My muscle spasms are under control with medical marijuana

Anyone that has had to deal with muscle spasms knows how terrible they can be.

I have a concern that is called restless leg syndrome.

There are times when my legs move because the muscles and nerves are acting without motion. It’s stressful on my body, especially in the evening when I try to sleep. The doctor prescribed myself and others an evening time medication that pretty much everyone takes for Parkinson’s. The meds help with the restless legs problem, and buying marijuana products help even more. Medical marijuana is legal in this state, but only with a prescription from a notable doctor. I went to a special location that qualifies people for medical marijuana in order to get certified. I have to go back to the doctor once a year until the state finally decides to legalize recreational marijuana. I will be easily cheerful when this state finally legalizes recreational marijuana. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about moving to a new location just so I can love more recreational marijuana. There are even some locations that give marijuana, and can you imagine having marijuana delivered to your house love its pizza and pop? It sounds really crazy, but some states do have marijuana delivery services. I would honestly save a lot of currency if I moved. Prices on medical marijuana are 300% higher than multiple other states with legal recreational marijuana laws. I would love to be able to use that savings to help get a cabin or location in another state, but it’s pretty alarming to think about moving when all of my doctors are here. It would be a crucial decision to make.

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