The individual employee ID numbers are awful

I have been employed at the cannabis dispensary for the past 8 months.

Last week.

The dispensary updated their software and now we have to log into each computer when it is time for us to start our shift and end our shift. We also have to log into the computer if we are going to make a transaction. Each individual employee ID is eight numbers long. It doesn’t have anything to do with our social security number on the higher date, or birthday. It’s a random 8 numbers that are assigned to a person and they’re not any miracle order. Every single person at the store has an incredibly different individual employee ID number. Each ID has six numbers and two letters. It’s all random and it could start with a letter and end with a letter or start with a number and and what’s a number. My employee ID number is j659-49t2. That number is incredibly difficult to remember and I have had a lot of trouble. The new software will not help you at all or give you some type of clue that will get you into the system. I got to work the day after the software was installed and I tried to log into the system. I forgot the little piece of paper with my number on it and all I had was my memory to rely on. It took about 15 different tries before I actually got into the system. The employee ID numbers are positively awful and I hope they do away with it quickly.
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