Judge in a cannabis contest

I am in a wistful frame of mind right now, so I wanted to share some of my most beloved memories involving pot.

Thanks to COVID I lost my last job, which was a really great one.

The company went out of business, so I had to find something new. Wouldn’t you know it, I landed a position with one of the few companies that still drug tests. That means a few weeks off from smoking, until I pass my probationary period. This is the first time in many years that I have taken a prolonged break, and while my lungs appreciate it, my brain does not. Cannabis has always soothed me, helped me get better sleep, and handle stress better. All I have now is my memories, like the time I was a judge at the Cannabis Cup competition. In general, I don’t think that marijuana is something that can or should be judged in a contest, but since they were paying in free weed, how could I resist? Over the course of the three days I sampled eighteen different kinds of high end homegrown cannabis, and then filled out a scorecard for each. There were over a hundred judges, so after the weekend concluded the cards were tabulated and one was selected as the Cannabis Cup winner for our state. I don’t recall most of that weekend very clearly, but it is still a dear memory for me. As for now that is in the past, and my countdown to cannabis is marked on my calendar, as I eagerly wait to resume smoking.