The top shelf flowers were robust and cheap

I prefer buying top shelf marijuana flower, but the only time I can afford the luxurious packages of pot is when I have overtime at the office or there is a sale.

I do not officially get overtime at the office, but once in a while I will have the chance to toil an extra 8-hour shift.

I use the extra money from my overtime check to buy special types of marijuana flower like top shelf indica and sativa strains, on the weekend there was the most immense sale at a marijuana dispensary near me, and a lot of items were about to go into the clearance shelf and my neighbor found out about the sale a few afternoons early. My buddy Max and I were there early on Saturday morning when they put all of the clearance items out on the table. There were a lot of top shelf flower choices. In fact, some of the more luxurious marijuana possibilities were over 50% off. I found two eighths of indica marijuana flower at an extra moderate deal. Each one of the packages were fifty % off and it was like buying one and getting one for free. I also picked up some top shelf concentrates from the massive sale. I got something from a manufacturer that only sells live rosin concentrates. The products were normally around 90 dollars for each one and they were only $25 in the clearance bin. Max and I got all of the enjoyable stuff before anyone else had a chance to go through the bin. I entirely saved about $125 total on all of the unusual sales that afternoon.


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