Taking some time off

I constantly look forward to the weekend.

  • Those are the nights that I have off work.

I have been a worker at a marijuana dispensary for three years. I had to work my way up the chain to get weekends off. I started at the smallest rung as a front desk clerk and I worked at the cannabis dispensary for 2 years before I got promoted to a management position. I only have the weekends off because I have a undoubtedly competent assistant manager that can handle any complication that comes up. I’m undoubtedly lucky that she was around and wanted to work in the medical marijuana industry. She is a great friend of mine from university and she recently moved to the area. When she said she was looking for a job, I knew she would be the right addition to the marijuana dispensary team. She’s great at doing multiple different tasks and delegating jobs. She also uses and grows marijuana as well; Honestly, she was the perfect addition to the dispensary team. I’m looking forward to our next weekend off, because I have plans with my best buddy and her kids. We are going to spend the whole weekend together for the first time. It’s a big step in our relationship and I am worried. I’ve only met the youngsters a few other times in the past. In a few evenings, we are going to the mountains and spending the whole weekend hiking and fishing. I am certain we will have fun, but I am still upset, anxious, and hoping it goes well.


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She was upset about the refill

I had to deal with an upset client this day and I almost lost my temper.

  • It’s particularly the closest that I have ever come to yelling at a customer.

She was yelling in our face and calling me disappointing names. I don’t usually have purchasers that are mean or upset. That is 1 of the best perks of being the employer at a medical marijuana dispensary. Most people coming to the medical marijuana shops are in a great mood. This client was upset because she filled her entire prescription of medical marijuana 5 days earlier. She came back to the store and wanted to purchase more medical marijuana. One of the budtenders tried to tell her that she did not have clearance to buy any more medical marijuana. There is a state law and she already purchased the normal amount that she is allowed to have by state law. When the budtender would not change her mind. She then demanded to speak with the manager. I came out of the office fifty percent through the conversation. I heard some of the yelling and screaming. I politely asked the client to calm down and carefully explained how her medical marijuana prescription operates and the limitations. You can only purchase so much of it, just appreciate any other controlled substance. I don’t make those rules or regulations. When she refused to hear what I was saying, the security guard had to escort her out of the store. I do not like to forcibly remove someone from the shop, however she was starting to cause a problem.

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Now they have a sale

I’m feeling undoubtedly aggravated with the cannabis dispensary this week. I woke up this day with a message that says all the cannabis products in stock are going to be 10% off this week. That would have been helpful info a day ago. I decided to go to the store last week, on payday to fill the rest of our medical cannabis prescription. I spent almost a hundred bucks on cannabis products. I would have saved thirty if I had known that the cannabis dispensaries were going to have a sale on everything this week. I could have waited until this week to make the purchase. I wasn’t out of vaping equipment and I happily would have waited to save that added money. I could have purchased some edibles with the savings. I never get edibles because the dispensary ups the prices and makes them unreasonably high-priced. It is almost 20 bucks for a pot brownie. That is too much cash in our opinion. They have 10mg of weed. Even the 20mg pain patches are only seven bucks. I went to the dispensary last week so I didn’t have to go anywhere on our day off work. I guess that was an issue. I almost wanted to call the local recreational dispensary and put in a complaint. I’m sure they don’t care if I am frustrated about the sale or not, but it would have been nice to maybe get the discount allowed. I’m a little tempted to go over just to buy a pot edible, but I’m afraid that I will end up complaining about all the money I spent last week.


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My pot pie didn’t go so hot

I dislike to waste weed, but that is exactly what happened the first time that I tried to make marijuana infused cooking oils. I didn’t do enough research on the process and I thought I would be simple on my own. Sadly, I ended up wasting almost an entire ounce of weed in the process. When I went back to the shop to purchase more of our product, I decided to ask someone for help. I realized some large mistakes instantly when a budtender decided to supply me some advice. I wasn’t always extracting the THC and that’s why our oils didn’t have any effects. My meals just tasted like THC, but they didn’t supply any euphoria or high feeling. I was making the cannabis oil completely wrong. I was trying to make oil separate from the right tools. To make things worse, I tried to make pies with it. The first batch tasted icky and that immense problem was why I threw in the towel. The budtender inside the dispensary provided me the name of a website that had a great recipe for getting the THC from the plant. I thanked the person for the useful help and took our new weed to the front desk. I haven’t tried another batch of pies using the cannabis oil yet. To be honest, I’m a little worried. Weed is high-priced and I am not made of money. I cannot run to the dispensary and purchase an ounce of weed every time I want to try a new kind of pie. I want to be particular that the next batch of pies is undoubtedly made respectfully.

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Getting delivery

I love being able to order anything I want on my desktop and then picking up that item in the store.

It is a fun way to shop and I am particularly cheerful that more and more stores are offering this feature.

When I order food from the store, I constantly use a delivery service. I order our apple, chicken, dairy, and baked treats online and then have someone bring them out to our house. I do the same thing when I go to the drug store. I use the pickup service at the supercenter as well. If they don’t have an item in stock, they usually swap it with something bigger or better and more costly. I recently started to use the pickup service at the marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary has an online website that is easy to work. It’s easy to add items to the cart and check out in hours, you don’t even need a credit card to place an order. I have been using the marijuana occasion up repair for multiple weeks. They’ve never got an order wrong. Even when they have an online sale, they still allow the sale price for 24 hours. When something is on sale on Tuesday, I often take the fortune of ordering for the next day because I do not get paid until the next day. I pick up our order at the dispensary while in our supper time and they bring it out to the car in less than 10 min. It’s a quick and fast process and a great way to do deals with the marijuana dispensary.


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I have always been fascinated by purple strains of cannabis

I quit drinking five years ago after realizing I couldn’t take the physiological side effects any longer.

I looked sickly on a day to day basis, and constantly felt withdrawal symptoms whenever I was stuck waiting for another drink or to get somewhere where I could buy one.

When my wife asked to have an important conversation, she leveled with me about my downward spiral. Hearing it in her words snapped me out of the feedback loop in my mind and I had a fire burning inside to change and stop the substance abuse. After getting clean, I decided to try marijuana for the reasons I always self-medicated with alcohol. Even though cannabis is still an intoxicant, it’s completely incomparable to alcohol. The latter is a literal poison, killing brain cells and scarring your liver and digestive tract. It’s so addictive the withdrawal symptoms from severe long term use can literally kill you if you’re not careful. Even though marijuana still has a minimal addictive character, it was worth the risk. I’m happy I took the plunge and decided to give cannabis a shot. It eases my anxieties and quells my depressive thoughts like nothing else. Whenever I drank alcohol, I never felt like the drug was successfully calming my nerves like I thought it would. Cannabis is great as well because as a plant, it has so many different varieties in strain selection. I have stuck with indica strains from the cannabis dispensary because they’re the most sedating and pain relieving in my limited experience. I’m fascinated by strains that have purple buds in particular. I have been told it has to do with the temperature in which they were grown, while others have said it has to do with the strain’s genetics. Whatever the case may be, I love the look of purple cannabis.


I have always been fascinated by purple strains of cannabis

I literally passed out after having a strong indica strain for the first time

It’s taking me time to get my brain used to marijuana.

It’s a different sort of intoxicating effect compared to alcohol, and I wouldn’t compare it to any prescription drugs either.

I have never tried any hard drugs, but I drank my fair share of alcohol while I was in college years ago and for years after the fact. Back then I had only tried marijuana once, but it was fairly weak and I didn’t really notice any discernible effects. The drinking had to stop when I got married, and it became a promise to my wife that I would get clean before we said our vows. I felt like a changed person, but there were anxieties that had stayed lurking beneath the surface. Once I removed the substance I was using to self-medicate, I realized there were psychological issues I was having in my subconscious mind that I had been burying away with alcohol abuse. My wife had used cannabis on and off in the past and urged me to try it. If I could get something natural that fixed my mental health problems, that would be fantastic. I got a medical card in our home state so I could shop at the cannabis dispensaries here. Because of my history with anxiety, the budtenders told me to try an indica strain first before going to a speedy sativa strain. I guess it was a lot stronger than he let on, because one hit of Silicon Valley OG had me ready to pass out. I took another hit and fell asleep on my living room couch for five hours. It was a lot stronger than I thought it would be, but the effects were amazing. The marijuana gave me a sense of calmness that I had never felt before. Now I’m excited to go back to the cannabis dispensary to get even more cannabis products.

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Some dispensaries sell popcorn buds of marijuana for a reduced price

I love utilizing promotions, sales, and coupons.

  • There was a time when I thought buy-one-get-one-free sales were the best deals at grocery stores beyond cyclical price markdowns on the price tags.

I didn’t know about the coupon booklets that were always available at the entrance of the stores. It was amazing to save $40 on a $90 order the first time I seriously sat down to scour the weekly coupons. When digital coupons took off, I saw a huge opportunity for more savings. Whenever I was headed to one store or another, I’d always check their list of digital coupons on the store’s website before leaving the house. All of these practices have made it easier for me to make ends meet as the economy dwindles and my work hours continuously get cut. I love marijuana, but the limited income is making the purchases hard to stomach. I was ecstatic when I discovered popcorn buds during a random trip to the dispensary. They take tiny buds from the normal batches of flower and sell them at a reduced price. They’ll have a batch of Space Cake with a 24% THC content and will package and sell the large flower buds at the normal price. To keep those premium jars from having dried out smaller buds taking up precious space, they package the tiny nugs into smaller jars and sell them for a reduced price. My favorite dispensary has marijuana flower for $50 for an eighth of an ounce, but the same strains in popcorn buds only cost $35 at the same weight. It’s a fantastic way to enjoy the same quality marijuana at a drastically reduced price. They might be a little drier, but the low cost makes up for that one shortcoming.
Cannabis delivery service

Several dispensaries in the state have cannabis delivery services

I don’t think I’m going to visit the cannabis dispensary storefronts any longer.

I’m sick of waiting in two hour lines just to pick up an order I made hours ahead of time on the internet.

Even before the virus, this was a major inconvenience out of my daily schedule. It always had to wait until after I got off work at 5pm, just like everyone else that would line up in the dispensary’s tightly packed front lobby. After the onset of the virus and amid statewide lockdowns, they had to switch to letting in only a few patients at a time. It made the process take twice as long as before, and you’d be out in your car in the parking lot waiting to be called back via a text message from management. The last time I went to the dispensary in person, several customers refused to wear face masks and the managers ignored the problem. I decided I would start buying from a different dispensary at this point. I found this great company that sells some of the best marijuana flower in the state and they offer free statewide shipping. Each zone in the state has two available delivery dates each week; so if you’re able to work around that one limitation, their service is the absolute best. They have a menu on their website that is updated in real time with all of their available products like tinctures, oils, concentrates, vape cartridges, and edibles. You make an order and within a day you’re contacted by a member of their delivery team to confirm the delivery date and time. It’s stress free and has completely eradicated every single problem I was facing by going to the other dispensary.

Now is a perfect time to buy cannabis amid so much public uncertainty

Each day I keep asking myself how much longer this nightmare will continue to prevail.

First I lost my job, then I spent weeks fruitlessly applying to unemployment as the statewide site kept crashing everyday.

All of us who lost their jobs converged onto the website at once. When I finally received unemployment, I discovered that the benefits would soon expire. The first stimulus check helped me avoid defaulting on my car for the time being, but I desperately need more help. I know there are countless people out there who are worse off than I am right now, which is a troubling thought in and of itself. Beyond the financial worries, many of us are desperately trying to avoid catching the virus, either because we’re high risk individuals or we live with high risk family members. When I see others refuse to wear masks, it enrages me to the point where I want to scream in their faces. The only thing keeping me from losing my mind altogether is cannabis. I use it in the late afternoon and early evening hours and it does a fantastic job or setting my mind straight. With so much uncertainty every day, marijuana helps me keep my brain from falling apart. I found a cannabis dispensary that sells trim and shake of flower buds for massively reduced prices. Even if I’m low on money, I can usually afford to buy enough cannabis shake to get me through the month. It might be a little dry, but sometimes I get trim and shake from otherwise potent batches of marijuana with a high THC content. I am incredibly grateful that several dispensaries offer deals like this.

Purple cannabis