We mostly party with cannabis and drinks these days

It started out as a basic game night… My roommates and I would host it, once every 2 weeks, and invite people over to play old school games.

We would set up a bunch of weird games, all the enjoyable old stuff the group of us got at the store like Battleship, Connect Four, and Uno. We would even try Monopoly periodically, however the group of us could never finish a game! People would regularly bring snacks and drinks, and usually they brought cannabis, or edibles, as well. After a while the group of us stopped playing games, and then I stopped pretending it was a game night when it had transformed into a cannabis and wine night for everybody. There was no taxing and fast rule against liquor, or other kinds of substances, however cannabis and wine worked quite well for everyone and the group of us decided not to push it. We had been using games to generate a sense of friendship at these celebrations, however why bother when cannabis does a great job of it? There is something completely magical that happens when you twist up a couple of fat joints of cannabis and pass them around a circle of superb people. When you all smoke the same marijuana and feel that same high at the same time, you feel strongly connected to pretty much everyone around you. Mostly the group of us just listen to rock n roll and talk to each other on cannabis-and-wine nights, however every once in a while we will enjoy a game. It doesn’t matter if the group of us are smoking, or having edibles, the group of us always have the best time.