My friends and I had a fun afternoon

Every day it seems that my friends as well as myself have a long walk from school back to our house.

All of us consistently walk passed the marijuana dispensary where people can buy recreational and medical marijuana products. The place is in a large parking lot right across the street from my college. Although there are a number of ways to get to our home from school, I prefer to walk past the dispensary. My friends and I have been to a lot of different places, but a couple of days ago on our walk home we came across something very interesting. The two of us saw something weird sitting on the sidewalk by the dispensary. The tube was made of plastic as well as clear. The two of us recognized a pre-rolled cannabis cigarette. The Cannabis cigarette definitely came from the marijuana clinic and it seemed that someone probably dropped it on the ground. My friends as well as myself were never planning to take the joint back inside after we found it. It would have been an interesting idea, but the two of us decided to take the joint back to the school and all of us sat by the soccer field while we smoked it. My friends as well as myself enjoyed getting high and we spent several hours hanging out at the football field. Finding cannabis was easier than finding money and my friends and I had a great fun time with a joint. It was one exceptional way for the both of us to begin our summer vacation.


Cannabis cafe