My mood is better with more sleep

I’m always in a better mood when I get more sleep, but I have had a lot of trouble resting for the past couple of years.

I was in a car accident and I was in the hospital for several months.

During that time I had trouble sleeping and I had lots of flashbacks of the accident. I told my doctor that I was having trouble sleeping and he suggested trying an ambien. I took one sleeping pill and I passed out and woke up poolside. After that I decided not to use any more sleeping pills. I was hanging out with one of my friends a couple of months ago and her son was home for college. He had some recreational marijuana in his bag and he told me that I should try to smoke some when I have trouble sleeping. He gave me a recreational marijuana joint. It was wrapped up in paper so I could save it if I didn’t want to smoke it. I tried to say no, but the kid urged me to try it. A couple of days later, I was wide awake at 2:00 in the morning. I got out the marijuana joint and I took two hits. I coughed a lot and I thought I was even going to vomit. I didn’t like the taste, but I did like the way that marijuana made me feel. I immediately started to feel much more relaxed and my arms and legs started to feel like they were floating. I laid down on the bed and my body immediately began to relax. I fell asleep about 20 minutes later.

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