More dispensaries are offering free marijuana delivery services to compete

When my state first legalized medical marijuana, there weren’t many options for cannabis dispensaries.

I think we had four licenses issued at first and another four issued by the end of the first year.

Since I’ve had my card from the beginning, it has been interesting watching our nascent cannabis industry here grow and progress. I hate being restricted to only using cannabis oil products for the longest time; although things have improved, I still can’t believe it was illegal to sell cannabis flower products until 2019. My experiences with capsules and other cannabis edibles were never as good as the results I get from whole cannabis flower products. One of the best parts about the cannabis dispensaries in my state are the home delivery programs. At first these companies only had a handful of stores statewide so they had to cater to residents in remote locations as well. Now there are multiple cannabis dispensaries that not only offer home delivery but free home delivery as well. This was a welcome surprise when I was approved as a medical marijuana patient. The idea of making an order online and having the dispensary deliver your cannabis products in a matter of days is amazing, especially if you don’t have to pay a fee for the service. Originally there was only one cannabis dispensary that would deliver products like edibles, vape cartridges, and tinctures to your door without an additional charge, regardless of the size of your order. Now there are multiple marijuana stores that offer free home delivery. Sometimes I like to visit the marijuana store to browse the stock, but other times I’d rather stay at home and pay the delivery driver when they arrive.

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