Old-school weed vs. New School medical cannabis products

My 2 teen boys like to make fun of me for being old and out of touch, but I don’t let it bother me.

The 2 are both old enough to think they know best, and young enough to not understand that they don’t know a damn thing! This is a very prickly point of personal philosophy, but in general my 2 teen boys and I get along well.

I have typically raised them in an open and understanding home environment, where they could be comfortable talking to me about personal complications. For instance, I did not judge them when they confided in me they had started smoking medical cannabis with some high school friends. Instead of getting mad at them, I took out my own jar of medical cannabis and proceeded to roll a joint. They asked where I had gotten that much weed, and I said I bought it at the local cannabis dispensary. Since I am an adult, I have full and legal access to medical cannabis, unlike this group of kids. In a few more years they would all have legal access to medical cannabis just like almost everyone else. They enjoyed the joint I rolled them, then brought out some newer kinds of cannabis products I had never used before. My boys and I did “dabs” of medical cannabis wax, and ate a couple odd cannabis gummies. The weirdest aspect of this experience is that none of these new-school products had the delicious flavor of traditional medical cannabis. Everything tasted like fruit and sugar, when I love the simple taste of natural cannabis flowers. Now I can tease the teenagers about going to the local cannabis dispensary while they can’t!


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