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I cannot find any of my stuff in this whole damn town

Indica is 1 of the main strains of marijuana, indica strains are good for evening activities that would usually require unquestionably little energy or interaction. Indica strains are good for wonderful plus soothing the body plus mind. Indica strains can make you guess tired or sedated, but some of my favorite Indica strains include 9lb […]

I’m making great cash right now

My roomie plus I made so much cash that the two of us decided to drive full-time instead of work as a budtender in the store; After a few weeks, sales started to decline plus so did all of the delivery runs… Every one of us were still making a good amount of cash, but […]

I’m making the chedder right now

My roommate plus I are making a ton of money right now, and the medical marijuana dispensary where both of us toil recently started to offer a delivery service; My roommate plus I have nice cars that are fine on gas, so the people I was with and I provided to help with delivery services […]