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I am all for recreational pot

He didn’t want myself and others to overindulge, however a gummy here or there might be beneficial I remember when I had to sneak behind the garage, or slip off to the park so my friends plus I could smoke a bit of pot. Smoking pot Recreationally was our go to whenever we felt we […]

I had to buy CBD products.

Last Sunday, I went out to purchase CBD products. When I was in an accident, I did a lot of lasting nerve injury to my hands. The only thing that kept myself and others finally working, is applying CBD cream to my fingers plus wrist. After 10 or fifteen hours, my hands begin to ache […]

The cannabis shop is my favorite go to spot

Staying at the dwelling this year was not all that hard for me. I hear on a regular basis from people and family how incredibly hard it was this year due to dealing with Covid. And I definitely have to admit, I hate all the fallout from this pandemic. For the most part, I hate […]

The cannabis store keeps getting better

There are certainly times that I will just step into the cannabis dispensary just to have people be completely kind. That sounds sort of like I’m making it up but unfortunately, I’m not. I live entirely by myself plus have no family that happens to be close. The like of my sweet dog is perfectly […]