Life reset comes with help from cannabis products

I don’t mind telling anyone that I’m just lucky to be here.

And that is truly the God’s honest truth about my situation.

Some of my former colleagues look at me with pity or disdain. Like I just couldn’t cut it and I am just another industry reject. I can live with that. Thanks to cannabis products, I’m embarking on a whole new direction in life that is free of all the ego stuff. If my old friends and colleagues think I’m a failure or weak or whatever, that’s fine by me. Because honestly, nothing really matters but what I think and feel. Again, this is a basic truth that took me a long time and a near death experience to fully understand. But I have gotten a lot of help and support with holistic therapy that also includes treating with indica and sativa products. I get them at the local cannabis spot near me and they are such a help. I suffered a stress and lifestyle induced heart attack. And it was a massive one. It took a couple of surgeries and lots of time healing before I was able to get back on my feet. But when I did, I knew that it was time for a wholesale change when it came to how I wanted to live my life. The stress of career and all the lifestyle choices I made to compensate for all that stress nearly killed me. So instead of jumping back into that quagmire, I got into therapy. And part of that therapy included treating with sativa and indica products. Life is now an adventure now matter what anyone else thinks.


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