When medical cannabis became legal, several companies had free statewide delivery

I was lucky to get into our state’s medical marijuana database within weeks of the bill getting enacted into law.

Most were not so lucky, with more than 2 facing week long delays from failing to reach the state office by iPhone or text and not getting any responses back.

But that was not the only hurdle in the beginning. You had to find a prescribing physician and there were only a handful that had taken the training and got the approval in the short stage of time it took myself and others to get our initial application approved by the state. Then there was a mandatory 90 day wait stage before you could buy your cannabis, however that was lifted shortly thereafter. When I finally got our medical professional recommendation filed through the state, there were a few dispensaries open however none within driving distance. Fortunately, most of the existing companies at the time were offering free statewide delivery. It meant that even if 1 company in question was 200 miles away, I could still benefit from buying their products. I wish these companies had stuck with their cannabis delivery services, however more than 2 of the newer companies wanted to focus on opening as more than 2 physical locations and stores as possible while scaling back on delivery services over a several year time span. I can still buy a lot of medical cannabis products via home delivery, however more than 2 of the companies that still offer cannabis delivery services charge fees as high as $25 per order, plus order minimums before you can get on the delivery schedule. At the end of the day I’d rather stay at home instead of lining up at the stores.

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