Why can’t we order delivery?

I swear my husband has something against delivery services.

  • He has never ordered anything to our house before.

Not a pizza, sub or even tried uber eats. My husband is big on calling an order in and then picking it up. He always wants me to go with him as well. So on days I don’t feel like cooking, ordering food isn’t really a treat. I still need to go and pick it up. It is still inconvenient. I usually eat something I don’t like either. My cannabis dispensary offers delivery services. It is extremely easy to order. You can just go online, find your products, put in your information and deliver them right to your doorstep. I am slightly suspicious the reason we don’t get delivery is the fee attached to it. Cannabis delivery is just 5 dollars. In my opinion it is worth not making the drive and standing in line. I don’t mind waiting even a full day to get my cannabis products for that luxury. My husband is quite cheap though. I think that five dollar charge bothers him. Curbside pick up is totally free. They bring it to your car and he feels that is quite a service. He then has to mess around with a credit card, receipt and make the drive though. I have started ordering cannabis delivery without him and refusing to do the curbside pick up orders. Eventually I am going to convert him into only using delivery services. It is a way better way of living.


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I don’t know what to buy people for gifts.

My sister loves to do secret santa every year with our group of friends.

I always end up with somebody I don’t know really well. This year I got Sara as my person. She is more of my sister’s friend. I don’t really know much about her other than she is cheap. So I want to splurge on something she wouldn’t normally buy. What does she like? I have an idea but it might be a huge fail. I live near a cannabis dispensary. They have all sorts of cool products like cannabis cooking oils, butters and edibles. I think I am going to go more mild than this. My cannabis dispensary recently started a hair product line. They have shampoo, conditioner and hair serum with CBD in it. It is supposed to create a soothing sensation when you wash. They have all sorts of scents like lily, lavender, rose and spearmint. I think I am going to buy the lily secnet in all three products. Anyone could benefit from some cool hair care products right? Also CBD is really good for the body. It can reduce anxiety, stress, and improve your mood. If Sara is hardcore against cannabis, this is going to be a huge miss on a Christmas gift. If she is more lax about her cannabis ideas, then she will really love the product. I personally own the rose scent and I really like it. So here I am hoping that I came up with a good gift this year.

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Can I use a topical while pregnant?

My OBGYN is ancient and foreign.

That means there are certain generation and cultural differences between the two of us.

I will admit, I don’t really like him. We argue quite a bit at my appointments. I believe in researching online and trusting what I see. My OBGYN has a lot of dated opinions about things. For starters he doesn’t want me to get the epidural but to do a natural birth. That is a very old way of thinking. He also forbids a lot of things that aren’t bad in a pregnancy. Most recently I talked to him about continuing the use of my topical. I have been experiencing leg cramps in this pregnancy. It is quite common for pregnant women. I have taken hot baths, stretched and reduced my sodium intake. The leg cramps still persist. A topical is technically a cannabis product. You can buy it at the cannabis dispensary. It is just a cream that is applied directly to the skin. Unless you have a patch that stays on the skin and gets into the bloodstream, no cannabis is going into my body. It doesn’t do anything other than numb the area and create a pleasant smell. Think of it like a more pleasant, hardcore icy hot. My OBGYN won’t hear anything about it though. He is convinced my cream is the same as me smoking a joint while pregnant. I am tempted to just use it anyway. My leg cramps are so painful and they happen when I am trying to sleep.

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I had to buy CBD at a marijuana dispensary.

Since I had a medical marijuana card, my doctor told me I should buy all my CBD products at the marijuana dispensary.

I asked why I couldn’t purchase at the pharmacy? He explained that when it is purchased at a dispensary; you are guaranteed to have high quality CBD products. I went to the marijuana dispensary and requested CBD. They must have asked twenty questions before asking what kind of CBD I had in mind. I told them I wanted CBD to help with arthritis pain. The budtender showed me several types of CBD products I could use, but they were all really expensive. I didn’t want to spend an entire week’s pay just to purchase CBD. I went back to the pharmacy and asked them the prices on their CBD. They showed me several products they carried, but most of them were for animals. I wanted something for myself, and not for my animal. I loved my dog, but I wouldn’t pay that much money for my pain remedy, let alone my dog. I got his medicine much cheaper at the veterinarian’s office. I talked to a friend of mine who said I should go back to the dispensary, because it was cheaper than the pharmacy, and it was better. She went to the dispensary with me and told them what she was using. They were quick to show me their CBD products, but I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend that much money. I took two of the CBD products home with me, but they are going to need to be miracle workers or last for months before I buy them again.

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I found several medical cannabis dispensary marketing services.

In our state, we only have medical marijuana, but it is highly likely that in the next year, recreational marijuana will also be legal.

  • I wanted to make sure that once I had my dispensary, I would be prepared for medical marijuana and, eventually, recreational marijuana.

I went online to see if there were any medical cannabis dispensary marketing services. I wanted them to create a website that could easily be transformed from strictly medical marijuana to medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. I called two medical cannabis dispensary marketing services and talked to them. I wanted to make sure they could do the work I knew I needed done. The one promised me a website now, and they would just add on when recreational marijuana became legal, but that wasn’t enough. I wanted a working website for my medical marijuana dispensary. I needed all the information, and I also needed to know how they were going to eventually incorporate recreational marijuana and do my marketing for me. I wasn’t happy with any of the answers I was getting from the first medical cannabis dispensary marketing services, so I called the next one. I got a few more answers, but they said nothing different from the first marketing services company. I called the third marketing services company, who told me it wouldn’t be a big deal. They would incorporate the recreational marijuana by adding a few more pages that were just for recreational marijuana customers. The medical marijuana pages would need to show their card when they picked up their order.

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Both orders went to the same address

Once I figured that out, I knew that the orders were going to be just fine

My boss told me to batch some of the marijuana orders that came to the store. Batching the orders is something that the drivers do in order to make sure that we have a route and orders that make sense. I try to put the ones that are close together in address in the same batch so the delivery driver can get in and out quickly. Batching is something that I learned when I was working in the pizza industry. It is a great way for our customers to get the fastest service possible. I noticed that two orders had the same address. It is very peculiar for us to get two orders to the same address and both of the orders were several hundred dollars. I mentioned the orders to my boss and she thought it was a good idea for us to call and verify their purchases. Both of the delivery orders were cash. I contacted the first customer. She was a nice woman that was polite and calm on the phone. She actually explained to me that the other order was for her wife. The two of them placed two different orders so they could each get what they wanted and needed. Once I figured that out, I knew that the orders were going to be just fine. I ended up being the driver that took the items out to the customer and both people were there with their identification cards and they had plenty of cash to pay for the marijuana products. They also gave me a very generous tip when I left.

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Getting happy at the cannabis cafe

When the news broke that the local cannabis spot was taking over a failing tea shop, I felt quite curious.

What were those folks going to do with an old tea shop, I wondered The area was just around the block from the cannabis dispensary so it didn’t make a lot of sense that they would open a different location.

Then, there was the thought that maybe this would be more of a high end stadium. Well, Max and I were all wrong plus when those awesome people opened up the cannabis cafe, Max and I were all in luck. We’re in fortune to have this cannabis cafe because it is entirely such a magical spot. The folks running the marijuana supplier around the corner sure do understand how to run a cafe as well. The cannabis cafe has some of the best tea I’ve ever put in our mouth. And the green tea rotation is entirely enjoyable as there are new blend about every month. But it’s the amazing cannabis edibles that bring me to the cannabis cafe. There is no problem or bummer on earth that won’t be helped with a sizable mug of tea plus a cannabis edible. And we’re talking about cookies, pastries, treats plus even the best pot brownies ever made. When life gets a bit too much, we will take a walk down to the cannabis cafe to reorient our perspective. It’s simple to do that and lay outside in the sunshine surrounded by great vibes plus better people. I appreciate the cannabis cafe plus I hope that it’s here to stay.

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Discriminating customers love the new cannabis dispensary

When I learned that my end of the neighborhood was finally getting a cannabis dispensary, I was hopeful. While I’m quite grateful plus blissful that there is finally legal weed in this state, so far I’ve been somewhat disappointed. First, the cannabis dispensaries are on the other end of our neighborhood so that’s a bit of a drive for me. But I think I was also expecting a much better retail experience shopping for marijuana. I’m not trying to run down anyone’s marijuana supplier but the ones on the other side of the neighborhood are taxing to get to plus the experience is lacking. So when the news broke that we’d finally have our own local cannabis spot, I was sure hoping that it was going to be an enjoyable shopping experience as well. And maybe it’s just me. I’m surely the sort of person who wants a more than pleasant shopping experience. I appreciate going to a gourmet food plus wine shop because they cater to our needs. The sales people are always engaged plus I don’t mind at all paying for quality products plus services. So the first time I went to our new, local cannabis spot, I did so with reserved expectations. But I was totally blown away. This stadium is a regular cannabis retail experience. The lighting, the repairs and service, plus the selection are miles better than the marijuana corporations across town. I’m just so stoked that there is a cannabis dispensary that I can get to with ease that is also all about shopping for marijuana sales. I mean, that’s half the fun for me anyway. I just appreciate the local cannabis spot plus I’m deeply thankful to have a marijuana supplier that knows how to do business.

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I totally missed out on cannabis for all these years

When I was young, there were plenty of chances for me to use recreational marijuana. This was long before there were cannabis designations appreciate medical marijuana. Back in those days, if you ever used marijuana, you were a stoner plus wouldn’t amount to much. Or so was the narrative made about a completely safe, non addictive plant. Yet, you’d have thought that this simple plant called cannabis sativa was the devil incarnate when I was young. So by the time I got to school where marijuana was being used pretty freely, I just totally steered clear. Honestly, I spent my time in school avoiding fun by sticking to the bookstore. While I got a great education plus made superior grades, I suppose that I missed out on a bunch. These days, I’m no longer missing out on smoking cannabis products. When I retired, I moved to a region where cannabis was legal. On a whim, our partner Max advocated that the people I was with and I just go down to the local cannabis spot to see what all the mess was about. The local cannabis spot is just a few miles from where Max and I live these days. It’s also right across the street from a single of our favorite diners along the river with a cool boardwalk area. So Max and I go into the marijuana supplier plus were just as upfront as possible about our curiosity. The folks there provided Max with a bit of a sampler of sativa, indica plus hybrid strains for sale. And there were a couple of tasty edibles in there as well. Max and I ended up nibbling on the edible while watching the river. That led to the best supper I have in a decade plus a taxi ride home. I’m gonna appreciate this cannabis situation plenty.
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Visiting our sibling comes with a ride to the cannabis dispensary

I don’t go back to the old apartment all that much.

There just entirely isn’t much there for me anymore.

To say that I had a harsh and taxing upbringing would be an understatement. But our sibling Jo is still there plus I appreciate her to pieces. So I’ll travel apartment for a visit with Jo plus take a trip to the local cannabis spot. It’s taxing to assume that a state I thought was so backward honestly did the best thing when it came to marijuana laws. Both medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana are 100% legal in town. I can’t even imagine what that would have been appreciate growing up. It wouldn’t have mattered as Jo plus I were raised by a truly strict mom. Dad wasn’t in the picture plus is not someone I entirely have met. But our mom is as hard as they come plus she was pretty brutal to me. I was the oldest child plus she leaned on me in ways that messed me up bad. Jo was the youngest plus she was spared some of the worst of it. Perhaps that’s why Jo can still look after our mom when I can’t even speak with her. It’s strange going apartment plus not seeing my mother. But I suppose where that will go so I’d rather just shop for marijuana for sale plus appreciate Jo’s business. She too discovered the benefits of cannabis. I assume Jo and I both owe a lot of our healing to marijuana. Sativa strains have been the best for me and Jo when it comes to dealing with emotions plus hard memories. Yet finally working through all of those feelings is entirely the only way to be able to live with them. The sativa strains help me to relax, evolve plus try to just be okay.

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