The cleanest high is the best high

With a holistic approach to health, you look at the sum and total of a person’s existence.

  • The health of the body is directly tied to psychological, emotional, and spiritual health, you see, and you can’t treat just one of those things.

I personally believe that we still have not scratched the surface of what the human brain is capable of, and that by great self-actualization we can live longer, happier lives without becoming addicted to pills. Maybe it’s just the pot talking, but if we started replacing addictive prescription medicine with medical cannabis, our society would be a lot better off. I always use the term medical cannabis when I talk about holistic health, simply because that implies the highest level of quality. Medical cannabis doesn’t have to be grown in a lab or anything, it just needs to be the cream of the crop, the highest quality available. If you are going to use marijuana medicinally, you can’t use ditch weed, you need the lightest, fluffiest, tastiest buds and flowers. Many traditionalists are resistant to new trends like vaping and dabbing, but I feel it’s an evolution for cannabis use, and should be embraced. Vaping and dabbing still rely on cannabis for their properties, it is just harnessing a different application system. For holistic health, you want only the highest quality of cannabis, and you want to be conscientious about how you smoke it, as well. The cleaner the high, the easier the cannabis is on your lungs and your body. What is your favorite application for using medical cannabis?

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