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The Indica strains help with sleep issues

There are so many weird and great strains of marijuana, then sativa strains are usually known to make a lady like myself recognize that they are awake plus energized. Sativa strains are best for the afternoon time, however the top Indica strains like Grand Daddy Purp plus Bubba Kush help myself and others to sleep […]

Marijuana business poised to take off

I’ve been building my own business now for nearly 30 years. And in doing so, I have made some money. For sure, I’m fortunate to have received monetary success from my business venture. But it was really all about following a passion. And I’m taking that same approach as I move a big chunk of […]

My monthly is tamed with cannabis

So I know that my generation gets all sensitive when a woman brings up her period. I’m still not at all sure why that is. I mean how many jock itch commercials have I had to sit through? A monthly menstrual cycle is just part of being the other half of the species. It’s not […]

I shop mainly for dried flower

Although the local cannabis dispensary carries every type of consumption method, I usually stick with dried flower or pre-rolls. I prefer the experience of traditional smoking. I enjoy the flavor, process and quick onset of effects. Because smokable flower remains so popular, there are an incredible amount of producers and strains on the market. Many […]

Shopping for terpenes

While THC, CBD and other cannabinoids are important to the effects provided by different strains of cannabis, terpenes also influence the experience. Terpenes are responsible for the smell and flavor of the weed. Scientists believe that terpenes also provide curative properties. They work with cannabinoids to enhance effects and benefits. There are more than one […]

Cooking with cannabis is going well

I have always been really into cooking. I love finding new spices and cooking oils. I have a few companies that email me regularly with new deals. I have fancy oils like toasted walnut, tuscan herb, rosemary, lemon vinegar, etc. I also have flavored pestos that I add to different pastas as well. My spice […]

Prefer to vape now

I can quickly hit my vape before my parents come over or on a work break I used to roll my own joints. I wasn’t very good at it though. I felt like I was losing around 80% of the product. I tended to make my joints really fat and not seal them properly. I […]