The manager of the cannabis dispensary

Moving into a more modern apartment in a better neighborhood genuinely changed my entire life, and the lives for my whole family.

We scrimped and saved for years while renting a small apartment, until my associates and I had enough money for a down payment on a real house.

This changed our living environment 100%, and got my teenagers into better schools. My more modern neighborhood is certainly relaxed and chill, with lots of open space and hundreds of trees. It’s a truly fantastic place to raise a family. One immense plus about living here is that my friend Bob is the supervisor of the local medical cannabis dispensary. I never had legal access to medical cannabis before, so I prefer having Bob as my modern buddy. In this state my associate and I legalized medical cannabis years ago, but with a few severe restrictions. I don’t have a legit medical condition that would require a medical prescription for medical marujuana, so my doctor won’t give me the paperwork. Bob has been a fantastic friend, and he doesn’t even chop any of the state cannabis rules and regulations. The cannabis dispensary is often shipped “testers” for the most modern items. These testers are for the staff and employees of the cannabis dispensary to test out, so that they can recommend them to buyers in the future. Bob gets to take apartment boxes of these testers, and he can give them out to whoever he wants! I have sampled many sensational modern cannabis products in the last few weeks… Perhaps my favorite one was the cannabis drink, because it tasted like rum punch, and got me stoned to the moon and back again.


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