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Legal weed for depression

Since I was 12 years old I have dealt with depression. At first it used to be periodic times where I was sad and had trouble going about my day. In college it got a lot worse. I started avoiding people, my classes and not taking care of myself. After college it escalated even more. […]

I need cannabis to help me sleep

I am a terrible sleeper, always have been. It takes me hours to fall asleep. Once I am asleep, I wake up every three hours and I have trouble falling back. I usually get up to pee, straighten my sheets, drink water and check on my cat. It just totally woke me up. Nothing has […]

They refused to bring my delivery that night

My friends and I ordered some items from a cannabis shop in town. We decided to use the online order system instead of calling the shop directly. I ordered two grams of cannabis concentrate. I purchased one gram of blue dream. That is a sativa concentrate that tastes really good. The other gram of cannabis […]

Going to go to our first cannabis dispensary

My fiance and I are eloping and doing our honeymoon in a different state. I started looking at all the things we could do during our trip. I found hiking trails, waterfalls, cool hotels and neat restaurants. I also booked a spa service at a fancy place with steam rooms, baths and facials offered. It […]

Cannabis as an adult

I found out early on in college that I hated drinking, but I really liked marijuana. When I drink I tend to lose motor skills. I would fall down and hurt myself. I tended to get really sick the next day. Hangovers were always extremely long and awful for me too. Then I discovered you […]

Looking for dispensaries near me

I am low on my stock of marijuana. That is a problem, because ever since I have moved from my old neighborhood, the marijuana dispensary I used to buy from does not deliver to my new area. Unlike popular belief, I do not buy cannabis products just to get high all day. I have used […]