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Making your cannabis stash last

That is big savings that I can’t ignore, even if this is a very harsh way of smoking your cannabis Hard times call for hard actions. When the pandemic put me out of work for a prolonged period, I was at loose ends. I had to reconfigure my entire life in a very short period […]

I don’t like cannabis comedy movies

You have seen this before in movies and TV time and again, it is one of the most commonly recognized cliches — a couple of idiot potheads watching stupid things on TV and laughing. Millions of people think that potheads are like Beavis and Butthead, and this drives me crazy! I am a highly driven […]

Marijuana is not a weed

Since it is called “weed” I assumed that it would be easy to grow. I put a few seeds into a bucket of dirt and stashed it in the attic, watering it every day and waiting for pot plants to burst forth and shower me with buds. Of course, none of those seeds sprouted at […]

Smoking cannabis with knife hits

Do you know how to do knife hits? Listen up and listen good, party people, because I want to teach you the single best way to get stoned. First of all, you need a pair of butter knives that you don’t mind getting ruined. After you smoke weed with them once, you won’t be able […]

Why do jobs still drug test for cannabis?

Here is the main thing that the COVID crisis taught me — stress doesn’t go away, but you can learn to live with it. I think a lot of people are experiencing that right now. For years I stressed about money and bills every month, no matter how hard I worked. Then COVID closed my […]

Getting high on movie night

We have a few rules for movie night, something we do every other weekend. There are a group of 12 of us, and we all take turns hosting, but there are a few common rules that we all abide by. First, we only watched comedies or horror movies, no exceptions. Second, whoever hosts has to […]

Judge in a cannabis contest

I am in a wistful frame of mind right now, so I wanted to share some of my most beloved memories involving pot. Thanks to COVID I lost my last job, which was a really great one. The company went out of business, so I had to find something new. Wouldn’t you know it, I […]

Cannabis is wonderful for my arthritis issue

I struggle quite a bit with arthritis in my fingers. My knuckles swell up and become extremely stiff and painful, but arthritis makes it taxing to type on the computer system, open jars, weed the garden and other things! While I’ve consulted with a doctor and been provided with a variety of pharmaceuticals, I’ve been […]