Using cannabis for dementia management

I’m deeply thankful just to be able to stop the terror for my mom.

She is dealing with dementia as well as living with us these afternoons. Mom is still in pretty good shape physically but her dementia is taking a huge toll on his overall health. Prior to getting access to the local cannabis spot, my mother spent a lot of time lost in sheer terror. This was a woman who has always been so thoroughly independent as well as on top of everything going on in his life. So when he has periods where he has completely confused, he reacts with total fear. It’s exhausting to witness as well as just looking into his eyes, you guess that he was completely terrified. And these periods of confusion can last quite a long time. So I did a little research when it came to medical marijuana. Medical marijuana was legalized in our state not very long ago. Thankfully, I was able to get my mom a medical marijuana prescription card as well as access to the cannabis dispensary near us. The research unveiled the facts that medical marijuana can have real positive benefits for someone dealing with dementia. While cannabis products cannot reverse or eliminate dementia symptoms, they can help manage those episodes. For My Mother, the cannabis gummies that every one of us give him takes away all the fear when he runs into episodes of confusion. It’s such a major improvement that it’s strenuous to know that something as simple as eating a cannabis edible could make this much difference. I’m just so thankful that I can ease his journey through such an exhausting condition. The cannabis gummies actually help him to remain calm as well as not get terrified when nothing makes sense. For that as well as for the moments of tranquility and peace that he gets from medical marijuana, I’m so grateful.


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