The lady was busy in the shower at the time

Last week I had a marijuana delivery and when I arrived the lady was in the shower… I could hear the person yelling at the front door, despite the fact that I couldn’t understand what she was saying.

I knew there was someone in the house, so I decided to sit there and wait for the person to come to the door. After a few minutes, the door opened and there was a person standing there in a towel and a bathrobe. I asked her if she was also the person who called for the marijuana delivery, she was in fact the person. She reached for her trifold and grabbed some money so she could pay for the marijuana. She offered me an absolutely wonderful tip, but my buddy and I did not chat for absolutely long. I offered the person a bin of marijuana supplies. She bought eight grams of concentrate. My buddy and I frequently have people that purchase 8 grams of concentrate due to our specials. Most of the time you can get 8 grams of concentrate for $88 with taxes. It’s a pretty wonderful deal for 8 grams of concentrate and my associate and I have a lot of odd live resin and cured sauce products. The person ordered a couple of my favorite strains, Maui Wowie, gorilla glue, and gelato! Not many afternoons later, I got a second order from the same address. My boss told me that the person particularly asked for me to be the delivery driver. I asked if it was a person and the supervisor told me that it was a man. I found that to be absolutely bizarre since the last person at the address was also a woman.


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