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Taking some time off

I constantly look forward to the weekend. Those are the nights that I have off work. I have been a worker at a marijuana dispensary for three years. I had to work my way up the chain to get weekends off. I started at the smallest rung as a front desk clerk and I worked […]

She was upset about the refill

I had to deal with an upset client this day and I almost lost my temper. It’s particularly the closest that I have ever come to yelling at a customer. She was yelling in our face and calling me disappointing names. I don’t usually have purchasers that are mean or upset. That is 1 of […]

Now they have a sale

I’m feeling undoubtedly aggravated with the cannabis dispensary this week. I woke up this day with a message that says all the cannabis products in stock are going to be 10% off this week. That would have been helpful info a day ago. I decided to go to the store last week, on payday to […]

My pot pie didn’t go so hot

I dislike to waste weed, but that is exactly what happened the first time that I tried to make marijuana infused cooking oils. I didn’t do enough research on the process and I thought I would be simple on my own. Sadly, I ended up wasting almost an entire ounce of weed in the process. […]

Getting delivery

I love being able to order anything I want on my desktop and then picking up that item in the store. It is a fun way to shop and I am particularly cheerful that more and more stores are offering this feature. When I order food from the store, I constantly use a delivery service. […]