The steak sandwich wasn't entirely delicious or yummy

There were lots of sales as well as specials on 420 as well as my friends as well as I tried to hit every single shop that was close to us. One single place was having a lot of buy one as well as get one for free sales. There were at least six or seven different items in every single category. I like to vape concentrate, so I was certainly interested in all of the BOGO sales on concentrates like live resin, distillates, hash, as well as rosin. One of the most high-priced brands in the whole store is a live rosin seller! Grams of this particular type of live rosin are almost $100 each as well as they were BOGO on 420. I also bought two grams as well as got two for $1. I also earned a coupon because I spent more than $100 at the marijuana dispensary. The coupon eventually entitled me to a free steak sandwich from a food truck that was located outside in the parking lot. I was pretty enthusiastic about the steak sandwich, because I had not eaten anything at all. It was getting close to lunch time, so I ordered some french fries as well as onion rings to go with my free steak sub. The french fries as well as the onion rings were flavorful, hot, as well as crispy, however my free steak sub did not have much flavor. It was a real dud in my opinion as well as I would have been pretty frustrated with it if I had paid full price for the $12 sub. It tasted like there were no seasonings at all on the meat as well as I should have been able to taste at least salt as well as pepper.


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