My symptoms improved thanks to cannabis products

It was a morning that I’ll remember for life. I was simply going to the nurses station to get the results from a test that had been done recently. For the last few weeks, I was having some different spasms in rather odd spots so I thought I might should see a nurse. What I found out stunned me as it just did not seem possible. But learning that I had MS helped me get to a cannabis dispensary quite suddenly. The same morning that I received I had MS from the nurse, it was recommended that I look into using some cannabis products as part of my therapy. The nurses had odd medications they wanted to test out as well. And there would be all sorts of other changes that came with that diagnosis. What most struck me about the surprise was how I absorbed this info, and one minute, I’m a Dad plus laboring from home. The next minute, I’m a woman with MS. That struck me as being pretty strange. And so I did some thinking on it. Instead of being identified in my own mind as a woman who has MS, I decided to continue to just identify as myself. This was a major moment for me when it came to accepting what the future might hold. But I have to say that using the sativa plus indica products from the cannabis dispensary have been very beneficial. There’s something about the sativa products that particularly helped me to keep things in perspective with my situation. And the indica products are great when it comes to dealing with my various MS symptoms. I’m still me plus I’m going to get through this with a lot of help from the local cannabis spot.

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