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A busy job to have

I started working at a cannabis dispensary during the week. I was really overwhelmed when I started, because I do not know a bunch about cannabis. I applied for the task, because I have a lot of customer experience. The cannabis dispensary was offering a starting salary of $17.50 an hour. There aren’t a lot […]

So many forms of CBD

CBD is the smallest most recognized ingredient in the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD is absolutely purchased all over the United States, but CBD from a marijuana dispensary is really great. I’ve used CBD from hemp plants and CBD from Cannabis sativa plants. I truly enjoy CBD from the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD has been shown […]

Not the best medical history

I have suffered from depression and anxiety for the past 10 years. My parents never took me to a doctor and I wasn’t worked on until after high school. I had a rough time in school and the school psychologist talked to me about anxiety and depression. They commanded a couple of odd options. One […]

Smoking and hiking?

It’s never a fine plan to use recreational drugs and go for a walk. Some of the hiking trails in the state park can be dodgy. There are sites where you have to hunker down low and other areas where you have a foot of path between the rocks and a more than three thousand […]

Getting something for free is awesome

There is not a person alive that doesn’t enjoy getting something for free. My Dad and his partner consistently taught me not to turn down anything that was free. When my uncle provided me with a bicycle that was missing a tire, my Dad and his partner said it was a free gift. I said […]

It is worth working the weekend

After I moved out east, I had to find a job fast. I didn’t have a lot of experience, even though I worked at a grocery store and a department clothing store in the past. I filled out a lot of applications on the web, including an application for a task as a cannabis budtender. […]

I got called to work there

My friends and I decided to pack up all of our things and move across the country. I wanted something modern and the two of us all needed a change. Both of us were not going anywhere and the small town where the two of us lived and a transfer across the country sounded like […]

Won a ticket to the match

My friends and I usually watch boxing on TV! Sometimes the two of us opt for the pay-per-view channel if there are really big fights that the two of us do not want to miss; Jill came back from the office on Monday afternoon and she was really excited; She won a contest at the […]

A deal every week

Every day the local cannabis shop replaces the website with bi-weekly specials. I was particularly pumped when I woke up this afternoon, because the cannabis shop replaced the website and they had a lot of new strains that you could get. They also had a large print ad on top of the page, then with […]

They still don’t allow edibles

I have a ton of options such as brownies, cookies, difficult candy, mints, tinctures, and drinks. In the states that have recreational marijuana rules, there are a lot more products available to the customer, but one of the reasons is due to the leniency from the recreational States. I live in a state where marijuana […]