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Now we have legal access to weed

I’m starting to get spoiled with my easy access to legal marijuana. I spent years dealing with issues with the product. I got supplied from friends who knew people in the area who grew it in their houses illegally. Some of this cannabis was great, but often we’d get batches with mold in addition to […]

I can be more discreet now

Even though I live in a state where recreational use of marijuana is okay, I still don’t want all of my friends, family members, in addition to coworkers knowing that I use the plant in my downtime. I wish it had no negative connotation attached to it, but the reality is that numerous people would […]

Using CBD for animal joint pain

I love my goldendoodle more than some people love their own sons. I’ve had him for the past seven years in addition to I look after him with care. When he got a tummy condition late one night, I rushed him to the emergency vet that is around thirty minutes away from our house. I […]

Trying it out for shoulder pain

It wasn’t easy getting through the first few weeks of a shoulder injury. I was playing hockey in addition to accidentally skated right into the side boards. I flipped in addition to smacked my body into the ice upon impact. It was painful in addition to I could barely move after it happened. When the […]

Is edibles part of medical marijuana?

I was really curious when I found out my mother had been given a prescription for medical marijuana We had been discussing the many items they had in the pot store. After she got her medical marijuana card, she and I went to the local pot store and we looked at their entire inventory. I […]

We will use their delivery

Many people are fortunate to live in progressive parts of the country where cannabis is legal for recreational or medical purposes these days. I live in a single of those States plus I frequently love using recreational marijuana with our extra cash. It’s nice to go to The Dispensary to see the huge selection they […]