Leading a less stressful, more holistic life thanks to legal cannabis

This is something that I have never been proficient at doing.

I suppose this change has been a long time in the making. My life has been spinning out of control for the better part of a decade now. And the rest of the time prior only set the stage for what has become a life of stress and anxiety. But thanks to legal cannabis and the marijuana store near me along with a more holistic approach to life, that is all changing. It took my wife simply laying it out for me to decide to get proactive about my life. She told me that she simply could no longer stand by while I ruined myself and my health for work. I’m sure I’m not the first husband to hear that. My wife and been urging me to use cbd products to help me sleep and relax. I wasn’t very consistent in my approach to the cbd products though. And I just pressed on with 80 hour work weeks and using alcohol to make myself sleep. Finally, I agreed to see a therapist who uses a holistic approach to treating people like me. Part of that approach was the use of legal cannabis. The legal weed went along with a change to a healthy diet, more consistent exercise and adding meditation. The legal cannabis was essential when it came to being able to sit and be still. This is something that I have never been proficient at doing. I have a need for motion. The more I sit with myself the more uncomfortable I would become. The legal weed allowed me to drop all those feelings. The results of this holistic approach have saved my marriage and maybe my life.


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Never too late to change your perspective

I lost my wife just over 5 years ago.

  • And losing my partner was beyond challenging not to mention the grief and loss I experienced.

However, my wife would not have wanted me to simply crawl up into a ball and give up. But it’s a shame that she isn’t able to share in this new chapter of my life. Since I retired, I have embraced legal cannabis. When I moved away, I found myself in a new place but soon found good friends. One golfing buddy went on and on about the benefits he had received through the use of cbd products. He encouraged me to go with him to the cannabis dispensary. At first, I was quite hesitant. I had nothing to do with recreational marijuana in many decades. And even the experience I had with recreation weed was limited. But my buddy confided to me that once he got such benefit from the cbd products, he tried the legal cannabis. It was a big epiphany and life change for him. That was enough for me to at least go along to the cannabis dispensary and talk to the people there my buddy suggested I speak with. I was quite impressed with the knowledge and expertise of the staff at the cannabis dispensary. This allowed me the confidence to give legal weed a try. I too am now experiencing a welcome shift in my life perspective. I am now able to achieve a true sense of calm, peace and acceptance that is much needed as I embrace this part of my life.


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Turning to a holistic approach for some relief

I have been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was in highschool.

Honestly, I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t dealing with this affliction.

And it has taken quite a toll on my life. That is until I discovered legal cannabis. Having the ability to get what I need from the cannabis dispensary has simply changed my life. Up until it was suggested that I try legal cannabis, I had been on all sorts of prescription medications. But I never was able to find any peace in those. While the meds helped with some of the symptoms of the depression and anxiety, there was never any peace. When my therapist suggested legal cannabis and the marijuana dispensary near me, I took it to heart. Along with my physician, I began to ween myself from the grips of the antidepressants. This took about a month. In the meantime, I had met with the staff at the cannabis dispensary to get a better understanding of just what my be most helpful. Once I had the prescription meds out of my system, I began to use the legal marijuana to treat my depression and anxiety. However, I did this as a part of an overall holistic approach to life. I changed my diet, got active about my health and wellness as well. But introducing the legal cannabis had an immediate effect on me. From the outset, I had the feelings of peace that I had been searching for. And the legal weed compliments the rest of the way I am living my life. I’m finally free of those medications and ready to move toward embracing the life I have always wanted.


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Legal cannabis is really helping me with lifestyle change

It had been a very long time since I had enjoyed recreational marijuana.

And it was also a time in my life when I was pretty care free as well.

But using recreational weed was also part of a partying scene that I was all about back then. So it wasn’t just consuming recreational pot. There was plenty of drinking involved as well. Probably way more drinking involved if the truth be told. But once I started my career, that was it for the recreational cannabis for me. First, there were drug tests and second it was illegal. That was enough for me to hang up the recreational weed. And that’s why it’s so ironic that I find legal cannabis to be such a valuable part of my recent lifestyle change. While I stopped the recreational pot use, I kept up with the drinking. And I started to really, really work and stress too much. This led to too much drinking. It became clear to me that I needed to reorient just how I was living my life. To continue on in that manner would surely have ended up with big time health consequences. A friend suggested I accompany him on a trip to the marijuan store near me. He wanted me to talk to some of the staff members there about incorporating legal cannabis into a more holistic lifestyle. I took him up on that offer and boy am I ever glad that I did. Legal weed has given me a perspective and approach to life that I thought wasn’t quite possible.



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Medical cannabis to treat migraines

I work for myself.

Most of my job can be accomplished from home.

Additionally, the majority of my responsibilities revolve around a computer and online access. When I come down with a migraine, I am unable to stare at my screen, much less complete my workload. That’s really bad for my productivity and stress level. With the help of medical cannabis, I am able to get back to work much sooner. The doctor put me on some meds that were supposed to lessen the frequency of my migraines. I experienced some side-effects that were worse than my headaches. The pharmaceuticals didn’t help me feel better or lessen the pain any faster. Being a bit health conscious, I decided to look into a more natural approach to migraine management. I researched some cannabis information and was impressed with recent studies and testimonials. That encouraged me to attend a cannabis event put on at a legal weed store. This provided the opportunity to talk to a budtender about different cannabis products available and the medical benefits as they pertain to migraines. The budtender was sure that the products sold at the cannabis dispensary could help me. Cannabis products are natural and have no long-term, harmful side-effects. No one has ever overdosed on marijuana. There are sativa, indica and hybrid strains to choose from. I can go with a high THC level or strictly CBD products. I’ve experimented with smoking flower, vaping, dabbing concentrates, tinctures and edibles. I’ve even tried topicals with great results. Medical cannabis has made a huge difference in my suffering. I am able to head off the pain before it negatively impacts my quality of life.


Cannabis provides pain relief

It took me a while to discover a more natural and holistic approach to managing chronic pain. But I finally found my cure. For years, I have been taking the anti-inflammatory meds the doctors prescribe. I have had to lean more heavily on this pain medication. I’m now treating the pain without using prescription meds. I’m finding a better quality of life through cannabis products instead. A buddy gave me some cannabis information. It made total sense to pursue a natural remedy. I’m also implementing other aspects for a holistic approach to lessen my chronic pain. Along with the cannabis flower, vapes and concentrates, I am focusing on diet changes, meditation and quality rest. The cannabis products are really helpful for the pain. It is also extremely beneficial for better sleep. Once I started using medical cannabis right before bed at night, the pain became tolerable and I can sleep peacefully. I also do some light yoga in the mornings to work on my flexibility. Medical marijuana helps better than anything else I have ever tried. I’ve been using medical weed for six months now and there are nights where I sleep all the way through. There are days when I can do all of my regular tasks without clenching my teeth against the pain. The medical marijuana benefits have been incredible. I have just started getting into cannabis tinctures. I can either place a few drops under my tongue or add it into my tea. It’s a very discreet means of dosing that provides fairly rapid onset of affects.

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Cannabis provides pain relief

It took me a while to embrace a natural and holistic approach to alleviating my chronic pain. For quite a few years, I relied on anti-inflammatory meds that my doctors had prescribed. I found that I needed to lean more and more heavily on the pain medication. I began to worry about the long-term and harmful side effects. I’m now handling the pain now without the prescription drugs. I’ve turned to cannabis products instead. A friend of mine recommended cannabis. I did some research and found studies proving the effectiveness of cannabis in alleviating chronic pain and inflammation. It made sense to use a more natural approach. I’m taking a holistic approach to managing chronic pain. Along with the cannabis flower, I am also using cannabis edibles and tinctures. The cannabis products help with the soreness, stiffness and discomfort. Medical cannabis has helped me to relax. Once I started using medical cannabis tinctures at night, the pain lessened and I was able to sleep better. I’d then feel better in the morning. I’ve also been doing some light yoga when I first wake up to stretch my muscles and improve strength, flexibility, balance and range of motion. I’ve started eating better and focusing more on good nutrition and good health. Medical marijuana has been nothing short of a miracle. My life has totally changed for the better. I’ve been able to return to normal activities and have a more positive outlook for the future. I can’t say enough about the budtenders at the dispensary who have been so supportive, encouraging and helpful. They worked with me to find the ideal potency, products and delivery methods for maximum benefits.

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Medical cannabis works to fight off migraines

I am self-employed and for most of my work, I can handle everything from home.

My responsibilities revolve around online connectivity. When I suffer a migraine, I am unable to concentrate on my workload. That’s really inconvenient. With the help of medical cannabis, I am able to treat my symptoms and get back to work much quicker. The doctor gave me some meds that were supposed to lessen the frequency and length of my migraines. What I experienced was a foggy feeling that negatively impacted my work productivity. Plus, I wasn’t convinced that the pharmaceuticals were helping me get over the headaches any faster. Being health conscious, I decided that I would search for a more natural approach to migraine treatment. I read up on some cannabis information and was impressed. That encouraged me to attend a cannabis event held at a local dispensary. I spoke with a knowledgeable budtender about the different cannabis products that are useful in alleviating migraines. There were a lot of products and delivery methods to choose from. The staff at the medical marijuana dispensary were very helpful and informative. They explained the pros and cons of the consumption methods to me. Cannabis products have helped me tremendously. I’m able to defend against the crippling pain by being proactive. As soon as I feel the first signs of a migraine coming on, I seek treatment. I’ve had good luck with smoking cannabis flower. The onset of effects is nearly immediate. This allows me to get right back to work and remain productive.

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Glaucoma symptoms alleviated by medical marijuana

I have a chronic pressure behind my eyes.

It is a symptom of glaucoma.

It is a condition I was first diagnosed with when I was in my late teens. I’m sort of on the borderline and need to monitor it regularly. Medical cannabis has worked for me to keep the situation in check. The doctors prescribed meds but I was unhappy with the adverse side effects. I worried that these side effects could develop into long-term problems. I was looking for something natural and safe. I decided to check into alternative treatments for my eye pressure problems. I learned about the really exciting potential of medical cannabis. Unfortunately, I couldn’t just head to the local cannabis dispensary and buy products that I wanted. My state has only legalized medical marijuana so far. This led me to getting my legal marijuana card. It wasn’t overly difficult to navigate through the marijuana regulations. I now have access to the cannabis dispensary and a long list of products. This treatment has been so beneficial. I started with smoking flower because it seemed super simple. I could just buy pre-rolls and get quick onset of effects. I have moved onto vaping and am considering trying concentrates and dabbing. There is such a wide array of options. I’m still familiarizing myself with the terminology and consulting with the budtenders. I am exploring the potential of indicas, hybrids and sativas. I’m familiarizing myself with the effects of higher THC levels and strictly CBD products. I am learning about terpenes and strains.

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Cannabis infused topicals for inflammation

My life took a turn for the worse a couple years ago. Over the course of six months, inflammation showed up in different areas of my body. I was slowly being robbed of my normal activities. Because of cannabis infused products, I have hope of getting back to normal. Cannabis flower products have made a huge difference for me. I order anything I need from the dispensary in my local area and have them delivered to my front door. I just wasn’t happy with the painkillers I had been prescribed. There were some terrible side-effects from the anti inflammatories. It was just too hard on my body with not enough benefit. My doctors were trying to help but they were ignoring the fact that I was needing continually more of the painkillers to function. This was a harmful pattern for me. I took a look at cannabis as a treatment option. I attended a cannabis event hosted by a legal weed shop in my area. Everything that I learned about medical cannabis was positive. I believed it could help with my inflammation. The cannabis products have worked to alleviate the pain and reduce the inflammation. I have had success with a variety of delivery methods. Lately, I’ve been exploring the benefits of cannabis-infused topicals. They don’t cause any high sensation and are wonderfully discreet. They typically include some pleasant scents such as lavender and eucalyptus as well. I have had good results from balms and lotions. They provided localized relief.



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