I drive two hours to work, but I end up back at home

Every morning I wake up and I dread getting out of bed.

The reason is simply due to the fact that I have a 2-hour drive to work each morning.

Thankfully, I don’t have a two hour drive back home. I work at a marijuana delivery service in the city. I drive to the delivery service in the morning and I take orders that are on a route that leads me right back home. I always make enough money to cover the gas, but sometimes the two hour drive is a lot in the morning when I am feeling very tired. I almost fell asleep behind the wheel on Monday morning. Sunday was the opening day of football season and my friends and I partied hard. I hit the snooze button on the alarm clock three times before I actually got out of bed so I didn’t have enough time to properly wake up and have a cup of coffee. I was still half asleep by the time I got into the car to drive to the marijuana delivery service. After I entered the freeway, I felt my eyes start to get drowsy. They closed one time and I heard someone blow their horn. I was in my lane, so I don’t know if they were blowing their horn at me, but it definitely scared me and I stayed awake the rest of the time I was driving to the marijuana delivery service. I grabbed a cup of strong coffee before I headed out to the first marijuana delivery that morning. I didn’t want to take a chance that I would fall asleep while I was trying to make a marijuana delivery.


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