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Girl Scout Cookies is my favorite indica so far

It is called Girl Scout Cookies Indica strains are what I tend to reach for. They are better for nighttime use. Indica strains are claiming, relaxing and they give you more of a body high. Additionally, indica strains tend to be in the medical marijuana products. They can help you sleep, reduce inflammation and even […]

I have to vape to feel okay with it

I work as a high end reporter for a slowly dying newspaper in my big city. When I toured this site on a school field trip, it was a bustling news front. But the years leading up and during the 2008 recession inflicted a hard blow to the entire print news industry. In retrospect, the […]

Laws for cannabis are more lax

Sooner or later cannabis is going to become federally legal and you’ll be seeing cannabis dispensaries on street corners in even the most conservative cities and towns This last election was a difficult one for all the people. Things have been hanging in so much in limbo that several recounts are going on and one […]

Keeping in the know how with emails

I need to do a better job monitoring my email inbox. I have a separate email address that I use for making online buys, but I’ve forgotten to unsubscribe from promotional sales from a number of stores that I haven’t purchased from in years. Despite always getting inundated by emails from countless places I don’t […]

I love having an edible

It’s a super concentrated cannabis oil that looks like maple syrup and sap, and it sort of has the same consistency as well I love it when the grocery store has sales on boxes of cake, cookie, and brownie batter. I’ll purchase them whenever there’s a percentage off on one of these products. I’m not […]

Perfect indica strain for me

I am a large fan of indica strains. Since I spend most of my workdays running around the city making deliveries, I need tons of caffeine to keep me feeling good. But by the time I get for the night, I need something to help me calm down to some point. I’m not much of […]

Using a growing kit

I have wanted to start marijuana cultivation for some time now. My friend grows marijuana and I love walking through her greenhouse. She has a really cool set up. She admitted that it cost her tons of money to set up her fancy facility. I can’t afford to grow at the level she does. I […]

She might be cut out of production

My sister has coronavirus. It has been a big pain in the butt because I see her all the time. The two of us also were still doing marijuana growing together. I still have all the equipment. I have the grow lights, nutrient system and hydroponic system. I also know when logistically the HVAC settings […]

We have the equipment right there

When I got into my new house I just loved it. However, I didn’t really check out the garage. It wasn’t until I moved in that I noticed there was a separate box taking up a lot of space. It appeared to be completely set up for cannabis cultivation. I knew what it was as […]

Getting a cannabox in a pinch

Once my state allowed for legal weed, I was ready to enter the cannabis world. I have always wanted to start my own marijuana cultivation facility. I have studied room designs extensively and knew all about all of the right grow equipment to buy. I made sure my current house had a nice sized garage […]