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Putting more time into it

ve had a lot more time to focus on food, as well as I have been putting that time to pretty good use. For the first time ever I cooked with cannabis, as well as found the results to be wonderful. I started just like most people do, with pot brownies as well as marijuana […]

Cannabis cooking is best with desserts

Cooking has always been a low-key passion of mine. By that I mean that I enjoy it but I’m not really that great at it. It’s not something I want to pursue as a career or anything serious like that, I just enjoy doing it. Cooking and baking help me relax, and help me keep […]

Dating my coworker at the dispensary

I met my girlfriend at work. I know that workplace romances are frowned upon in general, and at this company they are expressly forbidden. So Jenny and I always have to keep things very chill while we are in public. If the boss gets wind that we are together, he will definitely switch our schedules […]