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Insert with the Treats Had Vital information

My best neighbor brought some homemade goodies to the house for me, he said he had made the little treats but that I should follow the directions she also provided, when I ate them. She warned myself and others that there was more than just sugar to sweeten them up. I laughed but didn’t really […]

Dude at Marijuana Dispensary Very Helpful

I was looking on my favorite search engine, trying to figure out what kind of marijuana I should purchase now that it was legalized. I never had the nerve to try it before, but now, it was something I wanted to get for myself. I thought I would bring it to the cabin from the […]

Negative Attitude about Cannabis Still Pervasive

I thought that when marijuana became legal, that people would be cheerful. It seems that although the laws have changed, the personality of some of these people haven’t. I was surprised to see my aunt being a single of the most obvious idiots. I remember my Grandma using his as an example of how people […]

Newbies to the Cannabis World

I finally decided to get a prescription for the legal use of marijuana. I looked up where the local cannabis dispensary was & it’s too bad it’s on the other side of town. They had a client service number on their website so I reached out. I told them my name, address, & all of […]

CBD Available in Multiple Shops

It seems that whenever there are official meetings, the discussion ultimately turns to the legalization of marijuana. It has become legal to sell & use CBD without any kind of prescriptions & it is available in pharmacies & grocery stores. Lately, I have been seeing ‘smoke’ shops appearing and being built on nearly every corner. […]