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How cannabis has changed

The use of marijuana has been a harsh topic in this country for a honestly long time. Over the last few years, the permission of cannabis for medical & recreational purposes has finally gained support! Back in the early 1600s, cannabis was used in several states as legal tender. Then a law made it mandatory […]

It took awhile before we legalized

For anyone who still has doubts over allowing cannabis, they should take a look at the long list of medicinal pros. If that doesn’t say anything, there are also economical reasons. A case conducted several years back discovered that legalizing cannabis at the federal level that year would have generated over 130 billion dollars in […]

We have made some progress

Cannabis has often been accused of being a starter drug. Those who speak out against marijuana care about claiming that anyone who tries it will soon turn to harder & more dangerous things. The reality is that the majority of marijuna consumers don’t go on to other substances. A recent study discovered that people who […]

There are more medical benefits than you realize

A lot of people like to claim that smoking marijuana once could lead to addiction. This is one of the several myths about cannabis. Recent studies showed that fewer than 20 percent of marijuana users are dependent upon it. In comparison, of cocaine & meth users, around twenty-more than four percent of them are addicted. […]

It is not as bad as you think

Marijunana is contained from the cannabis plant & used for medical & recreational purposes across the map. There are over 475 compounds found in the plant & several ways to consume them. While it’s commonly smoked or vaporized, cannabis-infused snacks & liquids have been used since as far back as 1000 BC. So, marijuana was […]

Why do you use cannabis?

I work at a luxury medicinal & recreational cannabis dispensary. The crew sees over a hundred buyers walk through our doors each & every day… We’re so tied up that we’ve extended our business hours, staying open later throughout the week & offering hours on weekends & holidays as well. Our buyers all have honestly […]