Girl Scout Cookies is my favorite indica so far

It is called Girl Scout Cookies

Indica strains are what I tend to reach for. They are better for nighttime use. Indica strains are claiming, relaxing and they give you more of a body high. Additionally, indica strains tend to be in the medical marijuana products. They can help you sleep, reduce inflammation and even reduce anxiety. Since I spend most of my workday running around the city doing errands, I need lots of coffee to keep me in the mood. But by the time I get for the night, I need something to help me no longer feel that crazy that I did all day long. I’m not much of an alcohol person, otherwise I’d truly have a bottle of gin or a glass of scotch. It was in college where I tried gin and weed for the first time, and it was within the same month during the first year of my freshman year. My friends loved to have glasses of gin, but I favored the effects I got from smoking and vaporizing cannabis flower buds. Whenever I could get marijuana products, I consumed them. With my love of cannabis, I’ve always tended to favor the sedating indica types. If I worked from home I might use stimulating sativa strains during my work hours, but until that time comes I will stick to calming indica strains once I get home from work. The indica strains from the cannabis dispensary are perfect for my needs. I have one that is amazing. It is called Girl Scout Cookies. It’s a phenomenal strain and it tastes like cookies and berries. I can see myself buying lots of it. It has fantastic effects without right away putting me to sleep like other indicas.

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I have to vape to feel okay with it

I work as a high end reporter for a slowly dying newspaper in my big city.

When I toured this site on a school field trip, it was a bustling news front. But the years leading up and during the 2008 recession inflicted a hard blow to the entire print news industry. In retrospect, the fate of print news was hanging very low from the moment the internet came into every other household in the modern world. It’s neat this newspaper is still open and functioning, especially when you notice all of the empty desks and cubicles that were once a full formed newsroom just a decade ago. The news team now consists of a handful of reporters like myself who are being sent out on these week to week story assignments. It’s stressful when you’re given the workload that was at one point delegated to 2 or 4 reporters. I don’t care for being sent to high school games and sitting in the gross metal bleachers for several hours in the cold. I finally decided I’d bring my cannabis oil pen with me whenever I’m out on those horrible assignments. I’m cheerful that my cannabis oil pen looks identical to a nicotine vape. The cannabis dispensary offers cannabis oil pens that have natural cannabis derived terpenes, and these smell like the marijuana plant. The other option is lower in price, and these oil pens contain cannabis distillate oil with plant derived terpenes added after extraction. They’re not full form, but they’re cheaper and much more camouflage. Some of these cannabis oil pens smell like fruit and sugar.

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Laws for cannabis are more lax

Sooner or later cannabis is going to become federally legal and you’ll be seeing cannabis dispensaries on street corners in even the most conservative cities and towns

This last election was a difficult one for all the people. Things have been hanging in so much in limbo that several recounts are going on and one state’s senate race is headed for a runoff election. Although it seems like our big results are going to stay the same, it didn’t look like that during the early afternoon hours on the day following the election on its own. Since so many people were super focused on the presidential race, it’s self-explanatory to forget about some of the constitutional decrees and laws that were passed in individual states. Several sites have approved initiatives to raise their state’s minimum wage upt this time. That number is reached after a few years of raising it by $1 an hour each year as the number slowly increases. Perhaps most crucial of all were the cannabis initiatives. At least four other states have approved laws for recreational cannabis, while another four have adopted laws for medical cannabis. When I was in college roughly a decade years ago, the group of us all wondered whether or not cannabis would ever become legal in any state. Now it seems like there’s a majority among states throughout the entire nation that allows some form of legal cannabis sales. Sooner or later cannabis is going to become federally legal and you’ll be seeing cannabis dispensaries on street corners in even the most conservative cities and towns. I’m excited that my state at the least has access to legal medical cannabis dispensaries and stores.


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Keeping in the know how with emails

I need to do a better job monitoring my email inbox.

I have a separate email address that I use for making online buys, but I’ve forgotten to unsubscribe from promotional sales from a number of stores that I haven’t purchased from in years.

Despite always getting inundated by emails from countless places I don’t even like, you’d feel that would give me enough fodder to spend an hour going through my inbox and cleaning it out with updated filters. Not all of these marketing emails are unwanted. I get a number of emails from cannabis dispensaries, and periodically these are messages announcing limited one-day sales and other temporary promo deals. You can save a lot of cash each week on your number one cannabis products just by allowing email notifications from the legal marijuana stores. Other cannabis stores might be showing particular strains for bogo deals, or a particular % off your entire purchase. Instead of getting a sale announcement, my most recent cannabis shop email was about a new line of products that my local cannabis dispensary is going to have soon. As ridiculous as it might sound, my state made it illegal to sell all forms of cannabis edibles besides tablets when our state approved a medical marijuana law to amend the state constitution. It took a few years of constant litigation to get the state to allow cannabis dispensaries to sell weed infused baked goods in the store. I only knew when the law changed because I was on their email list and getting updated.

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I love having an edible

It’s a super concentrated cannabis oil that looks like maple syrup and sap, and it sort of has the same consistency as well

I love it when the grocery store has sales on boxes of cake, cookie, and brownie batter. I’ll purchase them whenever there’s a percentage off on one of these products. I’m not great at baking desserts from nothing, but I can follow the instructions on a box of mix well enough where the end result is still tasty. They might not be as yummy as the desserts in the bakery section of the grocery store, but they cost a portion of the price. Last year there was a great deal on brownie mix. I decided to get two different styles of mixes. I purchased fudge brownie chunk cake, and peanut butter chocolate brownies. The peanut butter chocolate brownies were so amazing that I ate them in the course of two days. I had hoped to conserve them for at least a week or longer, but I couldn’t help myself. However, I had better plans for the other box of brownies. I had recently visited the medical marijuana dispensary and had purchased cannabis distillate oil. It’s a super concentrated cannabis oil that looks like maple syrup and sap, and it sort of has the same consistency as well. Since the distillate oil is already orally ready, you can put it on a piece of toast and eat it like that. You don’t have to bake a batch of brownies with the distillate infused, but I hoped for classic edibles. And when you have an extra box of brownie mix, what better way to utilize it when you also have cannabis distillate oil from the local marijuana dispensary?

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Perfect indica strain for me

I am a large fan of indica strains. Since I spend most of my workdays running around the city making deliveries, I need tons of caffeine to keep me feeling good. But by the time I get for the night, I need something to help me calm down to some point. I’m not much of a booze person, otherwise I’d really have a bottle of wine or a glass of scotch. It was in school where I tried alcohol and weed for the first time, and it was within the same month during the first year of our freshman year. My friends loved to consume beer, but I liked the effects I got from smoking and vaporizing cannabis flower buds. Whenever I could get my hands on precious substances, I loved that as well. With my love of cannabis, I’ve always tended to favor the sedating indica strains. If I worked from home I might use stimulating sativa strains during our work hours, but until that time comes I will stick to smoking with cannabis indica after I get loft from work for the night. The indica strains from the cannabis dispensary are great for my needs. My newest strain smells and tastes like a cookie. It’s a phenomenal strain and it tastes sweet and berry like. I have bought a lot of it recently. This new strain gives me enjoyable effects without right away putting me to sleep like the other indicas do. It is just perfect for what I want it to do on a daily basis.

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Using a growing kit

I have wanted to start marijuana cultivation for some time now.

My friend grows marijuana and I love walking through her greenhouse.

She has a really cool set up. She admitted that it cost her tons of money to set up her fancy facility. I can’t afford to grow at the level she does. I can’t see putting that kind of money down only to have maybe a few plants survive. Growing isn’t exactly easy, you know? It is really easy to burn the plants, over water or just not have a healthy crop. Spending the money to fail doesn’t sound good to me. That is why I planned to just wait. Then I came across Marijuana growing kits. These growing kits include everything you need to get started. No, it is not as sizable as what my buddy has. The marijuana growing kit can only house a few plants at best. But, I actually don’t need a giant facility full of marijuana plants right now. I just want to try one and see how it goes. Besides, I could always upgrade to a grow tent that can hold around five. The best part about these kits is that they are actually portable. When I move I could simply disassemble it and take it with me. The cost of the marijuana growing kit isn’t too bad. Everything is in the little kit so that saves me quite a bit of money. All I needed to do was get seeds and get moving on my growing process.


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She might be cut out of production

My sister has coronavirus.

It has been a big pain in the butt because I see her all the time.

The two of us also were still doing marijuana growing together. I still have all the equipment. I have the grow lights, nutrient system and hydroponic system. I also know when logistically the HVAC settings and lighting needs to change in the growing process. My sister does all the grunt work and supplies extra cash when needed. I trim and dry the plants. My sister is the one that cures the plants and does the final stages of the process. Now that she is sick, she is out of commission. I can’t spend time sanitizing my facility. I can’t waste days cleaning every surface after she has gone in there. Doing the whole growing procedure alone has been tough though. I really need to hire a worker to check the plants, adjust the lights and decrease the HVAC throughout the month. The plants can’t stay at the same temp and amount of light. You ruin your yields and the smell of the plant. I might need to upgrade and get everything automatic. There are systems that allow you to set a climate control program. I could have the lights on a timer and just have them automatically do the adjusting. That way the only work I would need to do is the cutting, drying and curing all by myself. That is not the hardest part of production. Once I get it like that though, I really don’t need my sister anymore do I?

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We have the equipment right there

When I got into my new house I just loved it.

However, I didn’t really check out the garage.

It wasn’t until I moved in that I noticed there was a separate box taking up a lot of space. It appeared to be completely set up for cannabis cultivation. I knew what it was as soon as I saw it. My wife, on the other hand, thought it was for vegetable plants. I informed her that people don’t spend this kind of currency on grow lights to grow tomatoes plus cucumbers. This is actually a cultivation room for cannabis. However, I am surprised that the previous owners left all of this fancy growing equipment behind when they left. My wife wants to try to sell it if possible. If her and I can’t, she wants to use it for her orchids. I have another idea. I want to use this cultivation room to grow medicinal cannabis. My wife is comfortable with the fact that I use medicinal weed. She is less comfortable with the fact that I want to grow my own. She doesn’t want the kids to find out. Cannabis is allowed in this area, all a few states over. Besides, medicinal cannabis is expensive. I could save a lot of currency if I grew my own. I guess this modular cultivation room is literally a gift from above. It has everything I could need to get started and it was just handed to us. It would be dumb to sell it.

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Getting a cannabox in a pinch

Once my state allowed for legal weed, I was ready to enter the cannabis world.

I have always wanted to start my own marijuana cultivation facility. I have studied room designs extensively and knew all about all of the right grow equipment to buy. I made sure my current house had a nice sized garage to use as a grow room. I also made sure that there were plenty of electrical outlets in the garage. So all was fine. Immediately I started ordering a hydroponic system, nutrient system and curing equipment. That is when I ran into a problem. My garage might have enough electrical outlets to plug everything in but it doesn’t have enough power to feed all of my LED lights. Not even to mention the ventilation wasn’t up to date. Fuse after fuse was blown while I tried to make it work. Finally, I had to give up and purchase a cannabox. It was either that or allow all of my plants to die. I couldn’t do that. Thankfully the company that creates cannaboxes is fast. They helped me design everything online and then shipped it to me in a matter of weeks. I just had to hold off my plants dying for a little while. Once the facility was in my yard, I only had to put the plants inside. The cannabox had the water, nutrients, HVAC and lights already installed. I just had to let my plants thrive. I check on them every now and then. I do some trimming and I have dried and cured a crop of plants already.

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