The reservation operates under their own cannabis laws

It is interesting that a lot of people in my town think that our state is a recreational cannabis state.

  • We are only allowed medical weed unfortunately.

Here is the snag though. Cannabis isn’t legal for recreational purposes, but we live near a Seneca nation indian reservation. They operate under their own rules and guidelines. So they just decided to start opening recreational weed shops on the reservation. Is that technically allowed? They government themselves but it is a state law. It is a bit of a gray area. So a lot of people think you can get weed anywhere. It is just our location though. I will admit, I go to the reservation to buy marijuana. My mother has really bad arthritis. Pills and natural remedies didn’t do much. After some research I found that cannabis might do the trick. So what I did was find what I wanted online, then I stopped at the recreational weed shop near me and picked out what I needed for my mother. I even bought myself some THC infused gummies to help me sleep at night. It has been a game changer for my mother and I. I am not totally happy with the area I live in, but I don’t really want to move now. If I move too far away from the recreational cannabis dispensary near me, I won’t have the access to legal weed. It is too beneficial for my mother and I to leave it. You can’t really put a price on your health and how well you sleep at night. So unless my state changes their policies, I will be staying put.


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