Life is much different today thanks to medical marijuana

When you’ve viewed life through a very dark, confusing prism for your entire life, the sunshine of hope and possibility are even better than I could have dreamed.

That’s the case these days after decades of battling anxiety and depression.

The big change is due, in large part, to being able to access medical marijuana. It’s pretty amazing that after all the synthetic meds I’ve consumed over all these years to manage my condition, it’s a weed that does the trick. The irony is not lost on me. But I’m also not about to be bitter that I had to wait this long to be able to access a cannabis dispensary for medical marijuana either. There’s just no point in that sort of approach. Why waste energy on something that I had and have zero control over right? Besides, the world is just so bright these day that I don’t want to waste a minute on what might have been. But it is interesting that the one period in my life that I didn’t deal with near constant anxiety and depression was a few years in college. That’s the period when I smoked recreational marijuana with friends. But of course, recreational marijuana was illegal then and there was no such designation as medical marijuana. So, I turned to western medicine with limited results. Finally, once medical marijuana was legal in this state, my therapist suggested that I get access to the cannabis dispensary. And the rest is history. Within just weeks of starting treatment with sativa products, my life completely changed. There is so much more hope, joy and love for life in my life now and I couldn’t be more grateful for medical marijuana.
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