Recreational pot plus kids

The use of recreational pot amongst teenagers is legitimately common! I am a educator plus I have worked with youth for eight years from the ages of eleven to eighteen in public schools.

Throughout my eight years I have seen at least six students get caught with recreational pot in school.

The students were caught with recreational pot during random searches. Some students were caught with recreational pot based on the way they stink plus the way they are acting. Teachers plus security guards have sent students to the dean’s office based on the stink of recreational pot plus the visualization of yellow eyes, many teenagers are interested in using recreational pot because of peer pressure. Teenagers often use drugs plus participate in other risky behaviors because it seems that everyone else is doing the same thing. I have taught several health classes plus when going over the harmful effects of marijuana, several students would raise their hands plus say that recreational pot is legal in several states, so it should not be that harmful. I would regularly counter with the points that alcohol plus tobacco are also legal, however there are students that show the harmful effects on the body plus mind. Teenagers are also drawn to recreational pot use because of the way it makes them feel. It is normal to have stress when you are a teenager. Trying to get fantastic grades, fit in with others, do extracurricular activities, plus apply to university can be stressful. Many teens say that using recreational pot makes them feel less stressed.

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