We smoked a substantial fat spliff before my associate and I went to the swim meet

One of my buddies came over on Tuesday afternoon & my associate and I sat down & talked for almost 2 hours, but i grabbed a budweiser out of the fridge for him & one for me, the two of us sat & talked! He had a joint in his pocket & I smoked it with him.

I was still unquestionably high from that marijuana joint when he left & my fiance got home to take me to a swim competition, then our child was in the competition & he was swimming in three odd events.

It was the first time that he was going to swim in the 150 meter breaststroke & my associate and I wanted to be there to cheer for him. I was still incredibly high from the marijuana joint when my associate and I left the house. I had trouble concentrating on the conversations that my associate and I were having. I didn’t feel much better when my associate and I got to the site where the competition was held… Every time the gun sounded for the kids to leave the swim blocks, my head started to hurt. I entirely could have used some water, then my head was pounding by the time that swim competition was over & I certainly didn’t know who had one what event. I was happy to see the competition & I even took a half day off labor so my fiance & I could go. I wish I hadn’t smoked the marijuana joint with my buddy. It’s a good celebration drug, even though I wasn’t in the type of situation where I could appreciate the effects. I had to kneel in the stands & be still, & quiet.

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