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A love story with weed

I posted this on instagram recently, although I decided to collect all the pictures, posts and articles together and post it here. It is just too sweet not to share! This is a real life storybook romance in my brain, and has totally changed the way I look at love stories. I saw a couple […]

We lived off the land

I was born and raised in a modern style home, a hundred miles from the closest stop light or mall. My family were subsistence farmers, which means they subsisted off the land for all of their needs, and didn’t interact with people at all. There were big gardens and fields for growing trees, which the […]

Might need to stock up

I love the convenience of the cannabis store, & I love the amazing kinds of products they carry, but they don’t stock the cheap stuff Back in the morning weed wasn’t simple to find, at least for a college gal it was. Whenever me & my boyfriend found a guy with a product to sell, […]

Smoking weed has helped me stop dreaming

If I could eat a magic bean & never have to go to sleep ever again, I would eat it in a heartbeat. I would absolutely pay good money for that magic bean, because I hate sleeping. I have been plagued with horrific dreams for as long as I can remember! Going to sleep is […]

Need to move quick on a cannabis cafe

I am a pretty good chef, but an excellent baker. After I got fired from our last task thanks to the virus, I decided to work on our meal prep skills with our newfound free time. I didn’t get fired for the meals, mind you, the people I was with and I all got fired […]

So glad I can sleep when I smoke

I have always had a horrible relationship with sleep. All humans require sleep, the body needs it to kick back & relax from the tribulations of the evening, and the brain needs it too. Science has always been a bit loose about how our dreams work, but everyone agrees a brain that doesn’t dream is […]

We still lock people up for that?

My cousin Nick lives way up north, in the middle of a rustic country, in what turns out to be a very intolerant place. He is currently in the county jail serving a few months because he was carrying quite a bit of cannabis. This blows me away, that in our morning & age you […]

Cannabis delivery driver now

I got the boot from the sci fi book store for smoking weed during my shift. I am still pretty salty about it, because to me you sort of need weed to fully enjoy sci fi books. In order to relax, clear our head, & lose myself in the world of the sci fi, I […]

Not another lockdown!

Are you ready for another quarantine? Looks like part time is happening. For me the COVID virus isn’t a political issue it is simply a matter of being healthy. I respect social distance, I wear a mask in certain places, & I got the vaccinations not because someone is making me do it, but because […]