I was actually pretty lucky to have the nurse prescribe medical marijuana to me

Many people don’t have nurses who know very much about medical marijuana.

Either they appreciate the chemical drugs they regularly supply their patients, or they don’t know enough about marijuana and its healing benefits.

If they were to do their research, I know more nurses would prescribe medical marijuana regularly. I found that many hospitals that nurses work for, won’t give their nurses the ability to prescribe medical marijuana in the slightest. I was honestly very lucky to have the nurse I went to, prescribe medical marijuana. He was associated with the hospital, however he wasn’t hospital nurse. He was basically a pain specialist who didn’t believe that all pains required surgery or injections. He told me he was entirely confident that I would benefit from the use of marijuana. Medical marijuana could help entirely lower the inflammation that is causing the pain, and help relieve the pain while the inflammation is reducing. It works in many ways and it can make you entirely feel more relaxed while other chemical properties will relieve pain and/or swelling. Marijuana plants have natural chemical properties that work with the brain to treat the setback without causing more. CBD has the same chemical properties of THC, but there is no psychotropes involved. With the respective amounts of CBD and THC, the brain’s natural chemicals work with the natural chemicals of medical marijuana to help the body tell itself how to handle the troublesome concerns that may be taking place in the body. Once the nurse explained this to me, I was really glad to see what medical marijuana could do for me. I didn’t want to take some drugs that were made in a laboratory, when I could have natural plant-based medicine like medical marijuana to help with all my issues.


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Isn’t medical marijuana a totally natural plant?

I was listening to the television the other day and there were several nurses debating the use of medical marijuana.

A certain nurse was actually speaking about all the benefits of respected marijuana use.

He said the only setback was when people used it only for enjoyable times. There can be an over-indulgence, and you had to know your limitations. The other nurse started yelling it was just a legal drug. Well, wasn’t alcohol a legal drug? The nurse prescribed painkillers after I had experienced a brutal car accident. For 6 weeks I was on these horrible painkillers, and I spent the next 6 weeks being weaned off them. I had become dependent on the painkiller. It was a legal drug that did the same thing as the drugs you chose to get off the street. What I didn’t necessarily understand was that the nurse had the feeling that it was okay to give you a medicine that was made in a laboratory, however he didn’t want people to use a medicine that was a natural plant product. The nurse who was for medical marijuana laughed a little bit. He told the other nurse that he had heard he was telling people that vegetarian and vegan lifestyles were healthy ways of living. He said that since he thought everything plant-based was healthier, then he should also be pushing medical marijuana instead of chemical based medicine to the people. The nurse who was against medical marijuana became severely flustered and could not talk much after that. He could not defend himself or figure out the words to deny what the nurse for medical marijuana had just said to him. He walked off the stage a short while later and didn’t come back.



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It was somewhat embarrassing to admit I used medical marijuana

When the nurse asked if I regularly used medical marijuana, I was embarrassed to admit it.

When he first asked, I wasn’t actually certain what he was getting at.

He made me feel kind of like I was doing something wrong. I asked him if it mattered that I was using medical marijuana? He told me he needed to upgrade my medical files, and a certain part involved the medicine I was taking. I told the guy I had been using medical marijuana for the past several years. He asked if I was using legal marijuana, and I told him yeah. When he asked who the nurse was that prescribed medical marijuana, I refused to tell this guy. I knew who the nurse was, and he was sanctioned by our state, but I didn’t know it was my nurse’s business. He told me he had to completely know why I was using medical marijuana and if it helped much with my particular condition. I still thought he was being nosey, but I told him it was for my rheumatoid arthritis. Before I started using medical marijuana, my rheumatologist told me I would be in a wheelchair when I reached the age of forty. I didn’t even know I had arthritis until he started telling me that. I thought the aches and pains were because of the task I did and taking care of several babies and a dwelling. With the help of medical marijuana, I could keep moving, the pain was bearable, and I was in a better mind frame. I was actually the only patient he had that used medical marijuana regularly.


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The nurse was confidently telling me that medical cannabis is a natural product

I was talking to a nurse not too long ago and I divulged that I used CBD cream for my arthritis pain. She smiled and then looked up. She told me she could not understand the way the minds of politicians functioned, and cannabis is a product of nature, and has less side effects than any guy made drug they have in this world, including aspirin. All kinds of people had depression, arthritis, and other medical conditions that can be helped with the use of medical cannabis, but there is too much of a stigma placed on marijuana use. Some of that stigma is because nurses are not confident in telling patients about medical marijuana. They won’t get the kickbacks that nurses get from selling pharmaceutical drugs. They can’t make nearly as much money when people are medicating with natural substances. She told me she thought most addictions were from people who had no other recourse than to self medicate because they could not cover the cost for big pharma products. As luxurious as medical marijuana was, it was still less costly and much safer to use, than if you used chemical filled pharmaceutical drugs. I smiled as I listened to this person talk, and then she apologized. She pretty much said she didn’t know my actual take on it, but since I used CBD and it seemed to help considerably, she was proud of me. After explaining I was hesitant to tell anyone about my marijuana use, she told me I shouldn’t be.. It was all basically a part of the holistic health movement, and she was behind it all the way. I am no longer going to hesitate when telling people I use medical marijuana for my condition.



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Medical cannabis can be a beautiful thing for many people

I consistently had the impression that people used the medical marijuana card just to get marijuana in a legal manner.

I know it isn’t the case for all people, but I am sure many people think that way. They can legally go into a marijuana shop and purchase all the marijuana products they prefer as often as they want. It may be more luxurious than purchasing street marijuana, but medical marijuana is totally legal. You pay a nurse to approve you for marijuana and pay the state for your medical marijuana ID card. It’s like getting a license to use marijuana. My sibling was a single of those people who used medical marijuana because it was perfectly legal to purchase and it was definitely better. He told me there are so many ways for people to get the medical marijuana ID card, because it is beneficial for many unusual ailments. All he had to do was tell people he had PTSD and the nurse essentially forced the medical marijuana ID on him. He told him he had a pretty rough time sleeping ever since he was in Desert Storm. He had never actually served in Desert Storm, however he was in the Marines back then. I wished it was actually more challenging for people to get medical marijuana, but until they can disprove people don’t need it, the state will continue to sell it to basically anyone who can afford the medical marijuana ID card. The other week, I heard a single man on the news who said his sibling was getting medical marijuana to help with his horrible addictions. The sibling had cancer and was suffering because of the chemo, but she could not get medical marijuana. I sincerely felt sorry for her.
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It was impossible to sleep before medical marijuana

Before my partner discovered medical marijuana, I didn’t sleep well at all.

He would kick so hard that my shins were consistently sore.

The nurse told him he had restless leg syndrome, and he suggested unusual muscle relaxers for him. He has a task sensitive position which means he can’t use marijuana or alcoholic products for up to several weeks before doing a particular task. He was a 9-5, 8 hours each day mechanic for an airport. He could not use those products in the least. He was questioning his nurse if he could use straight CBD and still perform his task without getting fired for the use of medical marijuana. The nurse was not really certain until he read all the laws that pertained to medical marijuana. He could not use THC, however he could use CBD. He could not use Delta 8 or Delta 9, because it had a certain amount of THC in it, but it wasn’t stated. With straightforward CBD, which he could purchase in pretty much any pharmacy, he would be just fine it seemed. Whenever my partner goes to the nurse for his physicals these days, he tells them he uses CBD that he gets from the pharmacy. The nurse told him he can say it is medical marijuana, however he must show the package he gets from the pharmacy, so the physician can easily check the label. So far, I no longer wake up from terrible bruises and my partner is sleeping like a baby. Yesterday he got notice that he had to report to a brand new nurse. Once again, he is concerned over what will happen to his task when he tells them he enjoys using medical marijuana and if they’ll tell him it doesn’t matter if it is merely CBD. It is technically marijuana.



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Our local medical marijuana shop has been purchased by someone else now

Our local medical marijuana shop had only been open for four years… Over those four years, they had changed ownership and name a bunch of different times. This week, my pal and I received notification that the medical marijuana shop would soon be under new ownership and the brands would once again change. Every time the marijuana shop was under new ownership, I had to find another corporation who carried the marijuana products I loved and that helped with my severe depression. I didn’t really have the wish to get high. I just wanted to feel much better, but it was becoming more difficult as time carried on. With this new change in ownership, the marijuana shop was getting rid of many of their medical marijuana CBD products, which is my main marijuana product. My partner asked if I wanted to stay with the same marijuana dispensary, or if my pal and I should start looking around for another corporation of our medical marijuana CBD products. The main setback I had was that other marijuana dispensaries were charging higher prices. He reminded me that it didn’t sincerely matter how luxurious it was if my pal and I could not get it. I had to agree, but I was still extremely hesitant. When I realized the bartenders were also being switched up, I told him it was time to find a new marijuana shop for our medical marijuana needs. Happily for me, everytime our medical marijuana products were on sale, my partner would buy an extra amount of them. I had plenty of marijuana products in my safe that I could go a fairly long time without needing to go into a marijuana shop, and I felt comfortable with that proficiency.

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He ordered CBD but totally ended up acquiring some high THC medical cannabis

I was unsure if I had a lawsuit against the cannabis shop, but I was livid mad… I never used high THC products, and I wasn’t really looking to start.

The closest I came to using THC was when I chose to get a 15:1 CBD/THC marijuana product.

The product had fifteen times more CBD than THC. I still had a miniscule high from the product, but I only used it in the night hours. I picked up our 15:1 cannabis product and took it home. I didn’t know to check the label, because it was in the same yellow packet that I consistently received my medical marijuana in. I took it to my dwelling and used it the same as I consistently do. About 30 minutes after using the product, I was hallucinating, then my partner was very concerned because I was screaming in fear. I swore I saw people enjoying themselves on the porch, and I was afraid to go near the home office door. He told me everything was fine until I started laughing uncontrollably. He asked what I used and I showed him the product. Although it was the same brand marijuana product, it was not a 15:1 ration, but a 1:1 ration, and I was tripping a good amount. My partner called the marijuana shop and told them they had made a fairly crucial mistake. The budtender chuckled and told him he hoped I was enjoying the trip. The next afternoon, my partner told me that if I hadn’t been having such a horrible time of it, he likely would have gone to town and busted the budtender in the face.


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I am the new manager of the cannabis dispensary

On the plus side, as long as I don’t start stealing money or cannabis from the shop, I’m going to be better at the job then Ben was

Last week Ben got fired from the cannabis dispensary, and it was a huge scene. I happened to be working at the time, and I’m glad I was because I got to see the events unfold with my own two eyes. Ben has been the manager for the last year or so. He was there when I first started, but hadn’t been there for long. A few weeks ago we got some visitors in the form of corporate accountants, sent by the company that owns the cannabis dispensary. They went through all the books, and also performed a full inventory for all our cannabis products. After that it was business as usual… until last week, when the regional manager for the cannabis corporation arrived, flanked by an accountant and two security guards. They escorted Ben out of the cannabis dispensary and told him he could never return. It was so dramatic! I was asked to take over as the temporary manager of the cannabis dispensary. I immediately asked to be made permanent manager, but was told that I had to run the cannabis dispensary on my own for a few weeks, and then they would evaluate my performance. On the plus side, as long as I don’t start stealing money or cannabis from the shop, I’m going to be better at the job then Ben was. Still, I can’t take it for granted, so I need to pull out all the stops and make this cannabis dispensary the best in town, to make sure that I get the job permanently.


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Security consultant for the cannabis dispensary

With my wisdom, I could help the company better protect their cannabis dispensaries from theft, shoplifting, and armed robbery.

Don’t judge me because of my past. I admit that I had a few brushes with the law when I was younger, but that’s all behind me now. In fact, I daresay that without my troubled past I would not have found the stellar career track I am currently enjoying! When I was 18 I had to spend two weeks in jail over an incident I would rather not recount for you. Suffice to say I did some dumb stuff! While in jail I spent that time with an older inmate named Henry, who was incarcerated for robbing a cannabis dispensary. Henry was a fascinating man, and claimed to have spent the last 40 years of his life robbing cannabis dealers. In the old days it was much easier, and the modern security systems of cannabis dispensaries were too much for old Henry to handle. Once I was released I immediately went to the head offices of the largest cannabis dispensary franchise in the state. I explained my history, and how I had keen insight into the minds of criminals who target cannabis shops. With my wisdom, I could help the company better protect their cannabis dispensaries from theft, shoplifting, and armed robbery. They hired me as a consultant, but I only visited cannabis dispensaries with other representatives of the company. It took a while to earn their trust, but within a few months they saw that my insight was a huge benefit to their cannabis company. I am allowing the cannabis dispensaries to reduce their losses and protect their inventory.


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