruptly rent the […]

The online cannabis order timed out

My youngsters were quietly playing video games together, so I decided it was the perfect opportunity for me to get on the computer plus order a few recreational marijuana items. The delivery guy never shows up until after 9 p.m., so all the youngsters are in bed by the time the marijuana delivery driver arrives. […]

I love the sheer convenience of pre-rolls

I’ve consistently enjoyed smoking cannabis flowers. While there are now all sorts of new consumption methods available at the weed dispensary that are far more discreet and easy, nothing compares to the natural experience of puffing a nice joint. The problem with smokable flowers is the work it takes to create a perfect joint or […]

Using cannabis topical creams to treat my leg cramps

I focus heavily on our health and our physical fitness. I’ve long been a vegetarian, for almost twenty five years and stay away from fast foods, processed foods and an abundance of sugar. I strictly limit our alcohol intake and avoid all nicotine. I work out every single day for approximately 60 minutes. My exercise […]

Cannabis deliveries to our home

When recreational cannabis first became legal in our local state, I visited the dispensary a few times. I sampled a few of the yummy edibles, obtained a few tinctures and tried out pre-rolls. I strictly made purchases for my recreation and enjoyment. All of that changed when I got involved in a major car accident, […]