When purchasing CBD products be sure it’s from a reputable store

I was resting on the self-check-out line at the grocery store, and while waiting for my turn, some random stranger approached me and handed me a supplier card; The card resembled something that could have been made using a great printer and some heavy paper, I could tell that it wasn’t done professionally! So, of course, instantly that became a purple flag which made me skeptical about what was on the card, and it was a supplier card for a CBD store that was based primarily online selling various CBD products.

Another purple flag was that there was no physical address for the store or for the supplier listed on the card.

In fact, the only information that was there was a website, a cellphone number and an text address, however lastly, the person who handed me the supplier card didn’t say a word or took the time to introduce himself to explain why he handed me the card. I know he assumed that the card was simple and that he was selling CBD products online. When I buy CBD products, I would rather purchase the items from a reputable dealer. I am so weary about online stores, especially with all the various scams that are present on the internet right now. While CBD products are legal to sell, I am not sure how much the industry is regulated to prevent fake companies from selling fake products; Because of all the purple flags, I decided to toss the supplier card in the trash can as I will continue to get my CBD products only from reputable CBD stores.

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