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The top shelf flowers were robust and cheap

I prefer buying top shelf marijuana flower, but the only time I can afford the luxurious packages of pot is when I have overtime at the office or there is a sale. I do not officially get overtime at the office, but once in a while I will have the chance to toil an extra […]

Getting my nephew a budtending job

My mom made it sound like I am the only person that will be able to give Max a chance and that drives me crazy As soon as I landed the position working as the manager at the marijuana dispensary near me, my sister was asking me to give her son Max a task. Max […]

I finally tried using RSO oil

RSO oil is a special blend of cannabis oil that is named after its founder, Rick Simpson, but Mr Simpson is a person that had cancer and tried to use cannabis to help. RSO oil uses all of the cannabinoids and terpenes of the canvas plant. The highly concentrated oil contains immense amounts of THC […]

The finalists for the Cannabis Cup

My old friend Tom grows cannabis at his property. Tom made an immense room for the cannabis to grow and he takes care of each one of the plants like they are tiny little babies. Every afternoon he gets up in the morning and talks to one of the plants; Tom waters all of the […]

The lady at the cannabis dispensary

It had been my first time there in a while, however I remembered why I liked the place so much I rarely buy recreational marijuana, but when I do, I buy my cannabis products from a dispensary near me. The dispensary nearest to me is on my way to the cabin from work. It’s on […]

Marijuana messed up my trip to the store

My wife Jen provided me with a list of things to buy at the grocery store, however she wanted milk, bread, vanilla ice cream, and cheddar cheese… I thought it would be easy to remember the list so I did not consider writing it down. I said all of the items out loud before I […]

I caught my uncle Dan with cannabis

True to his word, Dan bought three odd strains of medical cannabis and packed up a few bowls for the two of us to share To his credit, my great uncle Dan never lied to me about what he was doing. He was a quiet man, but when Dan spoke, he only spoke the truth. […]

The manager of the cannabis dispensary

Moving into a more modern apartment in a better neighborhood genuinely changed my entire life, and the lives for my whole family. We scrimped and saved for years while renting a small apartment, until my associates and I had enough money for a down payment on a real house. This changed our living environment 100%, […]

Sam secretly smoked cannabis for years

Usually my mother Sam was certainly prim and proper, typically well mannered and dressed to the nines. Sam presented herself as the perfect suburban mother and housewife, and I think that she was as near to perfection as possible! But in private, away from the prying eyeah of neighbors and friends, Sam was another person. […]