My hubby went to a state with legal recreational & medical marijuana

He called me when he was feeling the effects of the cannabis candies

My hubby never used medical or recreational marijuana until he went on a corporation trip to a state that allowed both medical & recreational marijuana; He was never interested in illegally using a drug, so he never had an urge to use marijuana in the state my buddy and I live in. He was consistently paranoid about getting arrested for using illegal marijuana & he was not sure if buying marijuana illegally would be safe. When my hubby went on his corporation trip, he had some down time. The state that he went to has rules & regulations that legalize both recreational & medical marijuana. He does not have a reason to use medical marijuana & therefore did not have a medical marijuana card. When he had some free time, he decided to go to a recreational marijuana store. There were recreational marijuana stores everywhere in this state so it seemed like the normal touristy thing to do. He brought a coworker with him who had more experience with recreational marijuana products. His coworker told him about different types of cannabis products such as cannabis gummies, cannabis candies, & cannabis drinks. The budtender recommended some cannabis products to my hubby so he could try it for the first time. My hubby & his acquaintance decided to take some cannabis candies since they had the night off. He called me when he was feeling the effects of the cannabis candies. I was laughing because my hubby never had the desire to use cannabis products before & all of a sudden he was an expert in cannabis.


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