The problem with medical cannabis

This country has a health care problem, and I mean that in the conceptual way.

I mean that the way we think about health care is messed up, and the entire system is falling apart because of it.

Let’s take a look at the word “medicinal” for a moment, and analyze what it means in the context of health care. The qualities of the medicine can vary wildly, as long as a doctor says they are ok. The difference between legal and illegal drugs in this country is determined by which drug dealers are calling the shots. Medical cannabis is a stupid concept, because all cannabis in medicinal, and always has been. The fact that some quack says it will help with your sleep issues doesn’t make cannabis any more medicinal than it was before. I hope you understand that my issue isn’t with medical cannabis, it’s with the concept of needing our governments permission before using a plant. If the government told us that roses were illegal, except when they say it’s okay, we would push back against that, and the same should be true for cannabis. Hemp and cannabis are naturally occurring plants in nature, with incredible health and utilitarian uses for humanity. I do not feel the government, or any governing body, has the right to control or regulate cannabis. Whether you believe in God or Mother Nature or whatever, that supreme being created cannabis for us to use and enjoy, and no human being has the right to change that! No if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to go get high.

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I found out my dad smokes a ton of cannabis

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s all small stuff.” My dad used to say that to me all the time, whenever I got upset by something stupid.

I know he stole the quote, but I don’t know from where so I always attribute it to him.

As I got older I tried to remember that, because I was very prone to getting worked up over the little things. Years later I would find out that the key to my father’s low-key, laid back attitude was medical marijuana, which he partook in frequently. As a young man, my dad was like me and prone to getting mad, but once he had a child he knew he needed to chill out so he started smoking medical cannabis every day. The cannabis calmed his nerves, but moreover it gave him what he called “a clearer perspective on life.” Between the presence of his newborn child, and a constant flow of cannabis, the old man turned over a new lead and became the very chill person I grew up with. I learned all this right around the same time I graduated high school, because he thought I was old enough to start smoking cannabis with him. Now whenever I get worked up over something, or start to get angry, I will just get with my old man and partake in some cannabis to settle me down. I don’t ever keep any in my apartment, because part of what I like about cannabis is doing it with my dad. Maybe it’s the cannabis, maybe it’s just his presence, but it works.



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Figuring out the THC content of cannabis

I’m not a scientist, okay, nor am I a budtender, or any sort of expert. I am a smoker, and have been an avid smoker for my entire adult life. So I can’t tell you the scientific reasons for the effects pot has on a person, I just know what they are. Because of my lack of knowledge I have never been able to grow my own, but I have cultivated an expert eye, nose, and a pallet for distinguishing the quality of any bud. The nose knows, as they say, and I can guess the THC content of any cannabis you give me within 5 minutes. I don’t need any fancy tools, I just need to smell the bud, pack up a few hits, and then taste it to determine the THC content. While this skill is not enough to score me a job at the cannabis disp[ensary, it has made me quite popular around there! One night I stayed after closing with a few of the budtenders, who tried to stump me with a series of exotic strains of cannabis. I went four for four that night, being able to accurately suss out the THC content after a few puffs, and everyone was really impressed. A few weeks after that, I actually got a call from the manager of the cannabis dispensary who asked me for a little help. They had received a small shipment of cannabis from a new distributor, and the customers were saying it was weak stuff. He asked me to come in as “quality control” and determine how strong this medical cannabis was.

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I love cannabis, but hate Big Pharma

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s Big Pharma.

The way that our healthcare system has evolved has given all the power of public health to a handful of powerful and unscrupulous companies.

They own patents to medicines that millions of people need, and they charge stunningly high prices for these meds. It makes me sick to my stomach that our government lets its citizens be subject to this kind of tyranny. When you couple that will the fact that the TV is filled with commercials for new kinds of pills, the future looks grim. As great as it is that medical cannabis is becoming more common, part of me knows that it also ties into Big Pharma. That industry always opposed cannabis, for years, until they were in a position to profit off of it themselves. Since then, we see cannabis dispensaries going up left and right, feeding their profits to the same slimy fat-cats that always make all the money. I know that it;s better for people to use medical cannabis over pills, so that is a positive change, but I hate that the profits are going to Big Pharma. As often as I can I will buy my cannabis directly from the farmers, and pay a premium to not support the entire crooked system. I know several cannabis farmers at this point, who are more than happy to sell me a few pounds of medical grade kush for a very good price. The cannabis farmers profit directly this way, and Big Pharma does not get a cut.
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I still can’t get any medical cannabis

To see these cannabis dispensaries opening up, knowing that they are fully stocked with hundreds of pounds of tasty weed, and I can’t shop there is a little maddening.

We have long been warned by the staunch, ugly nay-sayers of the world that pot use would put society on a “slippery slope” to pandemonium. I say bring it on, make the slope more slippery, because this is all taking far too long. While pot use has been conditionally legalized in this state, there are still a lot of regulations and red tape involved. Long story short, I see more and more cannabis dispensaries opening up around the city, and yet I am still not allowed to go in and buy stuff! This is a very strange feeling in my opinion, because I have been a daily cannabis smoker for many years now. To me, cannabis is like groceries, meaning that it is a staple in my house, and something important always kept on hand. To see these cannabis dispensaries opening up, knowing that they are fully stocked with hundreds of pounds of tasty weed, and I can’t shop there is a little maddening. On my short drive to my dealer’s house, I drive past three different cannabis dispensaries. My fear is that with so many cannabis dispensaries in town, my dealer won’t be able to stay in business. Wouldn’t that be ironic, to have cannabis legalization make it so I can’t find any weed to buy? The experts seem to think that now that we are on the slippery slope, that recreational cannabis use will be legalized next. I say it can’t come fast enough! Just because I don’t have a prescription for medical cannabis doesn’t mean that I don’t need it as much as anyone!


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The first in my family to get a medical cannabis card

Do you really know anyone who smokes pot to treat their glaucoma? I have heard that excuse from my older relatives for years ,but I never believed that any of them had glaucoma.

What are the odds that every member of the family except me had it, right? Very slim, I would say, I think they just liked having a medical reason to get ripped at family functions.

Now that medical cannabis use is becoming legal, and dispensaries are more commonplace, my aunts and uncles are dropping the pretense and being real about it with me. The change came when at Thanksgiving I showed up with a fat sack of OG Kush, and everyone realized that I was the only person there that actually had a prescription for medical cannabis. For years they had gotten stoned around me, giving me weak excuses, and now the shoe was on the other foot. I whipped out my medical cannabis and started rolling a hogleg sized joint, and they all surrounded me like vultures. Two of my aunts actually asked if they could have some cannabis for their glaucoma, and I said no. I made everyone admit to me that they had no eyesight issues, they just wanted some of my cannabis. One of my uncles pulled me aside and offered to give me a hundred bucks to spend for him next time I went to the cannabis dispensary! I can tell you one thing – our family gatherings will be a whole lot different now that I have my medical cannabis prescription card.

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She had an expert eye for cannabis

Thankfully the stigma around pot smoking is decreasing, because dating used to be really hard for me. This was 20ish years ago, so there weren’t even the dating apps we all use so often today. The dating scene was rough, and what made it even more difficult for me was trying to find a woman who was 420-friendly. These days you can just post it in your online profile and it’s no big deal, but back then it was a big deal. I had to decide when to mention to my date that I smoked copious amounts of cannabis, and I did it every single day. One night I was on a date with a very fetching and smart young lady, and since I liked her I just told her straight away that I enjoyed cannabis sometimes. That’s how I decided to ease into the truth, but saying that I smoked cannabis “sometimes” instead of all day, every day. Much to my surprise and delight, she asked if she could join me, not because she was into cannabis, but as a botany student at the local college she was interested in the quality of my weed. That made for a fun night, as I got ripped on medical cannabis while she examined it, pulled it apart, and made comments about the quality of it. I wish we were still together, because her expert eye for cannabis would have come in handy once the dispensaries started opening up around here. She could have helped me select the best cannabis in the store.


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The cleanest high is the best high

With a holistic approach to health, you look at the sum and total of a person’s existence.

  • The health of the body is directly tied to psychological, emotional, and spiritual health, you see, and you can’t treat just one of those things.

I personally believe that we still have not scratched the surface of what the human brain is capable of, and that by great self-actualization we can live longer, happier lives without becoming addicted to pills. Maybe it’s just the pot talking, but if we started replacing addictive prescription medicine with medical cannabis, our society would be a lot better off. I always use the term medical cannabis when I talk about holistic health, simply because that implies the highest level of quality. Medical cannabis doesn’t have to be grown in a lab or anything, it just needs to be the cream of the crop, the highest quality available. If you are going to use marijuana medicinally, you can’t use ditch weed, you need the lightest, fluffiest, tastiest buds and flowers. Many traditionalists are resistant to new trends like vaping and dabbing, but I feel it’s an evolution for cannabis use, and should be embraced. Vaping and dabbing still rely on cannabis for their properties, it is just harnessing a different application system. For holistic health, you want only the highest quality of cannabis, and you want to be conscientious about how you smoke it, as well. The cleaner the high, the easier the cannabis is on your lungs and your body. What is your favorite application for using medical cannabis?

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My date really liked my medical cannabis

I am new to this whole online dating thing.

That may sound silly to you, but I am in my 40s, and have been married for the last ten years or so.

That marriage ended up falling apart during COVID, for reasons I won’t get into here. Trapped inside, feeling lonely, I had little recourse but to try a few dating apps. This led to meeting a lot of interesting people who didn’t like me, and uninteresting people who did like me. Eventually I got a few dates out of it, the best of which was a young woman who wanted to meet me at the local cannabis cafe. Although I was no square, and had been prescribed medical cannabis two years ago, I was still nervous about going to the cafe. My medical cannabis was shipped to me discreetly, and paid for remotely, so very few people knew that I was 420 friendly. This girl was really cute, though, so I decided to bite the bullet and meet her at the cannabis cafe. It ended up being a really fun evening, although she enjoyed the food more than I did. We went back to my place and I pulled out my “Weed box” filled with all the different strains of medical cannabis I have. I like to try a different kind of medical cannabis every time I place an order, so I still have nugs from a dozen different orders in different compartments of the weed box. I think my date liked my medical cannabis more than she liked me!



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My parents were pot farmers

I was shocked at first, but it was just business as usual for a marijuana farm, so I grew to accept it.

My family is not like other families, and I am deeply grateful for that. When I was growing up, I knew from a young age that we weren’t like the other families. There was always whispered talk at school, among the other kids as well as the teachers. That doesn’t mean I was picked on, far from it, but I got the sense that everyone treated me differently. Some years later, as a teenager, I found out why. Suddenly I was very popular, because high school kids wanted access to cannabis, and they all knew my family grew it. My family has the status as the best and most prolific cannabis farmers in this part of the state, and that reputation carried. Even the cops would leave me alone, because most of them got their marijuana from my family, as well. I guess they didn’t drug test cops back in those days, because they all regularly took bags of cannabis from my parents as a bribe for looking the other way. I was shocked at first, but it was just business as usual for a marijuana farm, so I grew to accept it. I must admit it does take the pressure off a teenage kid driving around with a fistful of marijuana, knowing all the local cops smoked it, too. When I went away to college, it was in a new town and no one knew my parents, but it also gave us a great new market for our cannabis. I never graduated, but I made a lot of money selling cannabis in the dorms.

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