Someone tried to steal the hand sanitizer bottle

Ever since the Covid-19 outbreak, things have been strangely different at work.

I have been an employee with this store for the past six months.

My friend Jane was working at the medical marijuana facility and she offered to get me a job. Working inside of a medical marijuana clinic seemed like a really fun job. I was excited when Jane got me an interview. The manager hired me on the spot and I started a few days later. I’ve been working at the medical marijuana clinic for the past six months, and things are vastly different now. We only allow 6 people in the clinic at one time, and everyone else has to wait outside. We have hand sanitizer bottles located throughout the store. There was one on each side of the counter and one at each exit. There is a bottle of hand sanitizer located on top of the ATM machine, water fountain, and the pepsi machine. Last Tuesday, one of our regular customers stole a large bottle of hand sanitizer. At first, I thought the customer was making a funny joke. When I saw her leave the store with the hand sanitizer in her hand, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My friend and I looked at each other in disbelief. No one even bothered to chase her down and take the hand sanitizer back. I think every one of us were in complete and total shock. The next time she comes to the store, we are going to have a talk about the hand sanitizer. Honestly, I’m not even sure what the manager will say to her.
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I need some indoor air cleaners to stay open

A lot of area restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations are closing down due to the covid-19 virus.

I am the manager for an extremely busy marijuana dispensary in the metropolitan area.

We were worried that marijuana dispensaries would be included in the local shelter order. Thankfully, marijuana dispensaries are covered under the pharmacy provision. A lot of things have changed, so we can safely accommodate all of our patients. A lot of area restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations are closing down due to the outbreak. Thankfully, we can stay in business during this crisis. We had to make some changes in order to provide our patients with a safe atmosphere. We have hand sanitizer located in every nook and cranny of the store. We are using gloves, masks, and full gowns behind the counter. The owner of this company purchased six air cleaners to help keep germs away. The indoor air cleaners use UV lighting to kill all of the harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria. There is also a HEPA air filter inside of the UV air purifier. We are going to be changing the HEPA air filter every week until things are starting to look better. The indoor air cleaners are the same type that are used in hospitals, doctors offices, and laboratories. Using these indoor air cleaners is the safest way to keep all of the harmful germs away from our patients and products. If we want to get rid of this problem once and for all, we all need to be willing to make a few changes.

Space cake

The history of smoking marijuana

When I was a kid, my friends and I smoked marijuana out of an apple or a Coke can.

We didn’t have enough money to buy rolling papers and most of the convenience stores wouldn’t sell them to two teenagers anyway. Things are much different these days and marijuana comes in a variety of different forms. Most medical marijuana dispensaries carry a variety of different marijuana products. Marijuana products can include smokable flower, vape cartridges, wax, shatter, thca powder, and tincture. Smokable flower is the product that most people think of when they think about marijuana. Wax and shatter are two other forms of marijuana. The wax and shatter are extracted directly from the plant under extreme heat and pressure. Thca powder is an interesting way to introduce marijuana into your cooking, because the product is already decarbed. Tinctures can be great as well, especially if they are a blend of CBD and THC. There are a ton of different ways to use marijuana and the benefits have proven to be long-lasting and fast-acting. If you feel that you might benefit from using medical marijuana or one of these products, then discuss the issue with your primary care physician or therapist. It can be very easy to receive a medical marijuana card. With this card in hand, you can easily visit any number of medical marijuana facilities in the area. Each one is a bit different and will carry different strains of marijuana. There are definitely benefits to checking out all of the stores.

The dispensary is having a sale on all marijuana pen cartridges

Six months ago, I decided to apply for a medical marijuana license.

I have spent my whole life suffering from anxiety, PTSD, and stress.

I spent several years in therapy, but it didn’t help much at all. The only thing that helps is smoking marijuana. When I was young, we smoked marijuana inside of hemp paper, blunts or a bowl. There are a lot more ways to smoke marijuana these days, so you don’t have to inhale a lot of smoke and tar. My favorite way to enjoy marijuana is using a vape pen. The vape pen has two separate parts. The bottom is a battery that can be recharged over and over again. The charger for the battery is exactly the same as the charger for my cell phone, so I can easily charge the battery. The vape pen cartridge is the other part of the pen. I can buy lots of different vape pen cartridges from the medical marijuana dispensary. In fact, they have a special on vape pen cartridges every Tuesday. Last week, I received my stimulus check the day before I went to the marijuana dispensary. I had a few extra dollars, so I stocked up on a few different vape cartridges. I purchased 3 hybrid cartridges and one Indica. I prefer using the Indica at night, because it makes me tired and. The vape cartridges come in a lot of yummy flavors too, which makes it even nicer to have a few that are different. I found a rare wedding cake hybrid that is extremely hard to find. It tastes like vanilla and candy.


Marijuana grower

It’s not easy to grow marijuana at home

Marijuana plants are not very easy to grow at home.

It’s not like beans, peas, carrots, or melons. Marijuana plants require a great deal of time and energy, but there are a number of benefits to growing your own marijuana indoors. Indoor grow houses can produce some high-quality weed. This is due to the fact that you can control all of the environment. You can grow marijuana in any area, and you don’t have to have a ton of space or a large backyard. If you grow indoors, you don’t have to worry about the sun or multiple seasons. You can even begin to sprout more seedlings while the larger plants are growing. You can grow marijuana even when there is snow and ice on the ground. Growing marijuana indoors allows you privacy and security. Even though it is legal to grow marijuana in a lot of states, most people still choose to be discreet. Indoor grow rooms keep judgemental neighbors and potential thieves from causing problems with your crop. I set up a small grow room in the master closet of my bedroom. I purchased some marijuana grow supplies online from a reputable website. I purchased autoflowering seeds from a local distributor. I have three plants in the closet right now and they are 2 months old. They are starting to look strong and healthy. I am going to transplant them to a larger bucket next week, so they have even more room to grow and stretch. I think I am going to see some great results from his first batch of cannabis seeds.


Indica strains are great for sleeping in

My friends and I work at a busy grocery store.

I started working at the grocery store shortly after high school ended.

I thought it would be a great job to have while I attend college. I was working there for three months, and then one of my best friends was hired as well. Both of us work together in the bakery. The grocery store has been very busy every day since the quarantine started. One of the reasons is due to the fact that we have shorter hours. The store used to be open 24 hours a day, but now we are only open from 9 in the morning until 9 at night. During the other 12 hours, 10 members of our staff clean and sanitize all of the indoor surfaces. I usually work for 8 hour days, but I have been working every single day for the past month. I’m getting paid $2 extra each hour right now, and that is a great incentive to work extra hours. I’ve been using the money to buy more marijuana. I use marijuana at night to help me sleep. I used to take melatonin every evening, but I found marijuana to be much more effective. I only purchase Indica strains such as Granddaddy Purp, Mandarin Dreams, and Bubba Platinum. These indica strains are great for sleeping. They make me feel mentally and physically relaxed. Indica strains are known to have a shorter flowering cycle with broad leaves and a pungent odor. One day, I’m going to try my green thumb at home. I would love to grow my own mairjuna plants.


Medical marijuana

I’m so stressed out that I’m smoking twice as much

I received my stimulus check on the same morning, so I decided to use some of the funds to stock up on medical marijuana supplies

I have been a medical marijuana user for the past three years. As soon as medical marijuana was legalized in this state, I made an appointment to visit with an authorized doctor. The doctor agreed that medical marijuana could help with my stress and anxiety. He set me up with a prescription that gets filled every 7 months. The prescription includes smokable marijuana and other items such as tinctures, distillate, edibles, and CBD items. I go to the cannabis dispensary once a week to purchase enough items to last 7 days. Unfortunately, I have been going through my stash much quicker since this global health crisis began. I feel stressed out and I am filled with a ton of anxiety. I have been smoking twice as much as usual. I can’t go five minutes without putting the vape open up to my lips. I’m really glad that the medical marijuana dispensary is still open right now. I placed a delivery order on Sunday, but I was out of everything by Thursday. I didn’t want to wait 48 hours for a delivery order, so I drove over to the cannabis dispensary. I picked up an extra syringe of distillate and a half ounce of Blue Dream. I also purchased six pieces of space cake and 6 pot brownies. I received my stimulus check on the same morning, so I decided to use some of the funds to stock up on medical marijuana supplies. I don’t normally buy so many edibles, because they are insanely expensive. With an extra $1200 from the president, I have some cash to splurge.


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We picked up two more air purifiers of the store this morning

I am the manager for a very busy marijuana dispensary in the city.

  • We normally house between 50 and 100 customers each day and our total sales top $10,000 daily.

We are one of the busiest marijuana dispensaries in the area and we carry a large selection of flowers, edibles, and tinctures. We also carry more CBD infused products than any other place in the region. When the governor made some laws regarding the covid-19 outbreak, I was worried that the marijuana dispensary would be forced to shut down. Fortunately, we fall under the pharmacy rule. We did have to change some of our security protocol in order to stay open for business. We can only have 10 people in the marijuana dispensary at a time. Everyone else has to wait outside of the building until there is room. We have hand sanitizer all over the place and we erected some spit shields to protect our workers from Airborne contaminants. The owner of this cannabis dispensary also purchased a few mobile air purifiers to place inside of the dispensary. We had one air purifier in the lobby and another air purifier in the pharmacy. Between the two machines, it smells fresh and clean inside the store and showroom. This morning, I decided to pick up two more air purifiers to place in the store. We put a second air purifier in the lobby and a second air purifier inside of the pharmacy. We are certainly doing our best to make sure that every employee and shopper are safe and healthy during this crisis.
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Cannabis dispensary needs to work on delivery issues

Unfortunately, I don’t think that is the best decision during this health crisis

My friends and I regularly use cannabis. I have some problems with anxiety, and my best friend uses cannabis to help with stress. We usually visit the cannabis dispensary two times every week. On Mondays and Wednesdays, they always have specials. Monday is mini Monday. This is the day when the dispensary offers all of their premium buds for half price. Wednesday is another special on distillate and syringes. They are all 25% off on this day. I have been stocking up on distillate syringes so I can make lots of yummy edibles like hard candy, gummy worms, and space cake. Unfortunately, the cannabis dispensary has not been open for walk-in clients in 30 days. This is due to the global health crisis and the covid-19 problem. The cannabis dispensary will only honor delivery and pickup orders. My friends and I tried to order online, but the website wasn’t working properly. I spent three hours trying to get everything into the cart. When I finally placed the order, the cannabis dispensary called an hour later to inform me that half of my order was out of stock. I wish they kept the website updated with accurate information. I’m looking forward to the day when all of the stores are open as usual. In a few days, the van is going to be lifted in our state. My friends and I will be able to resume our life as normal. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is the best decision during this health crisis. I think we should stay closed and locked up for at least 6 months if we want total eradication.


I hate it when the cannabis delivery service substitutes my products without calling first

I have two friends who order delivery from the local grocery store, and both complain about getting item substitutions more often than you’d expect.

You would think that it would naturally take a company a few weeks or a few months to iron out the kinks in a new delivery service program, but it has been two years and this store in question still hasn’t figured out the process. I see more negative comments about their delivery services than anything else regarding the company when I see them mentioned on social media. Everyone gets upset that they have strange item substitutions that are neither confirmed with the customer nor logical choices in many situations. People will get cottage cheese if the store is out of sour cream, or you might get baby formula when looking for regular 2% milk. I like to order my cannabis products via my local dispensary’s delivery services, but I run into the same issue. I don’t mind if they’re out of stock with a handful of products I want, I would just like for someone to call me ahead of time to ask if a number of different options are fine substitutes. Not all cannabis affects the brain in the same exact way, so you could really be looking for a sedating and mellow strain but get a crazily stimulating sativa strain instead. If you’re using your cannabis products for primarily medical reasons, getting a random and unexpected substitution is akin to switching medications on the fly. Some people can handle it fine while others would fall to pieces on the wrong strain. Once the cannabis delivery services around here are fixed, I might start going back to the dispensary in person.



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