Social distancing isn’t enough for the cannabis dispensaries, I want contact free delivery

Even before the worry of catching a life debilitating infectious disease, I loathed the experience of going to my only local cannabis dispensary.

You can make an online order and still be forced to sit in a waiting room full of people for an hour or longer depending on what day of the week you go. And if that wasn’t bad enough, you have to listen to four different conversations at full volume all going on at the exact same time. I try to work on my phone when I have to wait, but unless I bring headphones with me, I can’t block out the noise and the distraction it creates. When the pandemic started to sweep the nation and the rest of the world at large, this particular legal cannabis dispensary started to implement social distancing rules. Within the course of a few days they went from having people sit in chairs six feet apart to having everyone wait in their cars until each a batch of two to four individual orders were ready. The problem with this approach is that it still forces you to enter the dispensary with three other patients at a time since they try to process around three orders at a time. A competing dispensary is offering full contact free delivery if you pay ahead of time with a credit card. You make your order, the cannabis dispensary calls you to confirm a payment method, and then when you arrive you drive up to a door where an employee hands you your products through your driver’s side window. It means not having to risk even going into the dispensary with other people at the same time, especially since many of these places feel like cramped doctors offices to begin with.

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