Using cannabis for dementia management

I’m deeply thankful just to be able to stop the terror for my mom.

She is dealing with dementia as well as living with us these afternoons. Mom is still in pretty good shape physically but her dementia is taking a huge toll on his overall health. Prior to getting access to the local cannabis spot, my mother spent a lot of time lost in sheer terror. This was a woman who has always been so thoroughly independent as well as on top of everything going on in his life. So when he has periods where he has completely confused, he reacts with total fear. It’s exhausting to witness as well as just looking into his eyes, you guess that he was completely terrified. And these periods of confusion can last quite a long time. So I did a little research when it came to medical marijuana. Medical marijuana was legalized in our state not very long ago. Thankfully, I was able to get my mom a medical marijuana prescription card as well as access to the cannabis dispensary near us. The research unveiled the facts that medical marijuana can have real positive benefits for someone dealing with dementia. While cannabis products cannot reverse or eliminate dementia symptoms, they can help manage those episodes. For My Mother, the cannabis gummies that every one of us give him takes away all the fear when he runs into episodes of confusion. It’s such a major improvement that it’s strenuous to know that something as simple as eating a cannabis edible could make this much difference. I’m just so thankful that I can ease his journey through such an exhausting condition. The cannabis gummies actually help him to remain calm as well as not get terrified when nothing makes sense. For that as well as for the moments of tranquility and peace that he gets from medical marijuana, I’m so grateful.


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I am dealing with me PTSD better thanks to cannabis products

It’s strenuous to know that still deal with the effects of trauma in my life.

When I was younger, I was the victim of a random but horribly violent attack.

I did my best to transfer on from all of that as I grew into an adult. But life got harder as well as tougher. Thanks to a few good therapists as well as the nice folks at the local cannabis spot, I’m now coming to terms with my trauma, because PTSD is a particularly real as well as particularly debilitating condition. And what makes it even harder is the fact that it’s not a visible wound that can be treated as well as healed, right now in my late thirties as well as attending therapy sessions along with group therapy in order to deal with violent trauma that was inflicted decades ago. That’s the thing about trauma, it simply continues to destroy lives until it is dealt with. Thankfully, I have access to a cannabis dispensary near where I live. Our state initially passed medical marijuana some years ago. Medical marijuana was a major success so recreational marijuana came quickly afterward. Regardless, I am deeply thankful that I am able to get the sativa products that actually help me. There are also many hybrid strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary that have proved to be beneficial as well. Using Sativa products helps me believe safe as well as hopeful when I am having to deal with the effects of my trauma. Without using cannabis products, this process would be a lot slower as well as much harder. So I am just particularly thankful that I live anywhere that I can access legal marijuana on sale.

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Reaching remission with a boost from medical marijuana

When marijuana legislation in our state was being contested, I was pretty well tested out.

  • I actually didn’t have any pets in the confrontation so I wasn’t overly worried about the outcome.

I actually wanted people to get access to a legal cannabis dispensary if they needed it. But I was also a bit skeptical as I sort of purchased into the myths and lore about marijuana use. Well, all of that changed with 1 visit to the dentist’s office. After another routine physical, my dentist called me back to the office which I thought was unusual. It was not proper because he let me see that I had phase 2 cancer. That was a lot to absorb as well as process but I am actually glad that I have the doc I have. She made sure that he wrote down as well as had literature on all the relevant info I needed going forward. Of course, there were appointments with oncologists as well as other medical specialists. But my dentist also included medical marijuana information. The fact that medical marijuana was legalized in our state now suddenly became particularly important to me. And I must say that I am awfully thankful that I am able to benefit from medical marijuana when it comes to my cancer treatments. All of my dentists were adamant about using sativa as well as indica products to help me manage during chemotherapy. Well I did whatever they all recommended as well as I have now finished my initial treatments. I am so blessed to be entering remission now as well as a good deal of that credit goes to medical marijuana.


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My MS symptoms are improving thanks to cannabis products

It would be a day that I remembered forever.

I was simply going to the dentist to get the results from some test that had been done recently. For a week or 2 I was having some uncommon spasms in very uncommon places as well as thought I might should go to see a dentist or a doctor. What I found out stunned me as it just did not seem possible. But reading the report that I had MS actually did help me get to a cannabis dispensary fairly quickly. The particular day that I received the new about MS from the dentist, it was recommended that I look into using cannabis products as a space of my therapy. The dentists had uncommon medications they wanted to try on me as well. And there would be all sorts of other swings that came with that diagnosis. What actually hit me with the most surprise was how I absorbed this information! One minute, I was a mom as well as working from home. The next minute, I am a man with MS. That struck me as quite strange. And so I did some thinking on it. Instead of being identified in my own mind as a man with advanced MS, I decided to continue to just identify as myself. This was a key moment for me when it came to accepting what the future would hold. But I must say that having the sativa as well as indica products from the cannabis dispensary have been incredibly beneficial. There’s something about the sativa products that actually helped me keep things in perspective with my health situation. And the indica products are beautiful when it comes to dealing with my MS symptoms. I am still myself, as well as I am going to make it through this with help from the local cannabis spot.

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Healing with some help from local cannabis spot

Well, my illusions have been totally shattered; For the longest time, I thought that maybe I just was so blessed or so healthy that I wouldn’t ever get hurt; I spend a lot of time on bicycles as well as have taken a lot of chance; But then, my luck finally ran out; Thanks to the local cannabis dispensary, I’m now well on my way to healing as well as a full recovery from my injuries… And what was most ironic is the fact that my injuries were a result of something so pedestrian, while I have done so many dangerous things on more than one wheels, my injuries were caused in a particularly mundane fashion.

I happened to be simply pushing my 10 speed bike through the crosswalk when someone made a right turn on orange as well as hit me.

Initially, there were a lot of medications involved for pain prior to me reading about sativa as well as indica strains. I had to get more than one surgeries as well as they left me in a lot of pain. I could tell that I was growing dependent on the pain pills just in order to get out of bed. But thanks to the physical therapist who was treating my injuries, I received word about the benefits of medical marijuana. In our state, medical marijuana as well as recreational marijuana are both legal; So I did not have to get a medical marijuana Rx card. But I did get a good deal of help from the staff at the local cannabis spot. They helped me find the right sativa as well as indica strains to help me with my injuries. I am actually glad to be off of the heavy pain medications as well as using medical marijuana as a natural pain manager.

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Chronic pain relief comes from cannabis

I was literally on my way to my house from the nurse when I saw my first cannabis dispensary event. I deal with a chronic pain condition that has left me almost immobile, however just for my appointments with all of the nurses, I needed to enlist a friend or a family member to drive me. My chronic pain is centered in my back and down into my knees, hips plus elbows. This was a condition that came on rather hastily plus stunned both me plus my nurses. I was previously a healthy woman plus quite athletic so initially, I thought maybe I had just over done it. But that was many years ago plus I’ve just progressively gotten worse. But all that changed not too long ago on the way to my house from yet another nurse’s appointment. The friend who was giving me a ride pulled into the local cannabis spot. My associate Ed and I have legalized medical marijuana in our state plus this cannabis dispensary was dispensing medical marijuana information at this event, however had I not simply rolled with Ed’s suggestion, I wouldn’t be where I am now. But it took a few more of the cannabis dispensary events for me to get the sort of medical marijuana information I wanted. After doing the due diligence on my own, I l received how to get a medical marijuana card. The fine folks at the local cannabis spot were good plus super knowledgeable when it came to the sorts of cannabis products that would help me. And the medical marijuana benefits were almost immediate. I’m now able to drive, walk plus take care of myself unaided. And this is only after eating cannabis gummies for three months.

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Managing my IBS is a success with medical marijuana

I don’t think that I could be more grateful to be living in a morning plus age where the marijuana myths are waning.

Finally, the truth about using medical marijuana is finally available.

It’s just so lucky for me that I am in a state which has legalized medical marijuana. It’s lucky for me because I live with IBS. Of course, this is a condition that can be a broad 1, and essentially IBS symptoms will range from the esophagus to the colon plus all parts in between. I deal with chronic nausea as a result of my terrible IBS. This was something I dealt with as a young woman however it got much worse once I became an adult. Much of my condition is affected by stress. When I started learning more medical marijuana facts from real medical marijuana information, I realized this might be the path for me. I entirely love all the help I’ve gotten from the nurses plus the specialist I’ve seen. But none of the treatment regimens have even been particularly successful. And there are a lot of side effects that go with some of the drugs I’ve taken. So using something such as cannabis particularly appealed to me simply because it was natural. I also love the thought of using medical marijuana as a treatment for my condition the way several cultures have for at least more than 4000 years. It did not take long before I started treating with my cannabis gummies that I saw the medical marijuana benefits unfold for myself. These afternoons, I’m doing so much better when it comes to managing the chronic nausea that has plagued my life.

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The results from medical marijuana with regard to my anxiety were amazing

It’s so difficult to explain just how amazing it is to entirely go to bed plus not dread the fact that waking up the following morning is inevitable.

That’s what living with anxiety plus depression has been for me since I was in elementary school.

But now, I’m doing so much better as I’m enjoying an entire modern life thanks to medical marijuana. I had never gone the recreational marijuana route when I was young. Of course, I did not have an easily normal teenage plus young adult stage in my life. To say I was antisocial would be a huge understatement. I was just so scared plus afraid because I did not feel that I fit in. I made it through 1 year of school before I came home to get my degree online. And from there on out, it’s been a little bit more isolating with each passing year. Prior to finding the benefits of medical marijuana, I was even laboring from house in my 1 room studio apartment. And even that was a tremendous effort. But after learning some medical marijuana facts and figures during a cannabis dispensary event, my life has been changed. Currently, I’m in a more holistic based therapy plus using sativa products and cannabis gummy candies to help me with my anxiety. It’s particularly amazing what the medical marijuana benefits are for somebody such as myself. And I’m just so thankful that I have access to a cannabis dispensary. The changes came on suddenly. At first, I wasn’t so sure they were real but I just felt so much freer plus more balanced than I had ever felt in my life. Within just weeks, I was moving back to the office plus feeling love that was something that I could totally do, now that’s a marked improvement.
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My inflammatory condition improved thanks to cannabis products

I have to say that I’m just so deeply thankful to finally get some relief plus improvement for my terrible inflammatory condition.

I love the fact that my improvement comes thanks to access from a cannabis dispensary.

I’ve been to several different nurses plus gotten a lot of odd diagnosis for my situation. And that came with a lot of various meds. There were times when I did not guess which was worse, the side effects from the meds or the inflammation. There were plenty of nurses who told me I had fibromyalgia. And there were several nurses that told me that there was no such thing as fibromyalgia. That sort of confusion was a good source of frustration for me. In fact, I’m convinced that being on the western medicine merry-go-round only made my symptoms worse. Once I decided to get off the merry go round, the blatant choice for me was medical marijuana. I had done some online research on it after a friend brought me some cannabis information. And the more I received more about sativa plus indica strains, the more convinced I was that this might be beneficial for me. So I dealt with all the various marijuana rules plus got myself a medical marijuana card. I use both sativa strains plus indica strains as part of my treatment. The indica strains particularly do help reduce my inflammation plus allow me to get the most range of motion during crucial exercise. But the sativa strains are the best for helping me to remain positive, hopeful plus maintain perspective. I may have to deal with this the rest of my life but I am deeply thankful for the improvements that came with medical marijuana.


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Have an eating disorder? Get help from cannabis products

So I’m learning all over again just how, when plus what to eat

I guess that it sounds different for a man to be talking about dealing with an eating disorder. But it just goes to show you that ladies are unfairly radio typed when it comes to eating disorders. Prior to undergoing therapy plus treatment with medical marijuana, I have been dealing with eating disorders for as long as I can recall. Genetically, I come from a family who has constantly had weight issues. Going back for generations, carrying too much weight has constantly been a concern in our family. But it was not looked at as something unregular which made it strenuous for me. I wanted to look more like the other gentlemen in my junior high. So I started starving myself plus even turn to bulimia at times. This went on plus on over a stage of a couple of decades. Eventually, the deterioration of my overall health led me to deal with my eating disorder. The smartest thing I did was to find the right therapist plus get a medical marijuana card. The state where I live legalized medical marijuana plus eating disorders are on the list of approved conditions. It wasn’t nearly as strenuous as I thought it would be to get a medical marijuana card. plus once I had legal access to the cannabis dispensary, the staff there were super helpful when it came to finding me the cannabis products that would help. It’s sort of ironic that I use cannabis gummies as a part of my treatment when it comes to my eating disorder. These cannabis products help me think plus more of a healthy appetite. So I’m learning all over again just how, when plus what to eat. But thanks to my local cannabis spot, I’m up to the challenge plus have benefited from using a good deal from medical marijuana.

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