Marijuana has become a big problem for stealing

I work as a bouncer at many local taverns.

  • This place has a rowdy arena by reputation and an arena where there are biker people passing through that want to have a lot of beers with local people.

There are friendly games that happen of people playing darts plus games of Billiards and sometimes it turns into a large fist fight. I eventually got tired of having to risk my neck over people that were way too drunk. I managed to make that experience a new bouncer task plus I think this is certainly more of the time that I appreciate now. People that are potheads never get into fistfights drunk people do so ID checking at the cannabis dispensary doorway is actually a very cuz she passed. I only have a small problem with a couple of people or numerous fruits that stop left plus pride to steal cannabis products. Lately it has been a couple of little staff and never large quantities of cannabis products. The time for losses have been adding up and all of this stopped as soon as I became the bouncer at the cannabis dispensary front door. I have lots of muscles and tattoos and after I put on a leather vest, I certainly look very intimidating. I am easily a large teddy bear and I swear that. I am friendly to nearly every person coming in the door but I do like to send a message that I will be watching everyone and making sure that no one is shoplifting any of the cannabis products.

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