The law is certainly weird

The battle for legalizing weed is still ongoing, but the people I was with and I have made some pretty amazing jumps in the last few years.

So we turned the tide of public opinion, & after that a lot of those people who followed government mandates separate from question are now starting to rethink things, and just because the government says something is wrong doesn’t make it wrong, then for many years the government decided that beer & liquor was illegal.

In a liberal state you aren’t allowed to catch rainwater in a pail, it’s against the law. Isn’t that ridiculous, that catching rain will get you in trouble with the law? Cannabis laws are no less odd, the mere proposal that a harmless, naturally growing plant is somehow immoral & against the law. I have been a proud grower & user of marijuana plants our entire adult life. I’m here to tell you it isn’t all about getting high, at all, because the hemp plant has many weird uses. I make a living on our hemp plants, but have been growing another set of crops, cannabis plants, in another location. I will be ecstatic when cannabis legalization becomes the law in this state, so I can incorporate both of our grow locations together. Cannabis & hemp are many different products, if you don’t know, that just come from the same plant, hemp contains zero THC, it is used for industrial & agricultural purposes, while the other kind is just for a good time. Once the people I was with and I have some cannabis dispensaries open locally, I will try & sell our several cannabis products directly to them.
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