My MS symptoms are improving thanks to cannabis products

It would be a day that I remembered forever.

I was simply going to the dentist to get the results from some test that had been done recently. For a week or 2 I was having some uncommon spasms in very uncommon places as well as thought I might should go to see a dentist or a doctor. What I found out stunned me as it just did not seem possible. But reading the report that I had MS actually did help me get to a cannabis dispensary fairly quickly. The particular day that I received the new about MS from the dentist, it was recommended that I look into using cannabis products as a space of my therapy. The dentists had uncommon medications they wanted to try on me as well. And there would be all sorts of other swings that came with that diagnosis. What actually hit me with the most surprise was how I absorbed this information! One minute, I was a mom as well as working from home. The next minute, I am a man with MS. That struck me as quite strange. And so I did some thinking on it. Instead of being identified in my own mind as a man with advanced MS, I decided to continue to just identify as myself. This was a key moment for me when it came to accepting what the future would hold. But I must say that having the sativa as well as indica products from the cannabis dispensary have been incredibly beneficial. There’s something about the sativa products that actually helped me keep things in perspective with my health situation. And the indica products are beautiful when it comes to dealing with my MS symptoms. I am still myself, as well as I am going to make it through this with help from the local cannabis spot.

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