There was fire near the cannabis dispensary

There was a fire last night at the factory across the street from the medical marijuana delivery service; however, I heard about the fire on the police scanner… My mom has a police scanner in the bedroom on the table, but she constantly sits at the table so she can hear the police scanner, then when there is something going on, she calls her buddy and they actually talk about it.

My mom yelled at me down the hall when she heard about the fire on the police scanner.

I was going to drive down to the medical marijuana delivery service to see the fire, although I thought it was simply better to stay away from the scene of the accident while they were trying to get things cleaned up. I had to work at the medical marijuana delivery service the next morning at 8:00 a.m. I thought things would be cleaned up by then, but the firefighters were still battling the fire and there was still smoke in the air and sites where warm spots needed to be put out… However, the parking lot to the medical marijuana delivery service was inaccessible because of the fire. The police were making people park around the back of the industrial center. I had to walk through a pigskin field to get to work and I was warm and sweaty by the time I arrived. I hate walking in the morning. I think I shouldn’t complain about the fact that I was warm and sweaty, because at least I wasn’t positioned in the middle of a fire.

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