Medical cannabis cards help you save on the taxes

One way to save on the taxes that the state and county charge for marijuana is to get a medical card.

Medical marijuana cards are available from the state.

You have to have a doctor’s approval in order to get a medical marijuana card, but they are issued fairly regularly to patients all across the state. I decided to get a medical cannabis card so I could buy more marijuana at the store. Recreational marijuana patients can only buy up to 1 oz of marijuana. Medical marijuana patients can buy up to 8 oz of marijuana. When there is a super good sale on top shelf marijuana products, I use my medical discount so I can save a few dollars on the taxes. Taxes in this state are 35% with the county fees included. That’s quite a hefty bill when you consider it is 1/3 of a dollar on every dollar that is spent. I can save those taxes using the medical marijuana card. A couple of months ago, there was a huge sale on concentrates and dried marijuana flower. The shop was doing a buy one and get one for a dollar sale. You had to pay taxes on both of the items, but not me. I didn’t have to pay taxes on any of the items thanks to the medical marijuana card that I got from the doctor. During that sale, I bought 8 oz of concentrates and 6 oz of dried marijuana flower. Each one of the ounces was on sale for $59 and it was a top shelf product that was filled with THC trichomes.

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