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Need something to help me sleep

I have never been able to sleep well at night. I have lots going on in my mind and I just feel restless. I tried everything the natural way to help myself sleep easier. I bought a top of the line mattress with gel pillows and bamboo sheets. I got a sound machine and eliminated […]

Medical marijuana card was easy to get

Recreational marijuana is still not allowed in my state, medical is though. I kind of figured getting a medical marijuana card would be next to impossible. I figured it would be a lot of hoops to jump through, money and time. When my anxiety got to the point where it was affecting my work, I […]

CBD for chronic pain

When I started college gymnastics, I did not realize it would follow me most of my life. The experiences are ones that I will forever remember, at one point I thought the pain would be as well. After college I experienced terrible shoulder, hip and foot pain due to tumbling. My chronic pain got to […]

Taking classes so I know about medical marijuana

Recreational and medical marijuana are allowed in my state. When I wanted to be a budtender it was highly recommended to take cannabis education courses. I took different classes like cannabis 101, budtender sales training and marijuana products training. I additionally made it a point to learn about the medical effects of cannabis on the […]

Medical cannabis for PTSD

When my brother joined the marines, I knew it was a bad idea. He is a sensitive soul and already had slight issues with anxiety. When my brother came back from the service, he was a total mess. He has bad PTSD and terrible anxiety. The dark, loud sounds and crowds of people are triggers […]