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The law is certainly weird

The battle for legalizing weed is still ongoing, but the people I was with and I have made some pretty amazing jumps in the last few years. So we turned the tide of public opinion, & after that a lot of those people who followed government mandates separate from question are now starting to rethink […]

It is helping me come up with ideas

I run with a pretty neat crew of friends… This is by my selection, not by accident, because I love being surrounded by writers & freethinkers… It helps to amp up my own creativity. I am a writer, & even though I am not a successful professional writer yet, that doesn’t make me any less […]

Say yes to legal weed

This was 30 years ago, but he wasn’t even selling it, he just had a few marijuana cigarettes on him for a party he was going to You could say I am an activist, one of millions of people who did what they thought was right despite what the laws said. I assume that no […]

No need to store weed

Back in the day weed wasn’t easy to find, at least for a high school aged boy it was. Whenever myself and my pals found a guy with a product to sell, all of us bought everything all of us could. All of us would get a half a pound of ditch weed just to […]

Finally I can sleep

Cannabis gave me full-body high, and when I fell asleep I stayed asleep If I could take a drink and never have to go to sleep ever again, I would take it right now. I would certainly spend my money on that drink, because I do not like sleeping. I have been plagued with terrible […]

Getting my business plan together

I am a pretty fantastic baker, but an excellent chef. After I got fired from my last cooking job thanks to social distancing, I decided to work on my cooking skills with my newfound free time. I didn’t get hacked for my cooking, mind you, all of us all got laid off because of the […]

Getting my beauty sleep at last

I have constantly had a love/hate relationship with sleep. All men and women need sleep, the body needs it to calm down and recuperate from the trials of the day, and so the brain needs it to. Science has constantly been a bit unsure about how our dreams work, but all the people say yes […]

The law still hasn’t changed much

I have constantly believed that there is no moral or health issue with cannabis, it is a plant that can be used medically or recreationally. My best friend Ruby lives in the north, in the heart of the country, in what turns out to be a horribly intolerant locale. Ruby is currently in the county […]

Delivery driver job is way better

I got fired from the movie store for smoking weed on the job. I am still pretty sore about it, because to me you sort of need weed to fully appreciate film. In order to relax, clear my mind, and lose myself in the world of the film, I need to smoke out first. I […]

Can I still get marijuana?

It was a great system, one that they used well after the lockdown ended, although now the cannabis delivery drivers were a little more friendly in their work Are you ready for social distancing section two, because it looks like all of us are headed in that path. For me the coronavirus isn’t a political […]